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Ah, yes. It speeds up now. I remember.


I would like to live at your house...would that be OK? LOL Your home is gorgeous, your cooking looks amazing and I want to sleep under your quilt. Would that be a problem? Oh, I guess I could make my own quilt, but your world is so much prettier than mine. I'm just sayin.

yes, we're past the meridian and turning toward the dark again. In fact, we're almost halfway to the equinox - there's an old harvest festival, lughnasadh or lammas day, on/around August 2nd, that marks the midpoint. It's my favorite festival of the whole old agrarian year (whose holidays I keep, as they also perfectly mark out the agricultural calendar for the northern hemisphere) when all the grass is golden white (August should be golden, shouldn't it? it's the most august colour I can think of) and it whispers against itself in the evening when the breezes pick up.

Yet, it always seems strange that the days do not lengthen as they heat up here. It makes me so very aware of how fleeting our summer is here - oh sure, there are years of drouts and heat in the nw, but usually, by the time we are warm, I'm already noticing that it's getting dark earlier. Bittersweet, a little.

I've been feeling that stirring again, myself. A little of it is noticing how much shorter the days are here after being in Southern Spain (where it wasn't full dark until 11pm), a little of it is that patter that always starts - the first harvests coming, that sense of the bigger harvest to come; a little yellow leaf here or there promises, "it's coming, it's coming, it's coming." I don't know about you, but I'm dreaming of one of THOSE autumns this year, you know what I mean? When the mornings have that smokey-sharp tang of cold, but the afternoons mellow out into blue skies, golden leaves that last straight through October while the sunlight gets silvery, weaker, colder. It's like a long ripening - I love it when the storms do not come too soon. That's what I'm hoping for - a long ripening this year.

Whatcha stitching there? I'm dying to know. That olive bronze wool and the silvery greys are making the pattering inside go a little faster ... it's coming! =)

Such a tantalising taste of the next project! Can't wait.

It's cold and pouring with rain down here in Melbourne (Australia), but it's always lovely to escape to your beautifully captured little part of the world for a few minutes ~ enjoy the sunshine and warmth!

You said it, Sister!!!

You have such a spot-on eye for color. And such an ability to line up lines in a photo, so tricky! Do those things sound silly? Yes, I suppose. But I appreciate them, each and every time I stop by.
Happy summer to you,

missjenny says: July 26, 2012 at 08:05 PM

So pretty - thank you for sharing these Alicia. I thought to myself this morning that I need to take notes on what an Alicia nice day would look like (these pics!) and try to design myself an Alicia Retreat Day!

I love the pic of the pusskat - how is she coping without her friend? How is Clover coping?

Also the pics of your fabrics - great to see how to build a harmonious collection of fabrics! I keep seeing very bright colours at the local quilt fabric shop, but I know I couldn't cope with such bright colours on my bed right now, so I need to gather fabrics in peaceful colours - like yours.

Thanks again and blessings to all at Paulson Place xx

Every single post I look at your photos and just think they are beautiful xxBrenda

Those dahlias are beautiful!

I love the look of that embroidery! Is it a sneak peek of something?

Summer is wonderful in your house !

Beautiful flowers!
I love the fabric stash.
And what wonderful embroidery work are you at now?

Diane Taylor says: July 27, 2012 at 05:01 AM

Hi Alicia - it's been a long time since I have commented on your blog, how I have missed reading it. I'm sorry I have been away from blogland - sadly my 24 year old son Jonathan passed away suddenly in March and my life has taken a drastic turn down a dark path. I'm trying to regain my strength from this tragic event, he was my only child and died when his apartment caught fire. Now I am learning to live without him :( I'm finally coming back to reading my favorite blogs and I have missed your SO MUCH! Forgive me for not commenting in awhile - I am trying to celebrate his life and honor it for the rest of my days here on earth.

I am so in love with your back yard setup - it looks like the perfect place to just BE. To listen and be quiet and think and appreciate God's beauty! It's so lovely.

Hope you and Andy and the "kids" are doing well!!!


Diane Taylor (from Baltimore MD) (I hope you remember me)

Once again, your vignettes are so calming and beautiful.

Lucygirl says: July 27, 2012 at 07:11 AM

Alicia & Andy, you should be SO proud of your backyard! It has grown into an amazing space! I am so jealous of your climbing Hydrangea! I have had one for ten years now and I've only ever seen one or two blossoms on it-ugh-

PS. Also love that table cloth!!

Alicia, I love how you make everyting in your life bloom. You're a wonder. Thanks for sharing it all!

mlle patty says: July 27, 2012 at 07:35 AM

If your photos were an ad for a b and b, I would be booking my tickets now - so calm and pretty.
Love that herringbone brickwork by the deck!

Love this little peek. It has been so nice and cool here this summer. I have been enjoying it as well.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Beeautiful fabrics...and every thing! I recognize at least 3 pieces of your fabric. The green section, Walmart finds before they phased out the fabric section. I have those three in my collection. I have made cute shamrock "bunting" with one of them.

Oh, I know! That's summer, all right. My kids go back to school in less than two weeks. Ugh. I love all your quiet photos. I love the earrings and hair clips on the night stand. More info on that pretty embroidery, please!

Your garden looks lovely and delicious...I'm sure you are
enjoying (eating) it!

Breathtaking photos Alicia. You have made everything look absolutely stunning as always. Summer has also arrived here in England, and we are looking forward to the Olympic opening ceremony in just over an hour and a half. Hope you enjoy it too.

The backyard looks fabulous!

your pics are so awesome and most bring a peace of sorts. i live in the hot dryness of texas, north of Dallas. yuk, hoping to visit Portland and Vancouver someday. Enjoy your world of green and fun craft & cooking. (the fam of course) I love reading daily.

claire ashworth says: July 27, 2012 at 03:57 PM

holy shitake that first photo almost looks like a watercolor painting so much i wish it was!! also love the two of Bee, especially the first one.

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