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Hello! Hi! Thank you so much for all of the orders!!! I'm so excited. Thank you also for all of your kind comments and kind words. I can't wait to ship everything to you and see what you think. I am thrilled that so many of you are getting embroidery supplies, too. I stitched a lot this weekend myself. The weather here has been wild and woolly — today everything's blowing around out there like crazy, and it is very cold. There go the petals off our tree. Whoosh. I'm kind of tired. Going to go grocery shopping and not much else. A day of quiet. This squirrel sat on our porch and stared into the dining-room window for about five minutes straight the other day. It was so bizarre. Andy walked up to the window about three feet away from the little guy and still he did not move. I can see why people want to draw pictures of them wearing little straw hats and trousers. Don't you love his little front legs, all collected and proper like that? He looks rather hopeful. Like we might let him in for lunch.


Grace Coolidge says: March 12, 2012 at 11:17 AM

I have a squirrel who comes to the window and talks to my corgi . . .

I miss squirrels sooooo much!!!!
How cute is he?
do invite him in :)

So excited to see the cross stitch kit! Thank you so much for all the hard work you (&Andy) put in to the kits - it really makes my day when they arrive on my doorstep!

Ha! The squirrels in my neighborhood are not so proper! Love the color of that linen you are working with.

travelbug says: March 12, 2012 at 11:30 AM

We have two squirrel feeders and our squirrels love pecans! (They are very spoiled little creatures.) I have zillions of pictures I've taken of them because I can't resist their antics. Sometimes they sit on the back step by the(glass)door looking in. They seem very tame and don't care if we're out there sharing the yard with them. My daughter has taken to calling me "The crazy squirrel lady"!

I name all my squirrels,just adorable, is that a sneak peek for something to come, I hope so. I look forward to your writings everyday, Thanks so much. Getting ever so excited to get the sampler and supplies Hee Hee.....

Perhaps he would like some peanuts. I feed the Blue Jays and Squirrels that come on our deck peanuts, as it is great fun for our cat, Toby, to watch them. It only takes a few seconds after I throw out the peanuts for the Blue Jays to start to arrive and announce the arrivals of peanuts to each other with their squawks. Hope the weather warms up in Portland soon, as we are coming the end of the month to see our daughter, son in law and granddaughter. Can't wait to see them.

awww not having squirrels here in New Zealand always make us go ahhhh. Cute wee fellas.

Love Leanne

cutest peeping tom ever!

When you first mentioned the Winterwoods sampler and gave us a peek, I was suddenly inspired to cross stitch for the first time in decades (since I was a kid.) I started a piece that my mother stitched when I was a baby, one that was hung on the walls in our numerous homes growing up. No one knows where it is now. I am trying my best to work on it every day, so that when my Winterwoods kit arrives I will be ready to start on it. Your new project is looking awfully wonderful too. p.s. I briefly had a pet baby squirrel once. It was the dearest little creature.

i am SO excited to get mine in the mail. :) ps i love the way you write and photograph on your blog- i live in the portland area so when you talk about things in oregon, i have warm fuzzies for my home state.

thanks for what you do. it so often makes my day.

Adorable squirrel photo! Maybe he will be in a future cross stitch kit? :) The other images look very sweet too!

Happy Monday to you!


I think he's modeling for future cross-stitch art. SO sweet!

We had a cute little squirrel that we fed sunflowers to out on our deck. So one morning he decided that he was going to come inside and have breakfast on the sunflower seeds that were in a little container on the hearth. He chewed a hole through our screen door and came inside much to my dismay. Then several days later he chewed holes in all our window screens. So be very careful!!! They can be quite destructive


lol, in my neighborhood, they're trouble makers. they like to run along the top of the fence playing and taunting the dogs. our dog chases and barks...the house behind us the dog chases and barks...meanwhile, the squirrels chatter taunts at the silly dogs. ;p

Ok, Alicia, I have gone and done it...:) I couldn't resist...I ordered your Winterwoods ABC Sampler! Richard bought me a "Hands Free" Lighted Magnifier over the weekend, in order that I might be able to attempt to cross stitch your sampler myself!! Wish me lots of luck (in the vision department)! I can't wait to receive your kit it in the mail!! :) Doing a happy dance!!!

Like us, he sees a warm and cozy place... and who wouldn't want to step in for lunch, and a chat?

(I think you were just on 'squirrel TV'!!)

We used to have a huge tree in our yard. It got so big, it's branches touched the roof of our house. I loved looking out the window since it felt like i was actually in that tree with the birds and the squirrels. One time a squirrel chewed through our roof and was in our attic!
We caught him in a cage and brought him to a park far away. A storm destroyed that tree, and I still miss watching all the wildlife in it. A park near our house has black squirrels - they are all so cute!!!

Just want to say that I love your blog. I have been a silent lurker for a year or two but have never commented. I wanted to let you know that your photos and posts make me really happy. :) I live and work in a bustling office in NYC and work almost exclusively on a computer. Sometimes it feels like I spend my days inside a giant metal-and-concrete fishbowl, and it can be overwhelming. So you can imagine what a relief it is to take a break and read your blog and look at your lovely pictures. I long to live in a less urban area one day if I can, and reading your posts makes me want to go straight to the West Coast! Not only are your pictures visually calming and beautiful, but your writing also helps to take one away to a calm and quiet place with a cozy Corgi dog.

Anyway, thanks for writing this blog and keep it up please! I do intend to purchase and make one of your embroidery kits when I have time. :)

He looks to be posing for his place in your next creation. Wild and woolly definitely describes the weather yesterday.

Denise Leavens says: March 12, 2012 at 01:37 PM

In reference to: "I can see why people want to draw pictures of them wearing little straw hats and trousers." please see the following post from last October (I just e-mailed my daughter that you "get it" about squirrels) http://alltheseasonshours.blogspot.com/2011/10/all-autumns-joys-squirrel-love.html

Julie G. in Iowa says: March 12, 2012 at 01:47 PM

Squirrels are so bizarre.
One spring I was sitting in my yard, planting flowers in one of my garden urns and heard something behind me. I turned around to see a squirrel sitting up on his hind legs looking at me from about 4 feet away. Let's just say he seemed *excited* to see me and apparently thought I looked like a girl squirrel sitting there in the grass. Since he was lookin' for love in all the wrong places I shooed him away. He then ran across the street where I watched him chase 2 other squirrels around the neighbor's yard for about 10 minutes. He was persistent, I'll give him that much.
So my advice to you is this... keep your windows closed and watch your back! :D

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