Woodland Birthday

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Oh, sweetest of summer afternoons!


Great photos to remember Andy's birthday! Love the strawberry plant in the center of the cake....I am going to steal that idea from you for sure! :) Happy Birthday Andy!....again..;)

What a lovely summer afternoon! Please share the strawberry cake recipe...it's beautiful and looks so delicious!

Can I please come spend the summer at your house?! I would love to help you out in the kitchen, pet Clover, and have a beer with Andy. Your life is so beautiful as documented here. I'm sure you still get heartburn and forget to buy milk, but it's amazing the beauty you find to share here. :D Thanks!

Oh how I love that you perched a piece of cake upon a mossy rock to take a picture of it! My favorite is of Andy's boots and him walking out into the stream. Lovely!

It's Andy's birthday, yet it feels as though we've been given the gifts. Thank you for this walk into the woods.

Wow, just stunning photos! Which park is that? I'm trying to figure it out from the pictures. And what a beautiful birthday cake! Like out of a dream!

That Cake!! It all looks like you had an enchanted walk in the woods!

happy birthday, Mr. P!
prettiest cake ever.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* Andy.. I love how you roll up your pants and wade in the stream, you know how to enjoy life like a kid! I got a kick of how sensible Clover Meadow is, laying on the quilt on the beach and leaving the wading to you. Alicia.. the cake in the woods.. magic. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

What a beautiful cake! And that hike, I just want to jump into that river (never mind I'll bet it was freezing!).

Happy Birthday Andy!

love you three.

What a lovely way to spend any day, much less a birthday! Happy birthday, Andy!

happy birthday, andy!

Looks like it was a perfect day! Gorgeous photos-

What scrumpiousness and gorgeousness and peacefulness and happiness ~ Thanks for bringing us along, Alicia, and showing us the quiet, dappled sights. I can almost hear the sounds of the rippling water and the wind in the trees, and smell the forest! Lastly ... Is there anything more precious than Clover Meadow and her/your beloved Andy?

love, love, love the slice of cake photo! What a fabulous way to spend a birthday :O)

What a beautiful outing and that cake looks amazing!

The afternoon looks heavenly. I always love the way you decorate your cakes!

That cake top decoration was so simple and so perfect!

sweet. yummy. comfy. fairyland-like. woodsy. perfect!

Such beautifulness. Belated Happy Birthday Andy!

Julie G. in Iowa says: May 30, 2012 at 10:27 AM

Oh my! That cake looked too pretty to eat.
Happy Birthday again, Andy!

Oh, you are making this Western Washington native so homesick with your lovely photos. I've been living in exile in California for almost twenty years now, and the ache never goes away. But this is a little mini-vacation to a place that looks like home...I can even smell it. Thanks!

I even imagined the smells of the forest...breathtakingly beautiful. You do magic with the camera....It's fun to see Clover Meadow Girl's face peaking out from pictures.

Happy Birthday to Andy!...and many more!

p.s. You make me want to grow strawberries just for the blossoms to decorate cakes! :)

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