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Rain rain go away. My dearest friend Martha and her baby girl Mila are coming to visit in two days and the forecast is rain all the way. I have the conversation circle all ready out back, but I have a feeling all conversations will be taking place at the table, or under quilts, or in front of the fireplace.

Before it started raining, though, Andy and I spent the weekend cleaning up the back yard, getting it ready for spring, and I really can't describe how good it feels to do that. This will be our first full spring and summer with the new kitchen door and the deck-dock and the walkway, and those things have been life-changing. No exaggeration at all. It took a long time, over ten years, before we were able to make it happen. But it was worth the wait. The connection to fresh air, wind, rain, sunshine, birds, slugs, and the natural life of this little piece of land (in the very middle of the city) is all right off the kitchen door now (instead of down a dark hallway where you get hit in the face with coats, down some little stairs where several tall people have hit their heads on the "ceiling" [including Andy Paulson who, within the first five minutes of us excitedly moving into the house, found himself lying flat on the hallway floor after smashing his forehead against the "ceiling — it was awful], through a warped old sticking wooden interior door [which used to be the house's original exterior back door], and through the tiny mudroom — a real rat maze — then out). Even in the rain, it's all right there, and I feel a greater sense of peace and . . . possibility . . . now that there is only one lovely little ridiculously functional new door between us. Yeah. That worked.

I feel like I should do an exuberant little song-and-dance number about it on the deck-dock stage.

I'll give you a better tour of the yard when it's not pouring!

Oh, and! Two things: The Winterwoods ABC sampler pattern is now available as a downloadable PDF. AND many people have asked me what the "O" in the sampler is. It's the cross-section of a tree trunk or a log! :-)


In spite of the rain, your backyard is lovely! I am imaging you enjoying it, and Andy never being knocked out again! We got some gardening done this weekend too and so *loved* the sunshine! <3

jeanne e. says: April 16, 2012 at 10:40 AM

i love your yard! you and andy do such a lovely job making it beautiful and cozy...enjoy your visitors...fingers crossed you get to use your conversation grouping...hehehe....

It must get dreary with all that rain around, but WOW(!), is it beautiful!

Beautiful all around! Swoooon! I'll trade you some rain for some sun sun sun? Deal?

Your back yard is such a gorgeous little slice of wonder!

I have to go through a dark maze to my door also...and I believe my exact words to my husband were it would be life changing to have a door off the kitchen! It's gotten me nowhere in 13 years. Sometimes I feel trapped on that side of the house and that's not a good feeling to have in your own home!
I love when you show pictures of your table...it looks like a cozy place for conversation. If the rain stays, your guests will feel very comfortable there, I'm sure.


It looks so lovely, all sprinkled in that rainy goodness.
We are having our backyard done tomorrow and so looking forward to it. Of course it won't be lush and as amazing as this picture. For it is the desert and we have chosen turf
We have to save the water around here :)

Oh being 6ft tall I completely understand the hitting of the head, LOL


Oh yes please do give us the full tour, it looks so lovely. Whenever I am thinking of doing something housey I always look at yours, it is so inspiring. A question for you...what do you do with the outdoor furniture in winter, cover? put in garage? We have long, damp winters and I'm always worried about leaving stuff outside. Outdoor furniture is so expensive I want to make sure I look after it.
Hope the rain clears up so you can make the most of your beautiful outdoor space.

Slapping myself on the forehead~of COURSE it is a cross- section of a tree trunk! I feel so stupid now thinking it was a nut! I was trying to make it go with a letter near to it, I think!

OH SO LOVELY backyard! I could live out there, and probably would. I hurt to hear of Andy slamming his head on the ceiling thingie~Oh my!

And how is the quilt coming along...


Your new header is just lovely--as is your patio and deck. Oh, my how you must love looking out on it all. All such a better solution to hitting things in the dark--your poor Andy!

Enjoy the rain or shine, and your guests.

Absolutely lovely!

Oh my goodness, your garden is looking fabulous. We're in the middle of digging ours up to crate new veggie growing and seating areas and you've given me hope that one day it will look a whole lot better than it does now!

How funny! I thought the "O" was the inside of an onion. Seriously.

It was the first letter I worked and I think I was hungry :)

Such a lovely space. I want to step right into your peace!
Please send your liquid sunshine to the East Coast, we've a bit of a drought here...

Your spaces look expectant, eager to host.
Outdoors is calling... what wonderful times are in store for you. Soon.

Ouch, poor hubby! The backyard is sweet and that tree in the middle gives it an enchanting feel.

Jordan in Seattle says: April 16, 2012 at 11:42 AM

I love your backyard. Every time you post pictures I think putting in all of our grass was an error made in haste. I love how low maintenance and livable it feels. Love love love

Alicia, would you be so kind to tell us where you get your beeswax tapers? Thanks!

Two things:



YOUR YARD!!!!! Oh your yard! What an oasis! Makes me want to rip out have our grass (which is a pain in the..something that rhymes with grass.)

Three things actually. We're in the state just north of you, hello! So I am sitting here also gazing at the rain.

oopsie. meant to say "HALF" our grass...:)

Your backyard is so beautiful...I could spend hours relaxing there! Enjoy your house guests!

Me too, I want to know where you buy the Beeswax Tapers, bet you are gonna say Andy makes them, I remember seeing a month or so ago he was making candles.

Love your cozy backyard, just magnificent.....

Yes PLEASE give us a tour, I´d love to see! :-)

Funny, the "O" was the first thing I stitched and I saw a knot on a log (think knotty pine). I am enjoying working on the sampler, however I had to buy a craft magnifying glass to count the stitches. I didn't think my eyesight was that bad until then.

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