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Ah, yes. It speeds up now. I remember.


Ah, the photos of your home, backyard, furry friends, flowers, crochet, sewing, and food look a dream to me. It's a nice "daydreaming" break from the four white walls I'm looking a right now. *Thank You* Your photography, creativity, writing, and cooking always inspire me. (grins with eyes closed) : ) Ok, going back to work now.

We picked our first tomatoes today and I've been waiting all summer for them. But then I thought "Tomatoes already?!" I know what you mean.

Beautiful day to you.

Beautiful pictures. Loved the ones of The Bee. She looks lonely though. New kitty in the future?

Sharon McQuistion says: July 26, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Just gorgeous!

Goodness, your photos always transport me to a peaceful state. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

You make everything look so pretty!

Perfectly lovely...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of your home. You always inspire me to live in the moment.

So much gorgeousness! Thank you!

that's funny. yesterday morning, i felt like summer was over. it isn't cooler or anything, it's just...on the downslide.

Yes, I noticed yesterday evening it seemed darker a bit earlier. Driving back to Portland from northern CA I stopped at a Fred Meyer's store in Coos Bay and got some new school supplies [even though I am 61 and not in any school but the school of life =)] Our house guests left this morning, after a lovely visit hiking near Mt. Hood, visiting the wonderful Sandy museum, and Jonsrud viewpoint in Sandy....ahhh such a lovely time of the year.
Joy to you and yours, Alicia, and hugs to you from Gracie <3

Gosh, you are just so darn good at creating/finding beauty. My mom and daughter both have that skill, but it skipped me entirely. Poo.

Your blog makes me smile,,

Every photo a delight~

your yard is completely awesome. wowzas.

I <3 that tablecloth. The white and pink flowers in the garden, the stacks of fabric and the embroidery are equally wonderful!!! You create such beautiful still lifes throughout your home.

your blog is so beautiful!

Portland is so gorgeous on days like this. Makes me melancholy when we have the cloud coverage in the morning...a sign of the next season taunting the sun. Enjoy.

I do really love summer with its lush trees, flowers and fruits, I do. I really do. But living in North Carolina where it's 100 degrees today and pretty darn humid takes a lot of the magic out of it. It isn't pleasant to go out even at night -- for me, anyway. It is about this time that I do start to hurry summer along. I seem to love August because it's a preamble to September, and somehow I miss the golden light of this special month. I wish I wouldn't do that...

You have a lovely setup there

Alicia, I just love your photography. Your world seems so peaceful and doggone pretty. Could you do a post on how you got your life that way? (Please)

What is that gorgeous stitching? And what will that beautiful creamy (?) gray (?) white yarn become? The back yard looks SO inviting!

Wow! Such gorgeous photos! This post is a feast for my eyes! Thank you! :-)

Robin Rose says: July 26, 2012 at 04:35 PM

It does indeed speed up, very well said. Lovely photo memories of it! This morning felt like waking up in Cannon Beach. I need more ocean time!

I love the embroidery on felt--I never do freeform or sketchy-type embroidery on felt...why not? I DON'T KNOW. But I'm gonna. :-)

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