After-Dinner Storm

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A little dinner party on Saturday night with our dear old college friend Kurt and his darling wife, Sheena, who were in town briefly from San Fran. For coffee and banana cake, we went outside to the chairs. Within a half an hour, the sky turned from beautiful, bright sunset gold to pewter gray, flat and lavender-ish. Kurt is a fellow Midwesterner — this looks like tornado weather, we all said. Within minutes, big drops started to fall. The boys ran around putting all of the pillows and hammock blankets away. A hole in the sky continued to shine a spotlight on our little pale green apple tree (just to the left of the hammock). Within a few more minutes it was pouring. Rain, thunder and lightning — the whole works. It was so thrilling. We sat in the doorway of the kitchen and watched it. We headed to the living room and lit a bunch of candles and opened all the casement windows. It was awesome. And so rare — it really almost never rains like that here. Very good end to a dinner party!

Thank you for all of your incredibly kind comments on my peony story. They made me feel really happy — thank you.

*** Today is my sweetest love's birthday: Andy Paulson turns 41! ***


oh my goodness you backyard looks so lovely. ::sigh:: i live in an apartment building and am practically counting the days 'til i have a house and some cozy outdoor space.

Kelly Grace says: May 29, 2012 at 09:36 AM

Happy Birthday Andy!

A very happy birthday to Andy Paulson! :D

I love a good thunderstorm myself. It is just the beginning of the rainy season here in Florida. Yesterday I delighted in some afternoon thundershowers...nothing but the sound of the rain.

Happy birthday Andy! What kind of cake are you having?

Happy Birthday Andy Paulson!!!

oh how love weather like that. Luckily, it is a regular thing in England in the summertime!

Your garden looks gorgeous. A very lovely place to be.

Happy Birthday Mr P.

Happy birthday Andy :)

Anita K says: May 29, 2012 at 09:48 AM

Happy Birthday Andy, can't imagine what kind of cake you will be having today, hopefully we will be able to share in the celebration with a new post tommorrow :)

I just knew he was a Gemini! Happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Andy!!

What did you have to eat, it looks good. I want to say I am always moved when I see your pictures. The pictures give me peace, they are so beautiful and somewhat calming to see a house and everyday tasks unbelievable. Happy Birthday to Andy.

Julie G. in Iowa says: May 29, 2012 at 09:54 AM


WHAT?? (that was in Shawn's voice ;-) Happy Birthday, Andy ~ you rock!

I wish I could live in your backyard ~ so peaceful & pretty!!

Happy birthday to Andy! I just love how your backyard is a complete extension to the inside of your home. An outside living room. Just awesome. You create a very lovely vibe in your home and writing. I think you are just awesome ; )

Ah, your blog always adds some joy to my day. Curious as to what that ground covering is. Pea gravel? And do you find your lovely pooch tends to kick it into the grass? We're looking for something to put between our sliding glass door and where our grass starts but worried our Golden will kick it all over the yard. Lovely photos!

Beautiful picture of the sky,,glad you had a good ending to your nice dinner party,,and Happy Birthday Andy,,

Yay Andy! It's my birthday today too and I'm 41 too!!! Happy Birthday to us! Looking forward to seeing your latest birthday cake masterpiece Alicia!

Have a wonderful birthday Andy! I predict you will be eating some sort of yummy cake soon...sending love and best wishes from Muskoka! xoxo

Happy Birthday, Andy.
I like to think all of the stormy goodness was in your honor.

Jane in FL says: May 29, 2012 at 10:05 AM

What a lovely home! Happy Birthday Andy!

Happy birthday to Andy - and I love your pics and the post. :-)

Kathy McDonald says: May 29, 2012 at 10:07 AM

Happy, happy birthday, Andy! I hope you two have fun plans for the day. And thanks, Alicia, for the lovely pictures of your beautiful yard. I alsways love seeing how things are growing and changing with the seasons.

Happy Birthday Andy! Love the pictures of the sky.

Absolutely gorgeous backyard. I'd never want to go inside! Happy Birthday to Andy!

I love your back garden, it looks incredibly inviting. It looks like the perfect place to while away many an hour. x

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