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In the now-quiet house, the animals appear again, venturing back out into the center of the spaces. After a weekend of the most beautiful weather I've even seen in my entire life, yesterday dawned cloudy and cool, a welcome margin of gray into which we decided to fit some spring cleaning. I opened the newspaper and was excited to see that a recipe for pizza inspired by one I'd made last spring was included in an article about asparagus and pizza (thanks Deena!). We cleaned the fridge, got some groceries, made some dough, went to the lumber store to buy some cedar boards for our new raised beds, went back to the store to get more boards (naturally, we can't count), and spent the day puttering happily. Andy took the old roses out of the parkway (sorry old roses, but I know you were unhappy) and built one of the beds. There will be three total, each 4' x 8'. We'll plant vegetables and flowers. It's the only real sunny spot we have. Half of our neighbors came by while Andy was out there, one by one offering opinions and advice. Kind of funny. We just smile and do our thing. Whatever I dream up, he'll figure out how to make it work. I bring the plan (and the pizza); as long as he has his playlist, his puppers, and a decent IPA, he's off and running. I sit on the steps with a sketch pad and seed catalog, and study the light. Tulips blooming. Waylon Jennings. Potatoes, eggplant, lettuce, peas.


Kathleen Marie says: April 26, 2012 at 10:49 AM

That pizza looks so delicious! Just added the few ingrediants to my shopping list :). Thanks Alicia!

Enjoy those new raised beds; they sure make gardening a snap!

Alicia, your next book should be about your beautiful cottage and garden. P.S. Thanks for the Clover Meadow picture. :-) Cats are cool, too - LOL.

You are such a poet. I love your writing. Write a book, please!!

Clover Meadow you are just adorable!!! Truly, she is just THE most gorgeous looking dog. (don't let my own Princess Daisy read that LOL)
Loving the photos as always. Good luck with the gardening. So looking forward to Spring & I am enjoying the Northern hemisphere weather so much.
Isn't it lovely to be able to admit that you love all things domestic & not be seen to have 3 heads now?? LOL

The name of the author of Still Meadow Day is Gladys Tabor not Grace! Sorry. My hubby made some great raised beds for our garden from a kit he got from Home Depot, you are also able to stack them in tiers if you want to, he said they were quite easy to assemble

Marsha Gibbons says: April 28, 2012 at 05:47 AM

Please, do you have a picture of the finished raised bed?


Such beauty here!

I enjoy your blog very much. You always have the most beautiful pictures! Looking at them makes my day and brings a warm smile to my face. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

oh.. i'd love to have your bed! ; )
especially with a set of snoozing tigers... what on earth could be more comfy.
so so nice... really love this photo :)

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