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I finished my own Alpine Frost shawl over the weekend. I had actually started mine a few months ago and I liked it so much I wanted to make one for Julie's birthday. When hers was finished I immediately went back to mine. And then finished it. It's quite a bit longer than Julie's — mine is about 90" long and about 25" wide. I blocked it like crazy, stretching it in every direction as far as I could. A pin holding every picot point. (I added the picot edging; it's not in the pattern as written, but the details are on my Ravelry page for it.) What I love about this yarn is that it really has no shine at all. It's completely matte. And downy soft. And light as that feather. And tumbles into a copious mound of frothy billows around my neck. Where it sits right now since it's 56 degrees out. Which I don't mind now that I have this thing.

Now on the needles (as it has been since May, also) is Quill, Quill the color of antler, its garter stitch center section complete and on round 12 of its Old Shale border. Fingering-weight yarn feels heavy after so many hours (and hours and hours) or crocheting lace-weight.

It's been a really busy few weeks. I've spent my time alternating between building my new web shop and working on the new ornament kits. Neither is finished. The web shop — it's shocking how many hours it requires. I'll be beyond thrilled when it's finished and functional. Occasionally I have my doubts that it will ever be either. Occasionally I feel that I've taken the DIY thing too far in trying to do this mostly myself. But that's what I can afford. And I want it to be a certain way that doesn't quite fit the standard template. I'm hoping it will be up and running sometime next month. I will be so happy!

I meant to say thank you for all of your sweet anniversary wishes last week. Thank you so much for those! I haven't had a chance to even scratch the surface of the iced tea recipes, partly because the weather has turned so cold again that it makes hot tea more appealing than cold. Not complaining, but . . . it's strange. I suppose it makes for good TV-watching weather, though, with the Olympics coming up. (Actually, there's nothing I like more than all of the programs leading up to the Olympics that explore different aspects of the host city [especially when it's London]. I love those!) The news of the world has been so sad lately (my heart goes out to Colorado this summer) I'm hoping that the Olympics can truly foster a spirit of brother- and sisterhood on an individual and international level.

My own little sister, Susie, comes to stay with us for a two-week visit a week from today. Andy has ordered the sour-cream-and-onion popcorn seasoning and I need to get stovetop espresso maker to cook up her quadruple-shot lattes. I can't wait. We're planning a movie marathon of our individual and family favorites. Obviously, Seems Like Old Times tops the list. Oh I adore that movie. Can't wait to see my sissy.


"Seems Like Old Times" is one of my favorites too! Chevy is so hysterical (I love the scene when he's under the bed in the room over the garage and Charles Grodin is standing on his finger!) and I love Goldie's pack of misfit dogs and big hearted ways. Hmmm, maybe I should rent that tonight.


SUCH a lovely shawl...and lovely 56 degrees to wear it in! delightful!

so pretty and yummy. thank you for letting us have a peek!

Good morning Alicia from a scorching sunny London. The Olympic torch is due to pass by the studio where i work today at approximately 4pm, its a little amazing and i still havent got my head around the Olympic fever yet but it all kicks off tomorrow and the city is a hive of activity. I must say though being in the thick of it makes me want to run away to a quiet corner of England and watch it all on tv!
Happy Anniversary for the other day, So glad to see you had a lovely time and congrats on the wonderful shawls they are beautiful, you are a very clever lady! xxx

I'm into knitting shawalettes right know for nursing homes...but the pattern is kinda I added the picot edging and low and behold it makes such a difference! A quite fancy touch...I know the ladies will love them! Thanks for the inspirations! (I'm also ordering some of the African baskets.)


Just FYI, you can purchase a stainless steel stovetop espresso maker at the former Meier & Frank's. I don't like to cook (or make coffee) in aluminum, which is what most are made from. Ours works great and cost less than $30 on sale. We take it with us for weekend trips and have a theory that it would also be good for camping. :-)

Alica, Hi. I haven't commented in ages...your image about half way down the page of the botanical looking print reminded me a bit of Gerda Bengtsson's embroideries. Are you familiar with them in your travels? Link is here > And here's a post about some of the Flower Thread I found at a local op shop that put me on the track of finding out more about Gerda's work.
I have a strong impression that you would like her work (if you haven't already inhaled it).

Gorgeous shawl Alicia. I agree with the above that sandwich looks yummy. I had to laugh, I saw the popcorn seasoning link and we are ALWAYS game for a new seasoning; I clicked on it and up came Butterfly Herbs. Lol... I'll have to swing in and pick some up after Farmer's Market tomorrow. Love your pictures, they are so relaxing to day dream over while I'm here at work. Thank you!

I absolutely LOVE your shawl - wish I had that skill. IF you would sell one, I would certainly be interested!

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