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The best visit ever. Dear, sweet treasures in my life.


Toddlers with dirt on their faces. Anything more wonderful?
I'm planning a trip to Portland in July, and I am so, so excited. Mostly because of your photos. I want July to be next week.

My gosh, she looks like a baby doll. Beautiful photos and glad you all had a wonderful time.

Your pictures are so inspiring, you are very talented!

LOve a dirty gorgeous baby! Beautiful treasures. Happy Tuesday.

your few photos say SO much. thank you.

She is beautiful! Those eyes...

jeannette says: April 24, 2012 at 08:27 AM

i don't think there is anything better than being little and dirty and beautiful.

So much love in these pics, you can just feel it. Thanks

Kristen from MA says: April 24, 2012 at 08:32 AM

Lovely. :)

oh my goodness - the last picture!

So much love and hope in those pictures... Thank you so much... Sending you love and light from Denmark... ;-)

What lovely photos you've captured a very magical walk in the woods. What a darling little girl.

Sorry, Alicia.... I meant love and light... ;-)

ummm...BEAUTIFUL!!! (The first picture, especially!)

Agreed. :) xoxoxox :)

Beautiful photos - that little face is too precious for words. So glad you had a wonderful visit, but also glad you're back with us in blogland. I was looking forward to "see" you again :)

What an angelic little girl--those eyes...

Are you kidding me with those eyes? Sheesh. And that first picture is worth a thousand words, quite literally.

What photo treasures . . . Beautiful . . . did she like your doggie . . . and I think you have a cat too?

What a cutie-pie. I just love the tree lined path. Gorgeous and a great location for photos like this.

Hope all is well. Enjoy your day!

Today's photos (and their beloved subjects) are like Haiku poetry. Exquisite!

thanks for the beautiful pics, baby girl is gorgeous xoxo

So sweet!!! fliss xxx

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