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A morning walk to the bakery for Irish soda bread. Things are starting to sprout. I took that first photo through the slats of someone's fence. I love this time of year. Except that it's supposed to rain cold rain for ten days. Bleh.

Fabric is supposed to start arriving today. Then we can really get going on the shipping. Light a fire, put on some music, brew some coffee, pack envelopes. Andy is going to test out the tutorial and see if he can cross stitch. He started working on it yesterday. The first thing I heard was, "OH MY GOSH. THIS IS A LOT MORE WORK THAN I THOUGHT."

How's that for a sales pitch?


What a great guy! Such a trooper. That will be me attempting to cross stitch! I can't wait to get the kit and all my supplies - so looking forward to it!

I love Andy. That is great.

I think it is neat to be walking distance from a good bakery.

I'll have to tell my guy that Andy says it's a lot of work, he made the statement the other day that it takes me such a long time to do something that looks relitively simple.

You're definitely a couple of weeks ahead of us in the buds and blossom stakes over there. The lovely cherry tree is in full bloom now, but our apples are hardly budding. I'm trying to clear up all the debris by doing 20 minutes a day - if it's sunny! I've had an afternoon off today - it's cloudy! I always leave the seedheads for the birds in winter - they're busy nesting now! Hope Andy's cross-stitch goes well - he'll need lots of coffee & cakes!

I love the bright pink in that second photo. Beautiful! Andy sounds like a doll.

Love to see the trees flowering! We'll be about another MONTH on this side of the mountains. Beautiful!

LOL sounds like something my husband would say! What beautiful pictures ♥

I love it that your husband is trying cross stitch for you, that's brilliant! By the way that first photograph is magical. How do you take such good photos?? Have you considered selling prints? I'd buy them!

That's funny!
Guess all the cold rain will keep the work of packing and shipping on schedule... no temptation to be out of doors in that weather! And think how much greener still everything will be!

Huh, I should see if I can get my hubby to try it.

We are full on into spring in VA - the daffodils are just about done!

Looking forward to the sampler :)

Hee, hee. Thanks for the Friday afternoon laugh!

Oh! Let's see if he gets the major Partey going on like he did with the crewelwork. You have a rare prize there lady. Hold on to him for dear life. The weather is crazy 70 one day and freezing the next. My daffs are all done, trees bloomed and then froze. Welcome to my crazy life. Awaiting the kit with great anticipation.

I hope there will be an Andy blog post about his experience!

Would he have more incentive if there was a cross-stitch-poached-egg in the mix?

That soda bread looks ridiculously good.

I also love this time of year in Portland - we put up with the rain for the beautiful green colors in the spring time - I am always amazed at all the different shades of green - absolutely beautiful...

house hunters on hgtv had a couple who purchased a home in portland. he from canada and she from scotland. they said they looked forward to "no sunshine". everything looks beautiful there. as always, lovely post. thank you for a bright spot in the day. good luck, andy.

I thought the same thing as Andy! But after some practice, it was smooth sailing!

Julie G. in Iowa says: March 16, 2012 at 12:20 PM

O. M. G. Where do you live, some kind of magical fairyland?!
The photos of your neighborhood are always so beautiful. I'm so jealous right now.
That's it. I've decided. I'm moving to Portland.

Kristy L. says: March 16, 2012 at 12:27 PM

PLEASE show us what Andy's sampler looks like when he's done. I loved the embroidery one he did.

I always love the pictures you take!

Claudia Horner says: March 16, 2012 at 01:01 PM

That Andy is an amazing guy -- I simply cannot imagine my husband picking up a needle and attempting counted cross stitch! I am going to be chuckling all afternoon. Good luck Andy -- you might enjoy it!

That's funny! I bet you two are a blast.....enjoy your weekend.

Love the first photo of the rain. Well, love the photo, not the rain. Have a good weekend!

I'm sooooooo happy that we have some sun today! It's streaming in the farmhouse right now. I've just packed my swim bag and will leave soon for swimming. Hubby is making me fish and mashed potatoes for lunch before I go. :-) I sure wish the weather today would keep going. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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