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Summer seems to have truly arrived! I know this because I've had my air conditioner on for two days and am afraid to leave the house.

Thank you so much for all of your incredibly kind comments yesterday.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooo

I got four of the books you recommended! I am excited! I am very drawn to books that have very strong plots lately. I need the plot. My life feels overly busy lately, so I like that feeling of following a line (doesn't have to be straight) through a book. I want to be hooked and pulled through the water. By a tugboat. Towed in.

Do you make good iced tea? I'm trying to learn. I love iced tea, but half the time mine is really disgusting.

*To those who have asked, yes, the crewel embroidery is from Embroidery Companion, and the Tanglewood bag pattern is here :-). Thank you!


My grandma always made sun tea... A big jar of water... a few tea bags... and a few hours in the sun. This recipe seems very much on the mark.

Its so delicious! Especially with some ice cubes to make it super cold in a tall glass.


haha "disgusting"...why do i doubt that? add lemon? xoxo

My favorite ice tea - Lemony!

1 cup lemon juice (I use Meyer Lemon whenever I can, but any works - fresh is best)
up to 1 cup sugar (however sweet you like it, if you like it that way)
10 tea bags (this is also based on taste. I really like Tazo Awake or Earl Grey, but this works well with herbals or fruity teas too).
3-5 sprigs of fresh mint

Boil 3 cups of water - remove from heat.
Add tea bags and mint - crush the mint up some to release more mintyness.
Steep for 5 minutes

While the tea is steeping, put the lemon juice and sugar (if using) into a 1 gallon pitcher (or container of your choice - mine has a lid to facilitate shaking). Mix the lemon juice and the sugar.

Remove the tea bags & mint from the hot tea - discard.
Add the tea concentrate (it will be really strong) to the lemon juice and sugar mixture. Mix it up.

Fill up your 1 gallon pitcher with cold water (that would be 12 cups, if you are measuring). Serve over ice, garnish with mint and / or lemon (or not).

I swear this took longer to type than it does to make.

I have that problem with iced tea, too. What is that? It seems so basic. I will be eagerly watching the comments hoping for tips!

It is so warm here in lovely western Oregon..we have no air conditioning, but we live in the black top, no side walks, no driveway paved. We do have lots of dust, but it always cools off at night. I think we do complain that it is so mizzly with rain FOREVER, and then when it gets very warm...sheesh, we forget the rain. I am always reminding us that we did live in the mid west, the south..and without air conditioning and the nasty humidity was just cool down at night, sky so heavy and looking like a huge smirch of blue.
Always love your writing and appreciate the beauty of your words and creations.
(Fresh pineapple and mint in the sun tea?)

In The Woods and Gone Girl. Good luck putting those two down to fit in sleeping. Or eating. Or showering.

My Father-in-law makes the best iced tea! He puts 8 plain black tea bags in a big pot of water, brings it to a boil, covers it and turns it off. The pot sits on the stove like that for the whole day 8am-5pm before mixing it with equal parts water. Add sugar or fruit ( i like apple sliced and cinnamon) to taste. Good luck!


I also try very hard to make good ice tea at home but BLAH YUCK - it never comes out right.
The summer seems to arrived very quickly here - the moon is orange night, good sign that it will be a hot one tomorrow.

My great aunt jenny lived off her homemade iced t
I remember her babysitting me and trying to give me sips of it. It was not for me, never has been. I adore coffee but I can't drink tea. but it sure does have good memories of me and my great aunt jenny together.
good luck with your heatwave.
Ours is breaking and the monsoon is rolling in. The skies have turned gray and the windows are rattling with the force of the exciting :)

I put 6 tea bags in my drip coffee maker. I do 3 decaf and 3 french vanilla usually. Then put into a gallon pitcher and add water and sugar to taste. Pretty easy. It was how the tea shop I worked at made their iced tea.

Cynthia, Seattle says: July 11, 2012 at 09:27 PM

Loved the World Made By Hand. The sequel, Witch of Hebron,was even more intriguing. Hope there is a third. And boy do I want to know more about your Jacobean/crewel embroidery

Wrennette says: July 11, 2012 at 09:27 PM

I am so greatful for your summer salad recipe and iced tea 'how to'. I'm in Northern California and we had 105 today, and the first thing I did was make potato salad, sliced tomato, hot dog sauce, etc....but your salad recipe led me to about eight others and I have printed them and am going to Trader Joe's tomorrow for Quinoa and to the Valley for all of the fresh veggies. Thankyou for the inspiration that I needed. It's expected to still be at least 100 tomorrow but I'll begin early!!! ha....I hope your gardens are fairing well in the's so difficult to have a garden where we's so very hot and we haven't any trees to block the sun..but at least we have access to ranchers who have wonderful gardens. By the way...I'm looking forward to this years Christmas ornaments..the bird on the branch and the tea pot are gorgeous.

I love to make iced tea with those handy Lipton Cold Brew paks. I place two of them in a large pitcher and run cold water over them and let them hang out in there and marinate over topics together for a few. After about 10 mins or so, I take 'em out. Then add sweeter (my choice is Splenda) to my glass along with fresh lemon.... oh and lots of ice cubes. I can add more sweeter depending on how strong I brewed it. For me, the key is the sweet to bitter ratio. The lemon adds just the right pucker. Great, it's 12:37 AM here in MI and now I want to go make some.

i just started reading the borrower. i'm completely sucked in. i've been sitting on my porch every night this week reading. thank goodness for that lovely night breeze. you'd think i'd never endured a chicago summer the way i've been melting...

oooh, I've recently read both In the Woods and Gone Girl. Both are deliciously creepy. You might need to have a discussion group after reading Gone Girl. I would definitely join in!

I drink iced tea obsessively and this is how I make it: 6 regular black tea bags placed in 1 gallon of cool tap water sit on my counter top for a couple of hours or as long as I want to wait. Pour over ice and drink, lemon optional, never any sweetener. Sweetener makes it less refreshing to me.

Luizanne! Honey! Mint! And, (oh yeah...whiskey) Haha!

Lipton cold brew bags. I use two...just fill the pitcher with water and plop them in. It's ready in 10 minutes. I like to use 1 bag of constant comment in mine, as well, but you have to boil water and let it steep like usual. It's worth the little effort I think! Adds a touch of refreshing orange and clove but just a bit. If you want sweet tea, make it with simple syrup. I learned this by living in NC and was taught the " proper" way to make authentic sweet tea by southern ladies who knw their sweet tea. You can also infuse the syrup with mint and lemon. Makes me want to make it right now!

Robin Rose says: July 11, 2012 at 09:56 PM

Sun tea for me. I put in 10 tea bags (I prefer Twining's or Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast or Red Rose) plus 2 bags of mint tea. I make a simple syrup for sweetening - very simple, I mix hot water and sugar in the bottom of my glass and add tea and ice. Personally sun tea seems less bitter to me. First learned to do this in Tucson, where it brewed in 20 minutes. Sometimes the PNW version takes a bit longer, even on super warm days.
PS Thanks for the new book ideas, I was running out.
PPS Love, love, love the blue and white china.

Luzianne makes the best tea for iced tea. I don't know if you can get it up your way. It's a favorite down South.

Sun tea really is the best, I have an over-abundance of mint this year and am cramming fresh mint into a large jar daily with some filtered water and some pineapple sage too. A couple of hours in the sun and sooooo good! BTW, I am also reading "Gone Girl" now, half way in! ;o)

I get lots of compliments on my iced tea, and it is easy to make. I take 2 family sized Lipton tea bags (or 4- 6 small tea bags) and a small 1 qt. saucepan of water and bring it to a boil with the tea bags in. To make it taste like sun tea, you can add an Earl Grey tea bag at this point as well, or a mint tea bag for a minty flavor. Once it begins boiling, remove from heat. This will create a very concentrated tea. Remove the tea bags. At this point I add 3/4 to 1 cup sugar to the hot tea and stir to dissolve. Fill a large picture 3/4 full of cold water and then add the tea concentrate and mix. Enjoy!

Did you make the bag - I love it!

no, no iced tea here. Just feels wrong to me, I like mine hot with milk and a sweetener!

Enjoy your summer. I'm loving ours over here, it's so rainy, just the way I like it! I'm selfish like that!

My mama is from Texas and so we grew up drinking A LOT of iced tea. I use PG Tips black tea. You can find it at Fred Meyer in their imported aisle. I bring a kettle of water, almost to boil and in a big pitcher, put in 3-4 tea bags and steep it for at most 5 minutes. I follow my mom's advice and never refrigerate it. She says that it will bring out a bitter flavor in the tea. I leave it on the counter and just cover the top of the pitcher with a little bit of plastic wrap after it has cooled.

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