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For her birthday, I made my sister a lace-weight crocheted Alpine Frost shawl. It was more the color of alpenglow. I was extremely pleased with and ridiculously proud of it. One of the top five things I've ever made, I think. I gave it to her last night at dinner (the four of us went here, and it was spectacular). Last week, when I had finished it but hadn't given it to her yet, naturally I informed her that I was about to give her the most awesome and fantastic birthday present she had ever gotten from anyone anywhere in her entire life and if it wasn't then . . . well . . . well, I don't really know what, but something. So she was prepared to have her mind blown and I believe she was suitably impressed, which further pleased me. I do like to direct people on exactly how to feel about the handmade presents I give them. I am just so helpful like that. A helpful person. ;-)

When we got home last night — can you believe that sky? That photo is exactly what it looked like in real life. It only lasted a few minutes. I walked down the road in a long flowered dress with the camera. Click click click. The sky was changing second to second. Thunder ripped from several different parts of the sky, then lightning, then more thunder. We sat in the back yard and watched it as night came on. A faint rain fell and evaporated on landing. Eleven seconds, generally, between the jagged white strike and the thunder-roll. Andy lit all the candles. It was our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I looked up and made a wish on the first bright star in the ultraviolet sky. Oh I do love that man with my whole soul.


When it thunders here in Portland my first thought is now, "I bet Alicia is loving this".

happy anniversary, I love your blog

Happy Anniversary! Love the shawl, LOVE the wrapping paper. Goodness that's pretty. And the sky is the perfect shade of pink.

What a lucky sister you have, the shawl you made is absolutely beautiful, and the presentation is perfect. Happy anniversary to you and Andy!!

Happy Anniversary.

Love it when the sky is that colour, we had just that earlier this week. My favourite sky, my favourite colour.
And I always enjoy a good storm.

Adore your photos, as always.

Have a lovely weekend.

Stunning work! Happy anniversary!!! Your love and rightness for each other comes through the blog, which is pretty darn amazing. I can only imagine what a wonderful couple you are. Congratulations!

Thank you for the Portland guide, by the way. My little family just made a visit there for the first time, and your guide kept us sooooo happy. Way better than the tourist books. Such good recommendations from start to finish! Thanks, Alicia!

Oh, what light! What sky.

Happy Anniversary to you both -- it's also our 15th next week. How the time flies.

What beautiful photos, and what a beautiful narrative of your happy anniversary evening. So much love, and talents and generosity, all around~ xoxo

Happy Anniversary! The shawl the beautiful, what a lovely gift. I love the power of thunder storms, love your beautiful description. Happy Friday.

Happy Anniversary to you and Andy!! Our 6 year is on Sunday - July is a beautiful time for a wedding.
Love the lacy beautifulness of the shawl. What a wonderful sister you are.

The shawl and the photo are both lovely! Happy anniversary. Today is actually one year TIL my wedding day! Eek!

ohhhhhhh...tears alicia! you bought on the sweetest tears. happy anniversary to the most special couple. i wish you many, many more candlelit evenings under the stars! xoxo

That wrapping paper is stunning! (and the shawl too, of course!)

The shawl is fabulous and you, besides being one of the most talented bloggers I "know", have an amazing sense of humor! Thank you for the smiles you give me and happy anniversary to you both.
PS: I adore thunderstorms:)

Rebecca Clark says: July 20, 2012 at 10:58 AM

Happy Anniversary, How Wonderful, you can just hear the love when you and Andy post. The shawl is Beautiful, you are so talented. I hope your wish comes true.


Your posts are always so lovely!
The shawl is stunning ~ you are so talented.
Happy Anniversary Wishes ♥

I think the shawl is absloutely beautiful - well done! :-)

Gorg. All of it. Here's to your next 15 years--happy, happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!!! I've been reading but not commenting lately-- but immensely enjoying your posts and photography! My sister just got back from visiting Portland and loved it. She said, "There is this bookstore and it's HUGE!..." Of course I knew which one that was... it's Alicia's town and I feel like I've been there too! I am in love with your house btw.

Beautiful shawl and the color is amazing! You're a very special sister. Happy Anniversary! XO

Happy Anniversary to you and Andy with many more to come. Love the shawl. Love the night sky. We had a doozie of a thunder storm here in my little corner of Indiana last night. Only lasted about 15 minutes but for us in this drought laden area it was 15 minutes of heaven.

Happy Anniversary to you two! So glad you enjoyed a nice evening out with loved ones! And these photos are lovely...especially the one of the gorgeous sky and cute little cottage. And the candlelight on you patio is so pretty and romantic! Have a great weekend!

Happy anniversary to you both! The shawl is gorgeous and something I think I will make! I love the delicacy of it, which can be difficult to accomplish with crochet sometimes. It's perfect!!! We had a lightening display the other night, after a horridly hot humid day. It flashed and flashed for an hour, in different areas of the sky, illuminating the fluffy clouds, lighting between behind and in front of them in turn. Just gorgeous! I love your photographs, and it makes me happy that you share them here. Will you make yourself a shawl too? samm in Southern Ontario, Canada

Happy Anniversary!! Fab sky!!!.I think you have a happy sister:)

That shawl is AH-MAY-ZING! Bravo!

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