While the Dough Rises

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Winner: Most Kissable Nose 2012.

If you haven't made the Dutch oven bread yet pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
try it right away.

I seem to have stalled out after my quilting frenzy. Now all I do is just sit around watching our yard turn its delirious shade of florescent green. Well, actually before I sat around yesterday I weeded the front parkway since about four hundred dandelions bloomed in approximately twenty minutes. Weeding is seriously exhausting. It always looks so much prettier after you do it, but hellity hell dandies. You do make me work for it.

Some answers: 1) No, I dont stand on a ladder to take overhead table photos, but I do have an articulated LCD screen on my Canon camera that tilts toward me so I can see what I'm shooting. This is the second third camera I have had with an articulated LCD screen and I definitely would not buy a camera without it. It's awesome. 2) Yes (and thank you very much for asking), I might start selling photos because I own a very nice professional-quality photo printer that I don't use enough and it is just sitting there doing nothing and it might be really fun to have prints. 3) But not before I figure out how to redo my web shop because my web shop pretty much sucks and I have to fix it. 4) I'm not sure if I will do a quilt pattern and/or a new cross-stitch kit for the sampler on the black background. But I might. The quilt is a super weird size. I think it's like 100" x 100". Maybe I'll just write the pattern exactly how I did it and you can adjust it however you'd like. It would be really easy to make it a little bigger or smaller. 5) I forgot the last thing I was going to say. Crud. 6) Oh yeah, I just remembered: I still need to ask Brady if they named the farm yet!


Please start selling some of your photos as prints. They are so lovely and I could look at them and be a vicarious photographer. Also, I know you have to go wherever your creative impulses direct, but could we have another embroidery kit in 70's colors and crewel yarn? Pretty please. Gotta love crewel yarn, such great texture. I also have two le creuset for cooking now (one of them is in the dune color). I hope it's not creepy that I enjoy channeling the Paulson home while I'm cooking (but then Julia Child and Alicia Paulson cannot be a bad mix).

Yes, your earlier post about Dutch oven bread baking inspired me to give it a try. Love the method and the results. However, I just use my regular yeast bread recipes, allowing them to rise in the usual way (for an hour or so) but then bake them in a cast iron Dutch oven. I have also used your lemon pound cake recipe and curried lentil soup link. They've all been a hit. Thanks for many wonderful ideas and for good inspiration.

Ahhhh! I just love your blog. You have an incredible way of making us feel invited into your life and your home. I never thought to ask if you would sell prints, but I will confess for a second time that I am currently using one of your recent photos as the desktop background on my computer. :)

Also, I agree that your puppers has a very kissable nose. xo

I'm just popping in to say "Happy Spring". . . as it seems to have finally arrived here. And I heard a funny thing about Oregon the other day. . . the guy said, when we were in deluge mode, "Oh, Oregon is doing that July, August, September, Winter thing again."

So glad to be past the winter thing. LOVE the bread shots! Hugs from Astoria!

i have never been succesful on making bread:(
i ll try the dutch bread..

Fabulous pictures!! I even can imagine the smell of fresh bread :)

there is just something about a corgi nose. length? not sure. your photos are, indeed, divine. you have a way of taking the most mundane, the most ordinary and making it look extraordinary. talent. and, you are correct...that bread is delish...DE-lish. once you make it, you must, hear me, must have it daily or at least whenever soup is on the menu!

Jan Richards says: April 11, 2012 at 11:39 AM

I want you to know that I bought a dutch oven last week so that I can make that beautiful bread I keep seeing on your blog. Will start some today. I too love the black
background cross stitch you are doing with wildflowers. I am also very patient for you to make a pattern or kit
for the rest of us to order. Thanks for all you do. Your photography is breathtaking and I really look forward to reading your blog each day.

Beth Wilson says: April 11, 2012 at 11:41 AM

my fav pic = someone's sweet nose-y !!

I Love your bread and have a recipe I'll send along ( if ok ) which I've made "forever".... no punching down, etc.
Shape and put in fridge 2 - 24 hrs and take out and bake. Great to do in the evening and put in the oven in the AM. Having 8 grown children they, now, really love and appreciate it. But, when younger and taking lunches to school, they said "Can't we have the bread with balloons on the wrapper?"
All that you do is so very special. You are much appreciated and such an inspiration !!

Even your rising bread dough looks cozy - as does your entire home through your beautiful photos...I love your close up photos of your animals. When I left my two dogs this morning to head to work, one was on the window seat cushion covered up with a blanket and the other one was curled up in the corner of the sofa--definitely ready to spend the cool, rainy day napping. Animals are so smart!

Wonderful photos, I have never baked bread in a dutch oven, I will have to try this next time I have a free weekend :) Thanks so sharing the wonderful pictures!

Melissa L. says: April 11, 2012 at 12:10 PM

For one crazed, uncaffeinated moment I thought that unbaked loaf was wearing a plaid shirt!

Okay, good to know it's for eating and not for playing dress-up with. Hee.

Yes I tried it, I made the recipe from theNYTimes. I also only baked it half the time, since my boyfriend likes it less browned. With planning ahead, it's a wonderful bread!


Oh please please please do the cross stitch pattern! Putting together the kits must be so much work, so I can understand if you don't want to do that, but please the pattern! It's so beautiful.

Please do the black background cross stitch. Kit or pattern, either would be great. I've been drooling over the glimpses you've shared.

More luscious photographs. You should totally sell them.

I'm sorry but I find the term "dutch oven" so funny. In England we just call these "cast iron casserole dishes" (not so snappy) but upon googling dutch oven i learned that it is urban slang for trapping someone under a bed cover after you've farted. Ok...i know it's childish but it made me giggle.

Alicia, 1. The bread looks soooo yummy...thanks for the recipe. 2. Your photos/prints available for sale! Very exciting! 3. Glad to see others forget what they were going to say. 4. Glad to see others say "crud" ;) and 5. Started stitching the Daisy Chain Sampler--in love with it, but now can't get Sister Goldenhair out of my head. Takes me back. I hope you have half as lovely a day as your posts make mine. Denise.

I read every post of yours last night and I am in love with those two candlesticks on your table and the fact that you use orange candles! Everytime I saw them, I told myself that I 'need' orange candles. :)

You even make bread dough look beautiful!


Mmmmm....bread. I made that Dutch oven bread for the first time on Sunday. Hubby and I ate the whole loaf in two days. Making again soon!!

jeannette says: April 11, 2012 at 03:17 PM

alicia, i hope you won't think i'm stalking you but i am every interested in your cross stitch flower work and studies via mrs. delaney, your photo walks, and gerda bengtsson flower designs. the GB flower designs book calls for linen "type I" or "type II". do you have an american equivalent? i can't find one in the book or on the web.
with many thanks for all the hours of pleasure the x stitching on a walk in the woods mittens have given me!

I would LOVE to buy prints of all your wonderful shots of luscious and green Oregon! I live in the desert of San Diego and would much rather plaster my walls with your gorgeous photos and pretend I'm there. :)

The nose looks despondent as if saying "wait...that bread isn't for me???"

Please, please I would so love to have the pattern for the wildflowers. The winter woods sampler is lovely, but the flowers are just calling to me. I'm so glad you're doing counted cross stitch which I have loved for years!

I love your corgi!

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