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Thank you for the Midsummer sampler orders (and thank you for the sweetest wildflower book, Rae Jean)! We are sleepy folk here this morning. It's been a really busy week, actually. We finished the "new" office and it's making everyone really happy (especially me). Built all the furniture and moved the yarn over into its new home and some fabric too, and more to do there when time allows. In the clean-out of the old stuff, I found the almost-finished punch-needle pillow project I'd started over three years ago (remember this?). Made a pillow for the new chair in the "new" office. I'll take some photos next week. Agreed to work on an embroidered cover for Random House for a young-adult mystery novel that's coming out next year and have been either reading the manuscript or embroidering test pieces non-stop. Did some fussing in the garden and hilled the potatoes (thank you for the advice there), weeded the beds, and almost fell over with excitement because I grew this candy-striped Chioggia beet after all (isn't it pretty?). Baking a vanilla cake today from the recipe my little sister (the pastry chef) gave me and can't wait to see if it works. I'll keep you posted. So inspired by all the lovely little Swedish cooking films here. Hoping to go see Moonrise Kingdom tonight. It will be good to get out a bit.

The puppers is currently charging back and forth across the living/dining room waiting to be taken to the park. Her enthusiasm for mornings is unequalled, but I'm going to grab another cuppa joe and see if I can match it. Unlikely, but I try.


Can't wait to see the embroidered book cover! I'm loving the whole concept.

Sounds like a lovely, busy week. Moonrise Kingdom is terrific -- so very Wes Anderson and colorful. Every shot is a gem.

that beetroot looks amazing. I need to buy some fresh beetroot, have the craving for it with goats' cheese, hazelnuts and salad.

Thank you for your blog. You may have been busy, but your photos and words are so peaceful and charming, it's a real pleasure to be able to visit and peep at a slice of your life.

have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the film.

Just thought I'd pop in and say I tried you cake recipe with the cloud frosting and I got it to work this time. You gave me some advice last year when my first attempted didn't work and as I didn't want to be beaten I tried again and sure enough the Cloud frosting fluffed up just as you said it would :o) It's heavenly!!

Saw this quote this morning, and immediately thought of you, Alicia!

“Love is what carries you, for it is always there, even in the dark, but shining out at times like gold stitches in a piece of embroidery.”

– Wendell Berry

Oh what a pretty beet!
Sounds like all fun happy things going on, especially designing an embroidered book cover.

Yours was the first blog I started following and were some have come and gone, yrs has stayed number one, literally at the top of my blog list. U inspire, entertain and motivate me. Thank you.

Also I wanted to send u to the Kayotic kitchen.
Another blog I follow from the Netherlands. She cooks foods from all over and I think u would enjoy it as many things remind me of your cooking, although she is not a dessert cook lol.

Ps yr chicken curry soup is a staple at our house and I have given the recipe out to sooooo many.

have a beautiful day alicia! xo

Thank you for the link to those gorgeous Swedish chef videos. I just shared them with an American friend of mine living in Malmö, Sweden. After residing there for 10 years she realized, somewhat regretfully, she has never heard anyone "bork, bork, bork" in the kitchen.

Laura T. says: June 22, 2012 at 09:38 AM

Hi Alicia,
Thank you - I just spent 30 minutes watching Sanna videos and I have a pile of laundry on the dining room table waiting to be put away! What lovely clips - forget France, now I am moving to Sweden!
I have a punch needle project that I started about 5 years ago as a Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe someday I will get back to it! What a cute pattern yours is...
Would my kids disown me if I boiled up some artichokes, onions, and radishes and served them with aioli for dinner? It looked delicious to me!

Hope it's sunny where you are. Naperville is hot and dry but I am truly enjoying the summer. Can't wait to start hearing fireworks in the distance as the 4th draws near...

Laura in Naperville, IL

Oh that beet root looks so nice!

Tis the Christmas Beet!!! Did you just about faint when you sliced it and discovered all that beauty! **happy smiles** Deborah

Oh - tell us how the movie is. I can't wait to see it but won't be able to until probably next weekend!

The beetroot is beautiful and I'm so thrilled that you'll be doing an embroidered book cover. Did you ever look at the ones Penguin publishing did for their classics series? So beautiful.


oooh! oooh! oooh! so excited about the book cover! and pictures of the office-- puhLEEZE

have a great weekend!

tracy rose says: June 22, 2012 at 10:49 AM

Moonrise Kingdom is so, so lovely. I cannot wait to read this book you are thread-illustrating; I know it will be beautiful. I'll probably buy it just to look at the cover. Happy weekend!

ah, my son wants to see that movie. the weather here in Seattle is fitting.

and your beets - wow!

Laura A. says: June 22, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Squee! Beet is beautiful! As is the idea that you'll be doing a book cover. Are you feeling full circle because you're back in your original world?

Embroidered book covers are my favorites! That must be so exciting to be a part of.


what a busy post. read *click* read *click*. the names on the moonrise kingdom map are lovely. when i worked at borders, i saw so many jackets that would have been beautiful done up in embroidery. i look forward to seeing yours. i wish i had some of miss clover's energy. about to redo an office/studio here. *sigh* alicia, you give me hope.

wow, I am SO envious of your Random House gig! If they ever need more stitchers - send 'em my way? I consider that a kind of dream job!

Your chiogga is absolutely beautiful! Though I've had bad luck with beets in the past, mostly, it's been bad timing - I've started them late to overwinter and then, lo and behold, we have one of those really snowy winters and the poor things never quite develop. Ah, well; There's a 50/50 chance of an El Nino winter in the NW this year, did you know? I'm keeping tabs on NOAA's updates and perhaps I'll give the whole winter crops thing another go at the end of July - this could be my year!

It's pouring buckets today and I'm just starting the swedish rye for our traditional Midsommar party tomorrow night and admiring all the flowers on the table (that will be turned into flower crowns and boutonneirs for all our guests tomorrow). Here's hoping we dry out a bit tomorrow night, just in time for viking lawn bowling in the back yard!

I think I cried a little when I pulled the last of our beets from the garden a few weeks ago, but I promptly planted more seeds so we can enjoy them again in late summer. We're growing Chiogga and Detroit Dark Red. The Chiogga are so lovely to look at and are delicious raw and the Detroit are my favorite to eat cooked.

We've been grilling them which really brings out the rich flavor. Scrub off the dirt then slice off the ends and add just a little rub of olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Then, wrap them in tin foil and put them over indirect heat until they are fork tender. (Takes about 20 minutes.) They turn out so rich and tender and go really well with grilled chicken.

Moonrise Kingdom should win an oscar - the art direction is flawless in it's detail.
Beets are so good, but beet greens even better!

I love the sheep! :)

What a cool beet! Wonder if the stripes stay when it's cooked? The Random house project sounds like fun. Thanks for the link to the Swedish cooking videos. Have fun at the movies!

your beet is gorgeous ... where i live in yakima/selah, washington is has been cool, cold, rainy ... nasty ... we planted our root garden about three weeks ago, then, last week, took a chance on the tomatoes, peppers and zuch .... i'm looking forward to beets and i will definitely plant some like yours in mid-summer for fall; they are delightfully beautiful ....

now that you've whet my appetite for *moonrise kingdom,* and, after watching all the trailers, then discovering seattle (2.5 hours away) is the closest, i'm very, very sad ;-((( ... i love this film, need this film, want this film -- maybe one day *red box* ... we are going to see the matinee of *the best exotic marigold hotel* this afternoon ... hoooraaay for something *different* .... i guess this will have to do till we can find *moonrise* closer ...

love your blog; it's been on my bookmark bar for years ... i'm going to have to order your new sampler -- i'm sure i have the threads and fabric ... who knew linen stitching was still around!!!

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