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Angel pinks. Our plum tree and our 'Ave Maria' camellia. All winter the beauty of these frosty, frothy petals was just waiting, waiting. They are the very first of our yard's signs of spring.

I've been thinking about flowers a lot. Designing little sprigs for a new cross-stitch sampler. I have very many ideas for this lately. I feel like I have to work on the ideas when I have them or I'll totally forget them. My spouse is so indulgent of my crazes. I spend hours and hours plotting tiny colored boxes on a grid. He builds fires and brings me chips and salsa and makes chili on Sunday. To his delight, I balk not at watching National Treasure. Twice. We are a good duo.

There are icy snowflakes on every rooftop, but also little birds singing in the tree. Our bird feeder is abuzz with the business of brown sparrows. I like their frantic, frittering ways. I like their twitchy visits. They seem lighter than postage stamps. Sometimes they look right into the window where I sit (plotting stitches): Hello, you.


If you do not mock him for National Treasure, then you are, officially, a Nice Wife.

Lucky you, such a beautiful tree, here in Michigan my teeny, tiny yellow crocus are still struggling to bloom.

I have been reading your blog for five years, (and commented only once before). I anxiously await these first photos of your spring each year. So very beautiful. Thank you.

This post makes me happy. Thank you for noticing the little things and sharing them here.

Don't you just love new ideas you can't put down?! I feel very lucky to have a husband who also doesn't mind when I get that crazy crafting looking. Yesterday he stopped everything, got the kids ready, and said let's go get the stuff you need to finish your idea ♥.

Can't wait to see your new sampler.

Love the first signs of spring here in the the idea that we are going to see temps in the 60's in the near future:)
Blessings, Aimee
PS: Your photos always make me happy...they are gorgeous!

Totally feeling that. I'm blessed to have a husband who doesn't mind "my ways". I love him. Happy Spring feeling, even though the weather is resisting.

How beautiful, I long for signs of Spring outside my window. How lovely to have such inspiration all around you.

If you pop over to my blog you will see that the view out of my window this weekend was far from Spring-like!

Fleur xx

Kristen from MA says: March 06, 2012 at 08:39 AM

What a beautiful post. Just perfect. :)

oh no sign of spring here...although i heard some happy chickadees on the last sunny day. we had a big storm of horizontal icy snow just this past weekend. lakes are still frozen over. i am heading south in a few days. i need some sand between my toes and some salty ocean air for my nose ( i totally rhymed there didn't i?) xoxoxo

Alicia, I have a heartfelt suggestion for you: I think you should write a children's book for adults and fill it with your photography. There's such poetry in the way that you write, and in the way that you observe the world, such that it almost puts me in that place of discovery as a child when I was learning to read. When I first stumbled across your blog years ago, I found it because it was the only google hit that matched my search, "cozy warm happy things." Reading your posts is like taking a sip of cocoa or removing rain boots. It's such a comfort and delight. Few things since becoming an adult can grant such an immediate sense of warmth and reassurance as your writing. I look forward to every post of yours. That's all, just an impulsive, crazy notion that I wanted to share ;)

Our tree looks as though it's just a few days behind yours in blooming. The first few brave ones are full out, but the others are holding fire - waiting for the cold nights to leave us until wintertime again. We even had snow on Sunday!

I can't wait to see these flower cross stitches you're dreaming up. I am also falling hopelessly for spring blooms.

Lovely photos. Can't wait to see a little bit of green coming up through the snow!


you make everything sound like I feel.. does that make sense?? sometimes its hard for me to put into words, but I love your words and your photos! I can't wait to see what you come up with your cross stitch, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of your latest kit! have you seen the cross stitch and embroidery books by Aioki.. I'm sure you have but she does some lovely wildflower stuff..

I think this post may be where spring begins... you've opened a window, and let in the fresh breeze!


Isn't that camellia perfection itself? Not really an ode to spring - sort of winter leftovers but we'll take it!!!

All those delicate pinks and muted greens, can't wait to get a peek at the sampler.

lovely post. the trees down in FL are blooming like mad. and they are all so pretty. makes a girl smile.

This is a lovely post. 'The business of brown sparrows' so apt! Your Ave Maria camellia is stunning.

My husband LOVES National Treasure. We watch it frequently and he constantly quotes it! Love the flower - so pretty.

jeannette says: March 06, 2012 at 10:58 AM

that camellia could make you believe in god. wow.
if you are incorporating that adorable sprig collection into your new cross stitch design i may have to freak out. oh!

you are a beautiful duo!!

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