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We had such a nice day yesterday. I had some girlfriends over for a Valentine's pancake and then Andy and I spent the rest of the day making bread and soup and watching the rest of Downton Abbey. Andy has had the past five days off, which has been wonderful. I have a hard time when he goes back to work after being home for quite a while. Hospital shifts are 12-hours, so generally a full-time week is three days, overtime is four. Sometimes one week's days off lead into the next week's days off, and we get five days together in a row. Pretty awesome. We've had this schedule for seven or eight years now. It works really well for us and I love it. I have to admit that the first day he goes back to work is always hard. But then when he goes back to work I have long days to dig into, and I like that they're long, because I am kind of slow to get going. Once I get going, I can stay going for long periods of time. I don't really get distracted when I am by myself. Time passes quickly and when I look up, I'm always surprised at how much time has gone by. Another thing I like about our schedule is that our days together are frequently weekdays, when it's so much less crowded out and everything takes about half as long to get done as it would take on a Saturday.

I put the roses on the fireplace a long time ago, maybe ten or eleven years ago. I saw someone do this on HGTV. My mom helped me mix up some plaster of Paris and we poured it into plastic chocolate molds shaped like roses and leaves. Then I just hot-glued them onto the bricks, and piped the "stems" with the pastry bag and a round tip. Then I painted over all of it with flat, khaki-colored paint (I don't know the name of it). I will tell you that the hot glue worked very, very well. Someone told me once how to get the glue/roses off but I can't remember. The fireplace had been painted white before we moved in. I like the roses, though in dim light Andy thinks they look like someone threw wads of toilet paper at the fireplace. He's not wrong. They kind of do.

(We have the sheep "painting" over our television. It's called Spring at the White House Farm by Billy Jacobs. I love it. Usually I get tired of whatever is hanging on the walls but for some reason I never get tired of this one. Did you see the Cardigan corgi at the Westminster dog show on Monday night? He was so cute!!! Stubby, fluffy little legs. Oh how I love them!)


I love, love your table and the setting...I could sit there and talk all day long..such a warm and inviting scene....beautiful pictures..

Count me in with the group who wondered about the roses. I thought they might have just come with the house. I have a similar fireplace and may try a variation now that you have inspired me (as you always inspire me!)

I nwas going to comment on your wondefully unique fireplace before I read your explanation. I love it!!!!! Your home looks so warm, cozy and welcoming. Thanks for sharing.

Such beautiful pictures! Your blog is always my favorite. When I saw the work of this Etsy artist I thought of you:

I collect botanical prints too! They make me so happy! I swoon over old collections of them.

Your photos above your table are awesome! I can just see you standing on your tip toes in a chair with your camera in hand getting those shots... NOT! Hopefully you have some sort of a tripod or something else??? Anyway I love them! How do you get that depth of field?
Maybe you need to start photography class! LOL! Sign me up!

Someday you must show us the cable and pully system that surely lines your ceiling. How else could you get those over-head shots?

Love the sheep picture.

What is in the pan, that you made for breakfast??

Mary Holden says: February 16, 2012 at 01:53 PM

where can one find the woven basket tote in the photo?

In my opinion, your blog is the most beautiful. I love the photos, they remind me of the pages in Victoria magazine.

I'll chime in with the others. Your photography is really beautiful and I look forward to every little vignette but love the ones with the puppers and kitties the most. :-)

I also have to say that in that very pretty table setting, I zeroed in on your butter dish. Cute! I love beautiful single little things like that. Maybe we'll get a closeup of the butter dish some time. (hint)

I love, love, love the botanical drawings. I guess I should scour some used book stores in the hopes of finding something similar?!

But I love your fireplace with the roses on it!

I am so thrilled that you liked the Cardigan! He is owned by my friend Carolyn and her daughter Mandy...he is also the uncle of my Cardi named Nick. I went up to NYC and was there at the show cheering him on. Anyway, my purpose in telling you all this is that it was through Carolyn that I found your blog, and there were several others of us on the trip that are regular readers as well. You have lots of Cardi groupies! Not to mention we all love your photos, your words...well, everything about your blog. :-)

We love your fireplace roses! They look warm and inviting. A cozy place to watch Downton Abby. We have just finished watching the first season and we are hooked! Another good show is Land Girls.

I get so jealous every time I read your posts. What warm and cozy spots your have in your home! You are an inspiration for sure!

Beautiful pictures! And I love that they are your home and not some staged set for a design magazine. The rose thing is brilliant!

Just stumbled upon your blog and love it.
Andy's cross stitching experience was so comical.
I will be avidly following from now on :-)

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