Spring Busy

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I forget: Photos look so cool when they are printed. Especially at big sizes, like 8" x 10". I've been going through my archives, especially since getting the Canon, and picking out lots of photos to turn into prints. They look good. I'm really pleased. That camera rocks. I ADORE the paper (Moab Lasal Photo Luster [now called Exhibition Luster]). It's kind of a matte/semi-gloss. It reminds me of honed Carrera marble. Technology. Awesome. Anyway, I have to admit that, content-wise, the photos look pretty cool together as a group. I think there's a story in them, somehow. The story of these days. Maybe pictures are more like a poem than a story. No linear plot. Little glimpses. Distilled (like a poem). I can't write it. I can print the colors of it on paper, and hold the pages in my hands. I look into them and see the details, sometimes the big picture. As if I could.


I love this photo and would like to be able to buy ones like this!

Your photographs are always beautiful and seem to capture light and dark, quiet times and industry, sun and rain, all together. I look forward to seeing what is in your shop! x

Something about this photo brings a smile to my face and relaxes me.

I was so busy looking at all the details in your still life that it took me a moment to notice your reflection on the teapot lid (or was it Andy? It's too hard to tell!). Where on earth did you find a tea cup that comes with it's own lid??? That is tres cool!

Even before I started reading I thought, what a wonderful picture. Worth printing large and hanging in a knitting room /store as a soothing story for the eye or mind.

Neasa Hogan, Ireland says: April 27, 2012 at 04:28 AM

You are right, it is like a poem. I check in every day to see where you will take me... the woods, the garden, the cosy warmth of your quilts. Your photos transport me. Thank you.

Please share what camera you use. I have been looking at cameras for a while now and trying to find out what cameras others use - the choice is enormous and I find myself at a loss as to knowing which to buy. reccomendations are always so important - would love to use which model Canon you use.

Really lovely photos ~ I've got to get a class or something because mine are lacking in the warmth you give yours.
Any suggestions?

Looking forward to seeing what photos you add to your shop. Blessings Niki

Love how you pull so many elements together that you have going on and make them all fit together in a photo like this. Every detail speaks to something pleasant and interesting. It's nice to see you getting so much wonderful use out of that fab Macro (which I also got for Xmas, did I mention that to you?).

Enjoy your weekend!

You are awesome.

Your photos & your words tell such a wonderful story. I always feel a little rush of excitement when I see a new post pop up in my reader :)

I think you write your story beautifully...

that's why I love to visit you.

what a gorgeous picture! you're right, i could look at it for a long time, studying each piece and wonder about the story behind each item. where did she get that spoon, that plate? is that her favorite tea? is this her first vegetable gardening adventure? it is a wonderful tapestry of colors and light too! thanks for sharing!

I think the idea of turning your photos into a calendar is a spectacular idea. I would definitely buy, providing it was printed on a quality paper and not that flimsy stuff which flops after 3 months. Ugh!
There are days when I need some pleasure in life and I will stroll through your blog. I love the cabin entry, the winter blue kitchen photo and always to get a good laugh, the one of Clover Meadow where she lays on the EDGE of the quilt and not ON it. AH HA! SOOOOO funny the look on her face and posture of hmmmm, am I getting away with this?

How LOOONNNGGGG are you going to torture and tease before we get to see the gorgeous quilt in all its spendor????

Elizabeth says: April 27, 2012 at 08:40 AM

It reminds me of those Dutch paintings - with the fruit and the fish and just stuff - life - all together. Very beautiful.

Sigh! I love your blog, your photos and your needlework. Thank you for brightening my day. :)

I love your photos, you have a real talent with the camera :)

Everything you do is poetry, Alicia, and your dear Andy and the critters, your home and yard, ALL combine to make for a most wonderful spot for us all to enjoy communion. You bring peace and joy and laughter and tears and yes, poetry, to so many. Thank you so much! Hope you'll enjoy a happy weekend!

You're lovely. Thanks for sharing your inspirations... you brighten my day.

I just love your photography, and your house, it looks so beautiful, and the colours are so inviting and comforting to look at. I always pin them to my various pinterest boards, they inspire me so much!
Getting some of them printed is a great idea, and investing in nice paper too makes all the difference. :)

Hello dear Alicia,
This lovely post had me wondering if you ever did print and frame some of your photos for your home? I remember you writing about a photography teacher suggesting that it was important to remember to do that, and I still haven't. Have you?



very exciting, I have always loved and been so incredibly inspired by your photos!

Alicia, what printer do you use

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