Summer Days

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Ah, summer days. Cloud cover and sunshine. Bicycles, books, and bridges. Beers on the front stairs and watching the garden grow. It's my sweet sissy's birthday today, and she has a gorgeous new blog!!! Xoxo love you girl.


Happy birthday to sister!
Keep Portland beautiful for me, K? It's lovely and I am often daydreaming/planning my return~

A Little Blue Dragonfly says: July 18, 2012 at 09:26 AM

Happy Birthday, Sister! Can't wait to take a peek at her blog. :) Your pics actually make summer seem like it is supposed to seem, versus what we experience down here in Houston. *sigh* Enjoy!!!

You make the perfect picture of summer,
it is what you think of when thinking back on summers past.
Me being from the midwest miss the hissing grasshoppers and dragonflies as you pass the tall grass walking down the country lane.
Such a drastic change to now be stuck in the desert for summer :(

Happy Birthday to your dear Sister!!

Sisters are a great gift! You both are so blessed you live close to each other. Enjoy!

Beautiful images for today. My favs are the Violet page with the tins, and the blender with that vintage (looking?) ice cream scooper. SO very pretty!


Is Andy reading the obits? That's ok, I do too!

Oh my goodness, so much talent in your family :)

Love these so much and loved your sister's blog! both of them! adored her post with her feelings on Pac NW weather -- my thoughts EXACTLY.

Thanks for the link to your sister's blogs. I added them to my Google Reader list. Great photos and the food looks yummy.

You managed to find a bunny sprinkler? Color me impressed! It's so darn cute.

you almost make me crave summer with your gorgeous photos. Almost ... but not quite!

My garden sprinkler is a frog doing the back float. Always makes me smile to start it up between my hydrangeas.

The pictures are so amazing!!!! Beautiful!!

Happy birthday to her - lovely pics as usual! :-)

I'm pushing for Portland to be added to our list of possible places to move, and I must admit to using your blog in my arsenal. You post the most lovely and idyllic photos of PDX.

I am so glad to see your sister's new blog. I was concerned about what was going on with her after the last post I saw on the other blog. Good to see she's doing well. I so feel your loss of Violet; I lost my Belle in December and still feel it every day. Even though I have Gem now (German Shepherd puppy) I miss everything about Belle (a 14-year-old McNab) and always will. They do take over our hearts, don't they?

Oh, THAT's what you meant by the bunny waterer. So Cute!

I'm into books this summer, especially. Obsessed wih Marilyn Monroe. Can't read enough.

(OK, there's been some beer, too...)

You and summer have it going on.

happy birthday to the sissy!
looking like a good summer where you are, mind sending me some of your lovely rays over here to the UK?

Now that's the kind of bunny you WANT in the garden. :) Cutest sprinkler ever.

The birthday girl's new blog is beautiful!

Portland is so pretty. We were just there last week (escaping the fog of Cannon Beach). Of course I found Knit & Purl which I loved.
BTW sorry to hear about kitty. :(

Happy Summer! Love your sisters new blog!

Happy birthday to your sister! Where did you find your bunny sprinkler? It is just too cute! :)

Love the bunny sprinkler! So many nice photos!

Oh my gosh! I LOVE your sprinkler! So who got to eat the tomato last night? Photos are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Wow - we have the same ice cream scooper!!!

Lovely day to you Alicia xx

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