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Ah, yes. It speeds up now. I remember.


claire ashworth says: July 27, 2012 at 03:59 PM

also two of my dear friends have moved to Portland (from SC) in the past year and i wish so bad they knew how close they were to you!! but they dont even know who you are hahaha dangit!

Awe....beautiful and calming images of your world. Gorgeous photos as always! Thanks for sharing!

Happy weekend!


I have to admit that your blog is one of those - that literally sends me on a trip to another place...a small, warm comfortable nook - with great food and comfy soft quits. Thank you * thank you * thank you for a sneak peek of your Heaven on earth - smile. Cheers

Beautiful pictures! Your home always seems so peaceful. Thanks for taking the time to take and post such incredible pics. For a few minutes I can pretend like all is well:) The embroidery is gorgeous. Is it a new project? Also LOVE the alpine glow shawl in previous post. On a side note your kitty looks just like mine! If I didn't know Keke was born in a Connecticut woodpile I'd think she and the B were sisters!

Love your backyard and garden. You are so clever to put your garden on the walkway so everyone can admire it. It is a 102 degrees here in Texas and my garden has burned up so I really appreciate your luscious pictures! Keep them coming!

Checking in after a week to see really lovely photos. Thank you. Perhaps you could stop by and style a few corners of my home? It's only about 500 miles away, give or take an interstate or two.

Hi Alicia, I love your blog and your work, simply beautiful. I bought the pattern for Alpine Frost Scarf after seeing yours but I can't find a good tutorial for the shell and half shell stitch that look anything like the patter in your scarf. Is there a good explanation/example of the stitch you could direct me to? Thank you, Alison

Gretchyn says: July 29, 2012 at 01:24 PM

I love your use of garlic scrapes in your flower arrangement - very pretty!

I find it fun to see fabric in someone's stash that I have in my stash.

Your back yard is my favorite ever. Love all the little areas for sitting, and the gravel and little patch of grass.

Your photos are like heaven.

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