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Do you want to just throw up right now? I know, me too. Turns out my garden forager wasn't exotic at all; I staged a reconnaissance mission in the rainy dusk of Monday night and caught one of these gelatinous blobs in the act of slurping up my Chioggias. Six are completely gone, two more are almost done for. BEAST! My neighbor came out just as I found the marauder: two grown women, four rows of beet seedlings, and one slug. You would've thought I had encountered a piece of plutonium. The screaming (mine). The frantic pointing and prancing in place (mine) (as if on hot rocks). The gagging (mine). It was truly embarrassing. Not a native Oregonian's reaction. I couldn't believe myself myself. Fail.

So, Sluggo. Organic. I may also consider putting the copper tape or waterproof sandpaper around the top edges of the beds. Or hermetically sealing them.

Ah, such is the life of a dilettante gardener. There's nothing like gardening to make you appreciate the farmer's market, I tell you.


In other news (thank gosh there's other news), I have all of the fabric for the new quilt. The new cross-stitch just came back from the framer. The new web shop is in progress (it's slow — steep learning curve on this for me — but it's going to be really cool). My new yarn should be arriving any day. And sweet potatoes, marigolds, cosmos, dill, camomile, and tomatoes are now in the ground.


Sluggo has not worked for me and dealing with slugs marinating in dirty beer has been revolting. I may try some of these other suggestions though as I am tired of carting them off in a container to the official "squashing rock" in the driveway. Too gross and tedious! :). Good luck with your battle...

Linda Dominick says: May 28, 2012 at 08:36 AM


Tabitha says: May 28, 2012 at 12:58 PM

Well, you may laugh, but I solved the slug problem through adopting a box turtle. He can get all of the slugs, Japanese beetle grubs, and stink bugs, and I get the rest!

Sorry to hear this. But it does remind me of my $50 tomato: pots, good soil, fertilizer, the plant itself, etc. This veggie gardening thing ain't for newbies, I found. I succumbed to the lure of the farmers market.

Hmmm, if your "not" into slugs don't go to the Olympic Rain Forest!!! LoL.... talk about slugs! There are a lot of white slugs... we called them the albino slugs... and ahem... they are really huge!
Good luck! As kids we sprinkled salt on them... and they would shrivel up and die...

I love your garden! Did you plan your garden in a specific way? We have a post about how to plan and plant your own herb garden, perhaps you have other tips that you can share with us! :) Enjoy!

I hate slugs! We have hundreds of them in our tiny yard! i've heard good things about lining the sides of your wooden beds with pennies. Glue them down, but be sure not to get glue on the tops of them. Looks pretty too!

So sorry about the slimy marauder! They really are nasty. Have to say, I tried the organic Sluggo this season with rather dismal results. It didn't seem to phase the slugs at all, and apparently the local mice have been collecting the pellets! We've found little hoards here and there. So, back to Corey's it is for this gardener.

I had a disgusting, horrifying slug invasion. Mowed down three re-plantings of kale, plus tons of peas, etc. Can totally relate. I would go out on nightly slug patrol, flashlight in hand, always about to throw up. But, this year, Sluggo saved the day for me as well.

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