April Showers

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In between sunbreaks I would like to tie the quilt, especially when it's pouring, and I mean pouring rain outside and us girls are all tucked in upstairs after dinner, waiting for Andy in the warm, rosy lamplight with some coconut cake and my new favorite show, Dual Survival. But this dear little Violetflower is always on the quilt now, which makes it tricky (and cat-hair-covered). I don't deny her anything these days. The quilt is so big I was actually able to tie all over one of the corners of it while she was cozied up on a pile of the bulk of it a few feet away. So, slowly but surely.

I ordered some patio furniture. Here's how I did it:

"Honey, I just wanted to let you know that I got some new poufy chairs for the backyard with a little round wooden coffee table to go in the middle so that we have somewhere to sit happy birthday babe!!!!!"

Like that!

The minute that thermometer hits 68 these doors and windows are flying open and I am not coming inside for four months!

Yesterday I was up in a part of the city we lived in for a short time with friends when we first moved to Portland (that cute kitcheny window belongs to this restaurant, which I think used to be the little newspaper I did copyediting for). I can't believe how much the neighborhood has changed. I need to get out more. A few people have asked me about the stuff-to-do-in-Portland list I was working on last year. I had forgotten about that. So I just looked at it. That thing is huge. It's not entirely finished. But I will do that, and put it out here in a couple of pieces, so stay tuned.


Haha - you´re clever when you order things, I may have to copy that..! :-D

We're thinking about moving to Portland in a couple of years (my job is actually based there) and I was wondering what you thought of the Rose City Park neighborhood.

Awwwww, sweet, lovely, homey pics, with quilts, pets and coconut cake...........xxxxxxx

Your lilacs are already in bloom! *pouty face of jealousy* and i LOVE the jug you put them in - looks like melting chocolate on the outside :)

Maybe I should not have come by today.
I really, really need to clean house. right. now, and
every time I visit here, I get perked up and inspired to
dive into something... suddenly, I want to tie a quilt!
I baked the bread, Alicia. I started so eagerly and with the brightest sentiments about life's simple pleasures... it got a little *shaggy* for a bit there, but it actually finished (amazingly) well.
Thank you... for your advice, your inspirations.
Thank you.
Thank you.

We are traveling to the PNW for the first time later this month. We are actually arriving via Amtrak (another first!) after flying to California. I have been watching your blog for weather reports. :) It will be quite a change from the Texas Gulf Coast - upper 80's here now - and I am so looking forward to it! Any tips on train travel would be much appreciated - I don't know anyone who's ever overnighted on a train!

Lilacs! Toronto is a month away from that! BTW I think I like you because you're an unashamed paw maiden for your four footers. In other words, a kindred spirit.

Susie Sears Taylor says: April 12, 2012 at 11:10 AM

I would love to see a photo of the front of your home. Then I would like to see a photo of the back. I can't get a perspective with just bits and pieces although they are charming and artsy.

Gorgeous photos!~ Great job getting that patio furniture! LOL

just saw this and laughed really loud. thought of you right away!



Tal como há a chamada confort food também existem os confort blogs... o teu é um dos meus favoritos sem dúvida, sempre com as pequenas grandes coisas maravilhosamente retratadas por ti :)
Um bem haja e Obrigada pela inspiração !
Um abraço de Portugal :)

I see your poppy photo was inspired by Mary Delany's black backgrounds! I am really enjoying reading the "Paper Garden".

LOVE "the look" from kitty! So sweet.

rebecca.k says: April 12, 2012 at 12:56 PM

We are headed to Portland in July, so I would love to see your "things to do" list!

I want that window shelving. Where? Where? Want!

Also, in regards to yesterday's bread post... I've made that bread many times but it ALWAYS ruins the fabric. I can never get the dough out of it. Do you have some magic up your sleeve?

Yes, I would use a lot more flour so the dough doesn't stick to the towel at all, and then gather up the towel and shake it vigorously outside before throwing it in the hamper. I think that works for us. :-) xo, a

sounds so cozy!
We were supposed to get rain yesterday...never happened :(
but that was okay, we played and played in the park until there was no play left :)

Your quilt looks so amazing, and I am so familiar with the kitty take over.

GORGEOUS flowers. I was chuffed when I recognised the lilacs (I had a moment of indecision - but when I hovered the mouse over it, there is was! Confirmation).
Question... how do you go about tying a quilt? I have been wanting to make one for our "yet-to-be", and I don't want to machine quilt it. I like the idea of using embroidery thread... and I remember you talking about all the tying you did on (I think it was) the Ollalieberry quilt. I've not made a quilt before.

**sigh** Your photos always make me happy. **blows kisses** Deborah

what a delightful, refreshing blog...
your photos are lovely...they really tell a story...
thanks for letting me visit

Linda :o)

I love the new header! Wow, our lilacs are far behind those.. but soon..soon..
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

the link for the restaurant isn't working..I am now overly curious.

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