While the Dough Rises

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Winner: Most Kissable Nose 2012.

If you haven't made the Dutch oven bread yet pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
try it right away.

I seem to have stalled out after my quilting frenzy. Now all I do is just sit around watching our yard turn its delirious shade of florescent green. Well, actually before I sat around yesterday I weeded the front parkway since about four hundred dandelions bloomed in approximately twenty minutes. Weeding is seriously exhausting. It always looks so much prettier after you do it, but hellity hell dandies. You do make me work for it.

Some answers: 1) No, I dont stand on a ladder to take overhead table photos, but I do have an articulated LCD screen on my Canon camera that tilts toward me so I can see what I'm shooting. This is the second third camera I have had with an articulated LCD screen and I definitely would not buy a camera without it. It's awesome. 2) Yes (and thank you very much for asking), I might start selling photos because I own a very nice professional-quality photo printer that I don't use enough and it is just sitting there doing nothing and it might be really fun to have prints. 3) But not before I figure out how to redo my web shop because my web shop pretty much sucks and I have to fix it. 4) I'm not sure if I will do a quilt pattern and/or a new cross-stitch kit for the sampler on the black background. But I might. The quilt is a super weird size. I think it's like 100" x 100". Maybe I'll just write the pattern exactly how I did it and you can adjust it however you'd like. It would be really easy to make it a little bigger or smaller. 5) I forgot the last thing I was going to say. Crud. 6) Oh yeah, I just remembered: I still need to ask Brady if they named the farm yet!


When I saw the photo of Clover's beautiful nose, I remembered an ad I saw today in a magazine at our vet's office. They make pendants from impressions of your dog's nose! A silver nose print! I'd love to know how they get the print... Not sure any of my dogs would allow a print to be taken. :)

Oooh, I've never cross-stitched before, but when I saw the wildflowers, I said I'd start if I could do one like that =) I love the flowers, sooooo pretty!!

Clover's little face makes me so happy.
What a love bug.

Clover's little face makes me so happy. What a love bug.

Sorry, Clovis, my 22 lb huge black kitty, stepped on my keyboard. He sits on my lap even if there is something already in it.

I love this bread :)!!! Thank you SO much for being the one to post about it so that I would see it & try it out (I know now that it was all over the blogosphere for a while but I just don't get around to as many blogs as I used to, yet I always read yours)

If you started selling prints that would be amazing! An option to check out are services that print on demand (one that I have looked into is http://www.redbubble.com/ but there are tons). It may not be as personal a touch as printing them yourself -- but from what I have read the quality is good & the prints are on photo paper or canvas (which could really work for your images)

I am glad you brought up the bread again. If I do try it (maybe soon) and it looks as good as yours, and tastes as good as it looks, my husband may want to send you a dozen roses or something. ;o) He has always wanted homemade bread. And I've never tried the creme brulee like I was supposed to either.....Williams-Sonoma box of goodies -- pretty little cups and the cutest little blow torch -- never opened -- years. Have you ever made those? Wanna borrow my box of goodies and get back to me?

I love all of your posts Alicia but some how this kind of stream of consciousness with a sweet photo of Clover really puts me over the top!

I haven't tried the Dutch bread recipe yet, but did just buy a Bob's Red Mill bread mix to try. Clover Meadow is so cute!
I wish you were near by. Sewing quandry. I bought a homemade thick cotton toile valance at the thrift shop. The valance fabric equaled three horizontal panels about 57 in. wide each after I opened up the seams. Do I buy some plain cotton fabric and frame the toile fabric to make the right width panels? Or, give up and recycle the fabric in another project. Toile yardage is so expensive that $4.99 for this item seemed a steal.

I slobbered on the computer screen trying to kiss Clover Meadow.

We love doggies noses....so soft and sweet! :)

noticed a little clover meadow in my rejuvenation catalog! they should really have put her on the page with the 'clover' lamp...maybe next time! is she giving autographs?

I'm sitting next to my husband on the sofa right now, both of us on our laptops. He looked over, saw the picture and said, "Hey, that's your bread!" No, dear -- that's Alicia's bread -- she's the one I got the recipe from. We've been making it quite frequently since you posted it in the last couple of months. SOOOO good (we especially recommend it with some Roaring 40s blue cheese).

Oh, and I also put in a vote for the cross stitch flowers on black background. Of course, I'd need to finish the sampler that arrived a couple of weeks back first...

My daughter & I made the Dutch Oven bread Last time we got together and it is awesome! We ate the whole loaf ( we did let my husband have some, too)! Love your beautiful photography and wonderful blog!

If you need some help with your web shop give me a shout! I've worked on ecommerce sites before (bakeitpretty.com) and I know Wordpress too. :)

Christine says: April 11, 2012 at 08:18 PM

I've made the bread several times since you posted about it. We love it! Should have said thanks sooner. Thanks : )

1. Clover Meadow always makes me smile! 2. Your dutch oven bread has been made several times at my house and for my whole family at St. Paddy's day~huge hit~thank you SO much for sharing. 3. The black background wildflowers~no fair enticing; now you must. 4. You have to get back in that quilt frenzy because I bet you would have it finished in a week and I lost the bet to florescent green grass watching. 5. I thought I was the only one to still say crud. 6. Hellity hell dandies is such a very appropriate name and got a laugh out loud from this arena. Smiles all around.

"While The Dough Rises" .. . . I thought that was the name of a soap opera you were watching :) haha! love your pics Miss Alicia!

do you mind my asking what kind of printer you use? My first decent digital camera had the articulated screen; my second doesn't. I can't believe how much I miss it - (as in every single day!).

I love baking bread as well. Love your blog.

Your pictures are lovely. Always. I have the same battle with dandelions. Thanks for making me feel so not alone in the weeding department. Darn those dandelions!

Love "The Nose". Could you, would you provide the brand name of your camera? I cherish your posts...my first search each morning. I visited Portland last week and saw the trilliums blooming along the coast roads and ate at Jake's Famous Crawdad Restaurant (fried razor clams, extra lemon ~ yum!). You are fortunate to live there. I loved, loved the photo you took several weeks ago of the pink rose cross-stitched on the dark, natural colored linen. Thank you for sharing bits of your life. xo ~ Leslie

Can't wait to try that dutch oven bread - maybe this weekend. Also meant to tell you, got my latest Rejuvenation Hardware catalog last week and saw your hallway in it with Clover at the end in the kitchen - so cool!!

Love all the photos ~ especially of Clover ~ she's really lovely!
And I love love bread ~ I'd have to go get a dutch oven in order to make that kind of bread.
When my son was little homemade bread was all he would eat. I made 2 or 3 loaves a week. Love homemade anything!

Well just another voice in the chorus--yes please provide the pattern for the next cross stitch!! Actually that's how I found your blog a few years back, when I was looking online for alphabet samplers and you showed glimpses of one you were working on at that time, don't think you ever shared that pattern either (hint hint!)...Photos would be divine--especially the ones from your friends' farm...I've made the Dutch oven bread about 7-8 times now, always turns out great, and it's fun to experiment with different flavors etc...just had to take a week or two off because I was eating too much bread!! Thanks Alicia for sharing all your amazing ideas with your grateful readers!!!!

So, wait. What camera do you currently use? Still the Fuji? I have a Nikon Coolpix with an articulating screen which I LOOOOVE, but it is getting rather old and beat up...

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