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It took Bridget almost three months to find the heated kitty bowl I bought for Violet (who is eighteen years old, which the vet says is eighty-eight in people years!). And now that she's found it (in a rare moment when Violet wasn't already in it) she's claimed it. And she's not coming out. She's in a heated-polar-fleece trance. I really didn't think she ever sat still for longer than four or five seconds. Wrong. She's parked.

That face. Such an odd, funny little creature.

Looks like we will now have two heated kitty bowls in the house. Yep, we're now those people.

In other news, we also have a coconut-cream tart. From one of my favorite bakeries. Pairs well with hot chai on a cold afternoon. I saved half for Andy, but he'd probably better hurry home. That's kind of his view of the city during the work day (not mine; I just happened to be on that side of town today). His view is from even higher up the hill, and better, actually. Especially when it's not so cloudy, and you can see all the mountains. That bank of gray clouds is hiding a whole string of midnight-blue mountains, and one big white one. Pretty little city.


what a nice kitty! :) i always love seeing your posts come up in my reader.

Mmm those coconut cream tartlets from b & s are one of my very favorite desserts. Andy better hurry home, indeed! You're nicer than I would be! :)

If I had to choose between the coconut dessert and a heated anything... well, it would be the heat. Kitty looks happy, deep-deep happy. You are most definitely going to have to pick up a second heated kitty bowl. And I am off to look for a sweater, or maybe my own kitty will oblige me by sitting on my lap, while I embroider.

The kitty and the city are the same pretty colors! I'm thinking you could knit me a sweater in those colors as a thank you for pointing that out. :)

Mmmm, I've been looking forward to a nice, hot mug of chai. And paired with that tart...sounds lovely. Enjoy!

it was in the seventies today here in the midwest. our view in the backyard was not of mountains but of birds. your view is beautiful. the pastry is, too. chocolate croissants next time, perhaps?

I thought a kitty bowl was a bowl, actual...
I misread tart for coconut cream fart...
I thought Pairs was Paris...
time for a walk and cobweb sweeping here..,LOL

I want a human size heated kitty bowl. Baker and Spice is hands down my favorite bakery. Everything in there is amazing. I worked at the bakery that was there before them way back in high school. Now I want to jet out the door and get me a chocolate tart. Or Everything bread. Or a Coconut cakelet... My son's ortho is right there so visits to him always are follwed by a short hot chocolate treat date there.

Oh that sweet kitty face. I love it.
Come to think of it, that bed sounds lovely too.

Lovely photos! My kiddo and I are going to try the tram this summer. We can't afford to travel too far, so we will go across the river and be "tourists in our own backyard"!
(She already loves Little Big Burger- on your recommendation.)

I used to work in Hillsdale--we would have our staff meetings at Baker and Spice! It was pretty much the only thing I missed about leaving that job. Now my life takes me nowhere near Hillsdale, and it seems like such a silly thing to drive cross-town just for baked goods.

Maybe in rhubarb season...

LOVE that hospital. We had to make an emergency stop there on our vacation in Oregon a couple of years ago and we didn't know what to expect after hearing so much about the US system etc. The nicest doctors, so attentive and an amazing space! I guess you get what you pay for ;)

My kind of kitty.
Those coconut cream tarts are within walking distance of where I now sit. I should stop sitting and start walking...those things are good.

I LOVE the view from the tram! When I had nursing clinicals up there, I used to arrive a little early so I could drink my coffee and watch the sunrise from the little lounge area there--a perfect way to start the day!

mmm a human size kitty bowl sounds nice right now. Bridget is really a beauty. I spent over an hour (after/before rainbursts)after work on my knees outside scraping moss off the cement walkway. Came in to see sweet kitty and the dogs looking oh so cozy in their beds. Well, the cat was on the couch, can you tell who rules around here?

I once had a cat who lived until she was 23! And she only had 3 legs most of her life. She was my cat, and died long after I'd left home, got married and had babies. My cat now would love a heated Kitty bed, but we'd have to move it all over the house, as she gets her fav warm spots for a few weeks, then suddenly she changes.

I've lived in Oregon for just about 18 months now, I love seeing your pictures. I'm not nearly as crafty as you, but I do love to cook. I have four lovely kitties and a dalmatian. I live near Hillsdale and pass Baker & Spice all the time on the way to Gabriel dog park. Guess I'll have to stop in sometime.

That's my view twice a week going to and leaving work - it's always amazing no matter what the weather! Perhaps I've passed Andy without even knowing it! :)

Who could deny a kitty a heated bed! Especially a kitty as sweet as she is. :-)

My husband gets to visit your city in a few weeks, now that he works for a company there. Too bad for him, he'll probably be working the whole time he's there, and not get to see much. When he got the job, I was so excited that I might get to go on a business trip with him some day, and maybe have tea with you! I dream big :)

Adorable, my kitty is only 12 but I've been thinking she deserves a heated bed too...might be time to take the plunge. Always love seeing your photos

Cats and got my attention. Violet may be 18 but I have a 23 year old Siamese that would be all over her. He goes for the young-uns. Give her a pat for me. I'm a cat lover and I don't try to hide it. :) Deb=^..^=x4

That's okay---at night I occupy about 10% of my bed so as not to disturb my dog and two cats. I call it spinster slumber party!

Love the kitty cat!

Oh my goodness, so much cute going on there! Her look says "So THIS is why Violet is always in here! How did I not know about this amazing bed before!?" My kitties often steal each others sleeping spots, they tend to act like brats sometimes!

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