Sunshine Day

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The weather here has been so glorious the past few days it's almost all I can think about. And talk about. I think my life revolves around the weather more than I think it does. Getting outside into the sunshine this weekend was like a dream. We had my family over for Easter lunch and got to spend most of the day outside. My mom made that beautiful strawberry shortcake!

I'm off to the woods before the rain starts up again. Back in a bit!


My goodness! I was just going to say that your cakes are always so artfully casual (I guess - not sure how to put it), and your mother is the one who did this one - well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

I tried your Easter eggs the other day, and they came out pretty well! Thanks for sharing! They weren't as pretty as yours, but I look forward to trying again sometime. But, in case you want to try for the violet color with grape juice - all I got was a very slightly purply taupe color. Which I liked, but it wasn't violet.

Happy Easter!

Alicia, thank you for sharing the joy! You and yours are a blessing to us.

I live just outside of Seattle so I really relate to the weather stuff. We couldn't get enough of the sun this weekend and today! These pictures are delightful. Can I hire you to sprinkle that kind of enchantment around my home? :) You have such a knack for getting it just right.

Your table looks so pretty. Elegant and homey at the same time.

You always set such a beautiful table! Blessings, Tami

That is a dreamy tablesetting and your Mother's strawberry shortcake looks fabulous! Bet there were no leftovers of that dessert.

I know what you mean about the weather! During spring break, the HIGH temp was lower than this week's predicted LOW temps! Brrr! But Saturday was the best. Went for an 8 mile bike ride!
Stiff and sore today, but it was so worth it.
Love your pics today- so cheery.

Delicious photos, love to taste that strawberry shortcake. Not something you see in Australia.

Wrennette says: April 09, 2012 at 09:21 PM

Oh, Alicia, your setting for Easter was lovely, just lovely. Your flowers were perfection! I carried my computer over across the livingroom to show my mom the Gorgeous Strawberry ShortCake and told her I would love to make her one for Mothers' Day!!! She smiled with all of her appreciation of the idea. So, by May the strawberries will be even sweeter and I can't wait to recreate your Mom's beautiful contribution to your Easter lunch. I must say.....please share what else you had for lunch. (I'm sorry for being nosey but you have created that in us...ha ha ha) I wanted to say that I also understand your comments on the way your life is so effected by the weather...I am the same way. I'm in Northern California and our weather is not as wet as yours but my PERSONALITY is still effected by the seasons..and as I age the summer is tough to take...but Spring and all that it brings is so enjoyed and I am the person who lovessssss winter. I like to cuddle in and cook, sew, read, make our home warm and cozy....candle light....see what I mean? I'm glad you got to spend Easter with your family.

That strawberry shortcake looks great - all that whipped cream oh yeah! haha

Stay outside as much as you can! Oh, and beautiful china.

Hi Alicia,

I have those same Hancock Lenox dishes... they were our wedding china. Great taste, m'dear! :)

Climbing inside my computer... now! oh yum and double yum! mx

Sounds like a lovely Easter. Such a pretty table and the cake looks divine.

I have to comment on your lovely tablesetting because I have been spending a lot of time lstely trying to get good pictures of my tables, with mixed results. I notice that your photo is from straight overhead...what are you standing on? I love the relationship of the shapes in the lace runner and the edging on the plates. Also, the tulips with mixed greenery. Tulips can be hard to arrange gracefully and you have managed it well. Pretty pretty. I'm sure your brunch was a lovely occasion.

Not McKinley, Sara mcD. It's Hancock. The only difference is that the colored panel on McKinley is a blue-grey, not black. We were married in 1996. We all have such beautiful taste! :-) I was so excited to see my china on the table of someone I like so much!

Alicia! Do you ever sell prints of your photos?

That's the biggest strawberry shortcake I've ever seen; I though it was some kind of Pavlova variation.

Hancock is my absolute favorite china pattern, so classic. Looks like you had a lovely holiday!

Talents abound . . . Love your china,my daughters pattern . . . I think . . . smile.

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