Winter-Spring Things

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I made a little still life yesterday afternoon of my winter-spring things. The wind is blowing like crazy this morning. My fabric sample finally came so I have a lot of cross-stitch to do this weekend. I think I'll watch movies. Or maybe try to catch up on Downton Abbey. I've only seen the first two episodes (of season one) but I really liked it. I love the color palette they've got going. Pale mustard, gray, warm peach, midnight blues, rose, mushroom, mouse-y browns. Pretty.


it seems like a surrounding of wonderful things!


have a good weekend Alicia...Downtown Abbey has been on my mind...I keep hearing good things about it and I feel like I am missing out on something special. i love mouse-y browns. xo

Oh, Downton Abbey only gets better! Alicia, you must go here you will not leave:

There is so much light in your photos today. It makes me believe that Spring is really on her way! will DEFINITELY get sucked in to Downton! I'm all caught up on season 2 and am not sure if I can make it until the next episode on Sunday! To tide me over, I'll just look at your lovely still life photos--the colors are rather similar... ;)

My poppies on the porch have just started opening and the plum tree is ready to blossom into it's yearly white afro of gorgeousness. I think the groundhog said more winter yesterday but it's not happening here yet!
Downton is my favorite thing on tv - SO good.

I love that you are using old tart tins under your pots..what a lovely idea. And you are gonna' love Downton Abbey!

What are you growing in your pots? herbs? I want to grow some, but I don't know where to start. Watch out... Downtown Abbey is like crack.... very addicting. LOL. I wish it came on every night.

Your tart-tins as potted-plant-water-catchers is as unexpected as it is lovely.

Yesterday I sat outside between house-cleaning clients, knitting in the sunlight. It was gorgeous. I have a feeling this may be a repeat of last year -- a false "hang in there spring" before the last of winter wrings its clouds out over the city -- but that's fine with me. I think everyone in Portland needs this little bout of sunlight we're getting right now.

Oh Downton Abbey!! Sooooo good.

Downton Abbey! Yes!

Also, I have just discovered Portlandia and sometimes think about you guys when I watch it. (Not that I think you guys are like the nutcakes on there, I just wonder if you run into the nutcakes on a regular basis. Hee.)

Please make sure you've seen season 1 of Downton Abbey also... It's available on netflix, and you may be able to watch episodes on the wgbh website. You can watch this season's episodes there after they've aired. I love the clothes, and, of course, the house.

Downton Abbey! I LOVE it! Its almost painful to wait a week for the next episode.

I haven't even heard of Downtown Abbey! Will look into it :)
I love the potted plants all lined up.

I love the little crocheted rock. So sweet. Have a blessed weekend.

I adore Downton Abbey!! And I have noticed the colour palette as well- deliciously soft and sophisticated:)

The dresses in Downton Abbey are to die for! I spent most of the time while watching trying to sketch them. Fab! Enjoy your weekend :)

I hope your coffee didn't get cold.

Hi! I just found your blog. Thanks for making my day! What a amazing cottage in the woods you have there. Winter has just begun here in Holland, today we got the first snow of this winter. Actually I think winter has had its change, but didn't grab it. I want spring!! I'll tune in a bit more here.

Have a nice weekend!

Your table looks like a prettier version of my table... a hot cup, and lots and lots of projects in progress. And like you, I am at the beginning of this new world, Downton Abbey... first chance I get, I want to return and learn more.

Oh Downton Abbey is the best. My daughter and I are so hooked on it. It is visually such a treat.

Downton Abbey is our family's favorite show. Amazing costuming, excellent character diversity and development, the only show I now watch!

The plants look gorgeous in their pots and trays!

I tired to watch Downton Abbey but I just couldn't get into it at all, maybe I should give it another shot?

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