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The weekend before last, Andy and I went to the farmer's market to get some stuff and then we spent the rest of the day making things from The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making by Alana Chernila. It was super fun. We made rhubarb-ginger syrup with lemon verbena (for pouring into seltzer water and making sodas), mayonnaise, ketchup, and hamburger buns! And I made another rhubarb custard pie (that thing is really good). We took turns whisking the olive oil into the egg yolk to make mayonnaise. I seriously don't know how one person could have the muscle strength to do this; our arms were yakisoba noodles after I don't even know how long it took (and we were also actually sitting down the whole time). Pffffft! The hamburger buns were seriously amazing. I couldn't stop looking at them. Our neighbors came for a cook-out later that night. We had burgers and sweet potato oven fries I sort of made up. I think they liked everything. They also thought we were kind of cracked but we're used to that. Then they had a neighborhood potluck party this past Sunday. (We have a lot of great neighborhood parties.) I spent almost the whole party talking to someone about suburban sprawl and someone else about window replacement and cedar shingles and I had a great time. I thought, "Ah. I must be in my forties."


There's such joy in making things from scratch for our beloveds and ourselves. How great that you inspire so many readers to try new things, Alicia. And what a gift that Andy is by your side in these adventures. You don't seem cracked to me. I have spent several recent nights (after my nurse shifts) teaching myself to bake macarons of different varieties in my home kitchen, and it's been great fun.
You're right, Polly, some of us have loved homey projects since childhood and it's not about age so much. It's nice you figured out early what you like better than night clubs.

I went out and bought that book today because you made it look so wonderful. And it is, indeed, wonderful. Thank you for the recommendation. I'll be working on my biceps for the mayonnaise.

You two make Martha look lazy!
The buns look incredible.

Jennifer says: May 28, 2012 at 08:20 AM

Hello! Just a lurker here wanting to say: for mayonnaise, look for a Ruhrfix. It's a German hand mixer attached to a jar. It whips really fast and has a little hole expressly for adding oil when emulsifying. I hated making mayo until I got one; it gets the consistency just right for about 25% of the arm effort.


Haha. I hear you on the making mayo by hand. I do like it so much better than store bought stuff, but wow is it a chore to make.

Rhubarb is my favorite!

Sue Moore says: July 02, 2012 at 02:53 PM

This made me homesick for my home in Virginia:)

You are a fantastic photographer, and apparently a fantastic cook as well!

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