Summer Days

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Ah, summer days. Cloud cover and sunshine. Bicycles, books, and bridges. Beers on the front stairs and watching the garden grow. It's my sweet sissy's birthday today, and she has a gorgeous new blog!!! Xoxo love you girl.


You should definately publish a book of photography, I could sit and look at your photos all day :) x

You have been given such a wonderful gift to see things in such a unique and unusual way. The pictures are so beautiful. And the chives, I believe they are, look like little birds having a drink of water or nectar. Thank you for sharing. I look forward each day to see what you see. Martha

Ouestion... where did you get the fabric (pink paisley) on your dining room table? It looks like Raymond Waites,but the ends are frayed so I'm wondering if it's just fabric???

Lovely post today. I always enjoy the garden photos. I must do a driveby and bunny-nab that cute bunny sprinker. Where ever did you find it? Enjoy you fine weather. We are having precarious weather down here with heat/cooler and thunderstorms.

My Kitty, "Miss Willow" passed away 2 years ago this August. She was 19. I felt like it was the end of an era, the first 19 years of our marriage. Now she is buried out in our front garden. I painted a stone for her grave. She was my sweet little ole' lady. One of our other cats, "Buddy" suddenly began to come to my lap. I wonder, was it to comfort or was he now taking his place as "1st cat" in the house. Probably both.
Your blog is sooo comfortable!

Is that Violet Family photo from the little book your friend gave you? I'd love to know the name of it as I've begun collecting books on flowers especially with beautiful watercolor illustrations. Thanks! Love your little bunny sprinkler as well!

Love all your photos today... especially the ones of Portland! Enjoy this summer day!

Hey Alicia, you always make me hungry with your delicious photos!!

I'm so glad you took a picture of your bunny sprinkler - I was trying to picture it from your last post ... and it's just what I thought it would be ♥

How was the other tomato? Did Andy get some (lol)?


I love Andy's shirt! Is that mayonnaise?

Beautiful new blog is right! Although the less new one was always beautiful, too!

I have the same ice cream scoop and it's the best...cute, comfortable to hold, and so easy to of the simple joys of life. :)

My favorite picture of the day is of your husband with his "Powell's Books" hat. Spent many college hours studying there. . .

You always take such great pictures. I didn't know Powell's had baseball caps, I love that hat! :)

Dear Alicia,
First, I want to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your cat passing away. (Pets=Family.) Second, I want to thank you for literally changing my life. Thanks to your beautiful and inspiring blog, I just started my own blog! So thank you for helping me find my way to a creative outlet that I really enjoy. Third, whenever I look at your lovely blog (which is often), I think "I wish she'd publish a whole book of her photographs" (of which I would buy many copies in an instant, for family, friends & relatives). But I also think "I wish she and Andy would open up a Bed & Breakfast." You really have such "exquisitely cozy" taste, and you make everything look delicious and inviting. You'd have visitors lining up by the busload! Your blog is simply the best, so thank you for the time and love that you put into it.

Blog post about corgis?? Please? I want to know everything I just love little clover meadow.

So sorry about your beloved Violet. She was a lovely kitten, and so photogenic (though the photographer is pretty good at her job, too!). Always enjoy reading your blog, and will take a look at the birthday girl's new one, too!

Happy birthday and a happy blog indeed!
When you posted about your bunny prinkler the other day I just assumed it was a type of sprinkler, not an ACTUAL bunny sprinkler!!! Now I have to have one. Oops no, I haven't got a lawn. But I still find it adorable :) (I'm quite a fan of bunnies myself
I also wanted to say I really love your blog, it's so unique and really makes me think about things. And the photos. WOW. It's a pleasure reading you!

Thank you for sharing :)

It looks so beautiful - and more to the point, you have a bunny sprinkler! If it were not for the fact that being in England right now I clearly don't need a sprinkler of any sort at all, I'd be seriously jealous!

I don't know if I've commented before about this but, your photography is truly gorgeous. There is something about the lighting or composition, I don't know what it is, but it marks it as uniquely yours. Lovely.

Love, love your pictures. Do you mind me asking what kind of camera you have?

Your Summer looks lovely! Rather envious of you being able to sit out and read papers and books - we've had never-ending downpours of rain here in England all *Summer*. Apparently this is all set to change on Sunday, fingers crossed!

Enjoy your warm dry days, with and without clouds :-)

Thanks for the link to your sister's blog! I'm a vegan too and it's so nice to have really good recipes for really good food!

Claudia Horner says: July 19, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Can I ask where you found the absolutely dear rabbit sprinkler? Makes me smile!

Such lovely photos to start my day. I must find one of those bunny sprinklers - too cute.

Wishing you a happy day.


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