Getting to Know the Wild Flowers

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And a slug. In his natural environ.

Lower Macleay Trail, 4/9/12.

(*Several people have written to me to let me know that they have been having a hard time leaving comments for the past week or so. I think Typepad made some recent changes to the verification thing that is causing problems. I've taken it off [that thing bugs me, anyway] so hopefully that will make it easier now. Sorry about that, and thank you for the heads up.)


You live in such a magical state! and your photos are have a natural talent for photography and as an artist and craftsperson! I look forward to your posts, they are always a delight...have a beautiful Wednesday from your friends in Kentucky.

thank you for the "walk" today. my granddog always stops and waits for the ones behind him. it was down to freezing temp last night here in glen ellyn. the sun is shining and the prairie path awaits. (thank you also for letting us comment again.)

Courtney LaFollette says: April 11, 2012 at 06:32 AM

I just love trillium. Ours has not come out yet. The pink is so pretty! Did you notice a "rotten meat" smell that they supposedly have?? Yeah, rotten meat.

Love the trillium! There's a little road through the woods near where my parents live. We always called it Trillium Lane. Every spring, it would be a pilgrimage to see those gorgeous, ephemeral little three-petalled blooms.

Nice slug, too.

Hello Miss A.

I have been working on a little handmade Field Guide to Forest Park over the winter...just a personal project for my husband. During our little walks in the park, we always discuss that we know the ferns and can spot trillium a mile away...and maybe solomon's plume. And the cedars, of course. But the rest of the wonderful flowers and shrubs and trees? What are they? I am answering the question for him! Now if the sun would only come out so i can get some photos! Anyway, I will send a little snail mail copy to you when I am done. Or maybe you already know them all? Hummm...

Happy Spring...

Thank you for posting these. I used to live on the "Wet Coast" and miss seeing these images that all look so familiar. I miss everything about it except the slugs!

Such beautiful photos... makes me wish we were further along on our spring. Well, I wish that anyway. Can almost smell the forest. :)

Andy is hot even from half a mile away! Lol!

glorious! it's that simple!

I truly love where I live in south Florida, even though it is the exact opposite of where you live in more ways than just geographical. I SO love your beautiful photos and look forward to seeing them. I can hardly even imagine being in the tall, green, mossy woods; thank you for your wonderful pictures. I wish I could be there with you to experience all the beauty. And also, I really love your sweet dog.

lovely, love, love!!!

I have the same book. Your photos are glorious!!!
Our dog says hi to your dog!

thebeesnees says: April 12, 2012 at 09:23 PM

I LOVE Trillium in the spring!

Lovely nature photos. The tiny little pinecone is so cute! Wonderful :)

This is so beautiful. I took PNW native plant ID in college and it was my favorite class of all time. Nothing like being in the woods for 3 months learning scientific names. :)

Our Trillium were frost bit and are teeny tiny this year. Usually we have large white flowers. However, I found three new patches where they are spreading in the woods. That makes me over the moon happy!

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