Sunshine Day

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The weather here has been so glorious the past few days it's almost all I can think about. And talk about. I think my life revolves around the weather more than I think it does. Getting outside into the sunshine this weekend was like a dream. We had my family over for Easter lunch and got to spend most of the day outside. My mom made that beautiful strawberry shortcake!

I'm off to the woods before the rain starts up again. Back in a bit!


You always set the most beautiful table, and the strawberry shortcake looks devine. I'd have no problem joing you. xxoo

I just gained five pounds by looking at that strawberry shortcake! But it was worth it. Beeeeeutiful!
**blows kisses** Deborah

Beautiful photos, as usual! Good to hear you're getting sunshine - that means western Montana will be sunny in the coming days. We always get castoff weather from Portland/Seattle.


FourHappyBunnies says: April 09, 2012 at 09:44 AM

The strawberry shortcake looks delicious. Is it a secret family recipe????!!!
Lorraine xx
ps gale force winds, rain and very cold here....

Your table is beautiful.
Have fun on your trip to the woods :)

Enjoy your beautiful day!!

Oh my friend...I live in England. The weather is everything here and I, too, find myself talking about it all the time. It rains here a lot... much like your part of the world. And when the sun shines I am in heaven. I understand. Totally.

Oh, pleeeeeeeease can I come to lunch. The table looks beautiful and your mums strawberry shortcake......ahhh (sigh).
I am sat in my kitchen with the heating cranked up and a warm cat on my lap, daydreaming of easter luncheons al fresco with linens and lace and roses.

lovely photos. your table is just perfect!

Wonderful pics, delicious looking cake! :-)

Wonderful pictures. The strawberry shortcake looks amazing...mmmm!

I just took a bite out of my computer screen...

Your table looks so wonderful, and those tulips!!! Wow. :)

Hancok...That is my china pattern too. My husband picked it out. He said that he was "not eating off of flowered plates for the rest of his life". I do love it though.

I hate typos...that should read Hancock above.

Haven't been here in awhile and am swooning over the pictures here and in last several posts. I'd forgotten the extraordinary captures that you manage to deliver to your readers day in and day out! thank you and Happy Easter.

Hello, cake. My name is alexa...

I love your china!

That strawberry shortcake is ridiculous. I will eat it. After I marry those Easter eggs of yours.

I always find myself so envious of the natural light in your home. Gorgeous! I'm jealous.

Beautiful tulips, cake and table setting! I imagine a wee Easter bunny running through the scene.

I love coming to your blog, to see the pretty lighting in your photos! The strawberry shortcake is gorgeous, bathed in afternoon sunlight :)

I think those of us in the Pacific Northwest completely understand the weather thing...I felt so uplifted and happy and free this weekend, soaking in the sun and just loving life! I've already changed out of my skirt and flip flops today as the clouds are rolling back in, but oh, the weekend was MARVELOUS!

And I think that amazing strawberry shortcake would have been a great addition to our brunch yesterday :)

I think those are McKinley plates from Lenox's Presidential collection. We have the same ones. Were married in 1997 too? :)

You post the most beautiful pictures! I hope you had a lovely Easter. The strawberry shortcake looks divine.

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