Winterwoods ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler Kit (and Embroidery Supplies) For You

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Hi! How are you? I've been busy! Are you ready to work on a cross stitch sampler? Because the kit for this one is almost ready for you, and will be starting to ship in about two weeks! Yes. I am very, very excited about this.


The Winterwoods ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler Kit is now ready to order here!

This counted cross stitch sampler was inspired by our walks in the woods near Mt. Hood, Oregon, this winter. It is stitched on 28-count linen (that's 14 stitches per inch) with variegated hand over-dyed six-strand cotton embroidery floss. Because the floss is naturally variegated, each element of the sampler contains variations of color and hue, giving the motifs depth and texture with very little effort on your part.

If you are new to counted cross stitch, or need some quick lessons to refresh your memory, please be sure to read my counted cross stitch tutorial before you start. (Oh, and this is how I organized my floss.) Once you get the hang of it, this sampler is simple to work up and I think you'll have it done in no time! (But not too quick, 'cause it's the type of thing you want to hang out with a while.)

Finished Size of Design Area: 8" x 10" (20cm x 27cm)

This Winterwoods ABCs Cross Stitch Sampler Kit contains:

One 14" x 16" (36cm x 41cm) piece of 28-count Cashel linen in Smokey Pearl
Fourteen colors of Weeks Dye Works hand over-dyed 6-strand cotton embroidery floss
Stitching instructions and color cross-stitch chart

You will need your own:

#24 tapestry needle(s)
Embroidery scissors
4" (10cm) embroidery hoop
Thread organizing supplies
Frame and framing supplies

I am now offering my favorite embroidery supplies in my web shop, should you need lovely, high quality tools. We have:


Gorgeous little embroidery scissors.


Hardwicke Manor 4" hoops.


Twill tape to wrap around the inner hoop. You don't need to do this, but it's nice, and provides more tension to keep the fabric from slipping out of the hoop as you stitch.


Size #24 tapestry needles for cross stitch on linen.

To order any or all of the supplies (which will be shipped with the kits), please visit my web shop.

We will ship overseas and have a new shipping program for that! Yay yay. Very happy about that. To see the shipping costs for your location, just place the items in your cart and choose your location (or enter your zip code, if you are in the U.S.) and it will tell you how much the shipping is. As usual, I have a sincere request: Please check on and update your shipping address correctly in your Paypal preferences so that there is no confusion when we go to ship. We have a kind of a complicated system for making sure that everyone gets what they ordered on time, and post-ordering emails requesting address changes really mess with that when there are a lot of orders coming in at once. So if you can get it all straight on your end before placing your order, I would be ever ever ever so very, very grateful. Thank you.

I still have a rather complicated shopping cart system going on in my web shop. There are three different genres of things for sale in the shop: Kits and supplies, downloadable crochet patterns, and downloadable sewing and embroidery patterns. Kits and supplies orders that need to be physically shipped go directly through Paypal. To view the cart for them, click on the button at the top of the site that says "View Cart for Kits and Supplies." Crochet patterns go through Ravelry and are purchased one at a time. Sewing patterns go through another digital products service and can be purchased several at a time; to view the cart for them, click on the button at the top of the site that says "View Cart for Patterns Only." Kind of complicated, I know, but somehow it all seems to work out fine. But this year I truly do want to try to reconfigure my shopping system. If you have any confusion, just let me know and I will totally help steer you in the right direction.

As I mentioned, I expect to begin shipping on March 21. The printed patterns arrived last week and I think they look absolutely beautiful. The floss is all packaged. The embroidery supplies are here and are even prettier in person. The fabric (we've just been waiting for the fabric) arrives in New Jersey today or tomorrow, and then as soon as they're done cutting it there it will be on its way here to Oregon next week. The minute it arrives here we will begin final assembly of the kits and start packing them up. It's kind of an exciting, stressful time. I always get frazzled. And emotional. This project saved me this winter. I think about everybody out there stitching these, all over the country and the world, and it really makes me happy. I wonder if you will enjoy the process of making this, what you're watching on TV when you stitch, what's going on in your life, whether you are new to embroidery or old to embroidery. Every time we do kits there are so many of your names that I recognize, over and over again, on the orders. Thank you for that, sincerely. I am so grateful. I really hope you like this kit!!!

*If you have your own materials and are waiting for the downloadable PDF pattern for this sampler, it will be available in a few weeks, after we get the majority of these orders shipped is available here. Thank you!

***Kits are available here.


cross stiches are just so amazing and beautiful

I bought this for my wife. She is very happy with it. What is the O symbol? Is it a hollow log?

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