A Little Garden

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And there it is, our little garden, two days old. So excited! So tired! More soon!


Ms. CM is just a darling, sweet and fluffy. And I want to give her lots of kisses to help out that worried face that shows up every time you move a twig. :-)

I just love it...you are so lucky to not have hungry deer in your yard...I plan on a tall fence...

It's beautiful! Congratulations and good luck, green thumbs, with it all.

Wendy Ward says: April 30, 2012 at 03:06 PM

great verge gardening -we love the idea of using all spaces possible to grow your own and lovely pictures too

It looks beautiful - I love the stone walls covered with ... is it Alyssum? The raised beds look fantastic already and in no time they will be full. I began a garden from scratch almost exactly a year ago, having ripped up the old one in order to terrace the sloping ground, and it took off far faster than I could have imagined. I'll enjoy watching your progress.

What a wonderful space you have! What are you growing in there?

Stephanie Cirar says: April 30, 2012 at 03:40 PM

Beautiful! And what lovely tiny fencing around the raised garden beds!

So Lovely - so envious my backyard is a giant dirt pit at the moment.

Well done, Alicia! We decided to abandon our not so productive garden spot from the last two years and want to have some raised beds, but still are not sure where the sun will be best, so I think we will just try a few window boxes (on the ground) in the area we think raised boxes might work and then hopefully build boxes there next year. We had a raised box when we lived in NY and it was fun and productive. I hope you and Andy and your 4 footed friends will raise a grand crop and am curious to see what you choose to plant. <3

Your garden looks great. My raised bed is out, but I've put nothing in it. At least my strawberries are growing well out in the front!

i've heard of "poet and don't know it" but here we have a "farmer and don't know it!" well done you!

Speedy Marie says: April 30, 2012 at 04:35 PM

Your peas grew that much in two days?!?!?!

amy in Texas says: April 30, 2012 at 04:36 PM

Lovely!! I so wish I had a garden like yours. Enjoy!

That is the most charming raised garden bed that I've seen! I love the twig fences -- will look so nice when the peas and veggies start spilling over the sides. Of course, it looks nice if there was nothing at all in it! Good job to both of you!

The raised beds are in your sidewalk? Cool!! The twig fences are beautiful!!

BEAUTIFUL! Such a great use of space.

Is it too soon to ask for your summer reading list? I always enjoy your (and your readers) recommendations.

Every thing you do is so beautiful! I had no idea raised beds could be full of quiet elegance, but then I see your's and they are just so much more than wooden boxes filed with dirt and compost. They are already beautiful before one single thing sprouts.

Could you please stop being so awesome so I can catch up? LOL! Really though, you never fail to inspire!

I love that the raised garden beds look like a "real bed" with a daybed on either side. Perfectly Beautiful!!!

Your raised bed gardens are perfection! So very lovely. The ones I built are not nearly as sweet to look at. I love the wattle fence.

Love your raised beds!! Would love to know where you got the twig fencing.

That is the sweetest raised garden! Such a beautiful job. -- michele

So sweet! :) I love Clover looking down surveying it all.

beautiful! I love the little woven fence.

Your framework is beautiful, so sculptural. Veggies look good too!!

Crazy Dreamy!! I know exactly how you feel about the so tired part ;) The location of the beds is unreal. Ahh, a big green dream for a girl living in Arizona... ♥

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