Rhubarb Custard Pie

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Ah! Pie! Rhubarb custard: sweet, tart, creamy, crusty, and generally awesome. Simple spring pleasure. It worked out well! Now (naturally) I want to grow rhubarb but I don't think we have enough room in any of our sunny spots. Need to find a spot.

In other garden news, my little teeny lettuce seeds that I planted six days ago are sprouting!!! You know I got choked up about that. Well, it's been a hard year.

I was thinking I would take a photo of the raised beds from the upstairs window every Wednesday, just to watch how they grow from a different perspective. It's supposed to be fairly warm (though fairly cloudy) all week. I have to say I really love this time of year, which feels like pre-summer. Summer itself stresses me out, because it feels like 1) it's too hot, 2) it's too sunny, 3) it's too busy, 4) it's too hot and sunny, and 4) it never really seems like it goes how I want it to. I always wind up feeling kind of . . . frantic. I don't know how to change it, but I think that feeling has been with me since childhood. Great expectations?

I swear I think it has something to do with the light coming from straight overhead. Interrogation. I have trouble with overhead lighting, even in the house. Makes me anxious. I prefer a lower angle.

And speaking of dresses (yesterday), a tree peony–colored one wouldn't be bad either. Jeesh. Planted ten years ago, in a pot the size of a bucket, this poor thing is one of the most neglected plants we have, yet it rewards us every year, without fail, with the most gorgeous and enormous blossom. And this year, two of them. Splendid angels. They're like six or seven inches across, seriously. I'm truly afraid to transplant it, or move it, or otherwise care for it (other than adoringly gawk at it this week), lest I break some unspoken arrangement between us and actually upset her. It's so hard to know.


You are not alone. I too get that same panicked feeling about summer. I want to fit in so many fun things: gardening, vacation, spending time with family and friends, eating all of the good summer food, blueberry picking, strawberries, ferry rides, cottaging... but realities of life and work and the heat, well... and I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it. I just want summer to last about two months longer. Alas, in my part of the world, we're happy to get the three warm months that we do.

That looks delicious! I've just been scrolling back through your most recent posts - the garden is coming along beautifully. I can't get out into mine at the moment, endless torrential rain, it's torture, but it's nice to see that someone somewhere is getting some sunshine.

I CANNOT believe you've posted about rhubarb custard pie! My mother made this pie for years when I was little...it was my favorite. Not a single person I've ever told about this pie has ever heard of it. Thanks for swinging me back!

Becky Cronin says: May 08, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Rhubard custard pie holds a special place in our family. We always made my mothers recipe (a little bit different from this...whipped egg whites and no top crust) so naturally the first time my daughter had her husband (then boyfriend) over to her apartment for dinner she made rhubarb custard. He said he knew then he was smitten. When they married we had pie at the wedding reception and of course the "wedding pie" was rhubard custard that she made the night before the big day. Sweet memories.

Your rhubarb pie looks SO good! Makes me think I need to go and pick my rhubarb, since hubby keeps asking what I'm going to do with it. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I've never tried a custard version.

Rhubarb doesn't need full sun to grow, it prefers partial shade and mine grows really well in one of my flower beds, because that's the spot it liked best after we almost killed it twice in locations that were too sunny. And it doesn't like to be moved around so study your yard for the perfect shade when the sun is at it's peak, throw some compost in the soil and that's it.

Oh, and Melissa is right, DON'T MOVE THE PEONIES! They take a couple years before they'll flower after a move, so we have ours in a few places that aren't ideal, but we make it work because the flowers are so glorious.

oh it IS so hard to know!...i think you are like me. HSP...check it out...sensitive people are a gift to the world xoxo

I'm just getting my rhubarb for the first year! I used to have it on my farm for years but I've had to "start over" since I moved down to AR. I've made rhubarb coffee cake but not rhubarb custard pie. Just the recipe I've been looking for! You did a gorgeous job on it too! I have a peony plant that gets 1 bloom each year. Maybe I need a tree! LOL! Yes...I'm so glad to find some like-minded folks who appreciate not all sunny days. Today is overcast and I am loving it and getting lots of work done outside. When the sun shines here it is TOO HOT for me! I love your blog and your decorating, recipes and needlework. I featured you and 2 other "divas" of the blogosphere Sunday on my blog. I linked to you and gave you credit for your blog etc. I feature 3 blogs each Sunday as others are way more interesting than me so after a week I figure my stalwart followers deserve a break! LOL! Have a great week!

I've never tasted rhubarb pie - or any rhubarb for that matter - but your pie looked so delicious, I went to find the recipe. Hope I'll find some at the grocers!

That's a seriously good-looking pie! I've got to have a go at that once ours starts sprouting properly through the wind and the rain. My peonies are in fat bud, but no flowers just yet. I'm off to have some apple crumble for pudding - yum!

Wrennette says: May 08, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Alicia you crack me up! A good and enjoyed crack up. This morning it is mostly because I can so relate to your feelings about the weather and lighting...and not wanting to disturb the 'fine balance' of 'whatever' that encircles your 'perfectlypinkpeoney'!!! lol Your idea of photographing the raised beds from the window upstairs is a marvelous idea. You'll not be sorry you did that...We did that with my grandson. We put him in the same position, in the same chair, on the same date every month...and FLASH! There must be a word for people like us. Enjoy, your Fresh Air Day. smile

Oh I can't wait to make the custard pie! Maybe for mother's day? We wont be able to use the rhubarb in our yard, though. Some how, we've messed up our plant in the (very early)spring, but it seems to be on the mend. Maybe we'll get enough to make on pie in June? Fingers crossed.

Love you idea for a photo a week of the garden. Thinking of you (and your lettuse)

I just moved to this house in the fall and the yard has a rhubarb patch! Yesterday I picked some and I can't wait to bake something. I have also been waiting for the one and only peony in the yard to pop open. Today might be the day! I think photographing your garden every week is a great idea. Can't wait to see your garden grow!

Yes! I vote for photo Wednesday!!

I have a similar relationship with a rose shrub!

I exactly share your feelings about summer. Fall is the season for me; spring is a little to fast and bright even. I love peonies but don't have much luck with them. From what Melissa says, mine have been moved too much. I love all flower with big blousey blooms: peonies, cabbage roses and rhododendrons.

Rhubarb will grow anywhere, as long as it gets some sun. Plant a root and stand back. I planted one root (1) last spring and this spring there are three plants. (I live in Eugene, so my climate zone is the same as yours.)

Oh my - that PIE is a beautiful work of art! I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

I know just what you mean about summer seeming stressful. I really think it does start in childhood. Remember how the first day of summer felt? I would make lists of all the stuff I was planning to do during those precious months. And then the next thing I knew there were school supplies in the aisles at the store and I hadn't much to show for my time.

Happy gardening.

Linda in Waterloo says: May 08, 2012 at 11:51 AM

Oh hon. My heart broke a bit to read that. As a happy diversion, on the matter of encouraging nature to sprout and grow, try watching "My Neighbour Totoro" if you haven't already seen it. Yours is a kind and generous heart and those can be sensitive to things others might take for granted.

That pie sure looks tasty!

When I lived for years in Seattle, everybody seemed so on edge during summer or even on sunny days, stressed, as if they HAD TO DO EVERYTHING, I guess since sunny days were so fleeting. Having grown up in the Southeast and now living in San Diego, it really seems lower latitude folks just take it easy, knowing the sun and warmth are not going anywhere anytime soon. Also the days are not as long in the summer in the south, as they are in the north--so you do get more of a break from the intensity. I could never get used to 16 hour day length in summer, or the opposite in winter, living up there in the NW. But I admire those who can handle it. For me, a southern or southwestern late summer/early fall is literally golden and so that's actually my favorite time of year.

I adore rhubarb. Is it just me? I disliked it intensely as a child along with gooseberries. Now I simply love it. Rhubarb and orange fool is a delight from the splendid British book "Good Oldfashioned Puddings".

I was amazed to find peonies blooming in Valmer Château gardens despite the huge amount of rain we have had these past weeks. A peony dress sounds dreamy. I was thinking of stitching up a peony rabbit for a friend whose shop is called Paeonia in Bayeux.

Right, I shall stop rambling now.

yum, showed my husband and now he wants one! I love your blog, I just started my own blog, not as well as you, but, peggysweeney8.blogspot.co.uk. We are stationed in England with the Air Force. Next year we are getting out! 20 years done! and we plan to go to New England, near Boston. I am from Redding, California. I have been to Oregon many times, love it there, so beautiful. My grandparents lived in Medford Oregon. Anyhow, long story short, just love your blog!

The world needs more pie....it just does. Everything is better with pie. I'm with you on summer...I am always a little reluctant to mention but I HATE summer. I hate bugs, humidity and hot temperatures (though not the sun so much) to the point that it is my least favorite season. The only thing good about summer on a farm is knowing fall is coming....just sayin. I think I'll make a pie to make myself feel better about the coming heat.

I have been one of those silent blog stalkers, you know the type, however tonight I thought I would let you know how much I love your blog! Writing a blog is so hard, yet you do it so beautifully. Our rhubarb in our garden (in the UK) is not yet ready, too much rain I think, yet today I spotted our first strawberry flowers a sign on yummy things to come. My very best wishes, Sarah xo

Yum, your pie looks so good. Rhubarb pie is my favorite, I guess because I only get it once a year. We are growing our own rhubarb and had our first batch that we could pick this year and made rhubarb-strawberry preserves and one rhubarb pie. Now I have to wait another whole year. I'm not fond of hot summers either.

Oh, gosh, I have exactly the same pink peony (and two as well) just starting blooming yesterday! I have a red one that's in full sun so that one is bursting with over two dozen blooms. However, the pink one is my treasure! I have a yellow Tibetan one that's finally blooming after eight years!

I prefer spring to summer as well.

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