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I finished my own Alpine Frost shawl over the weekend. I had actually started mine a few months ago and I liked it so much I wanted to make one for Julie's birthday. When hers was finished I immediately went back to mine. And then finished it. It's quite a bit longer than Julie's — mine is about 90" long and about 25" wide. I blocked it like crazy, stretching it in every direction as far as I could. A pin holding every picot point. (I added the picot edging; it's not in the pattern as written, but the details are on my Ravelry page for it.) What I love about this yarn is that it really has no shine at all. It's completely matte. And downy soft. And light as that feather. And tumbles into a copious mound of frothy billows around my neck. Where it sits right now since it's 56 degrees out. Which I don't mind now that I have this thing.

Now on the needles (as it has been since May, also) is Quill, Quill the color of antler, its garter stitch center section complete and on round 12 of its Old Shale border. Fingering-weight yarn feels heavy after so many hours (and hours and hours) or crocheting lace-weight.

It's been a really busy few weeks. I've spent my time alternating between building my new web shop and working on the new ornament kits. Neither is finished. The web shop — it's shocking how many hours it requires. I'll be beyond thrilled when it's finished and functional. Occasionally I have my doubts that it will ever be either. Occasionally I feel that I've taken the DIY thing too far in trying to do this mostly myself. But that's what I can afford. And I want it to be a certain way that doesn't quite fit the standard template. I'm hoping it will be up and running sometime next month. I will be so happy!

I meant to say thank you for all of your sweet anniversary wishes last week. Thank you so much for those! I haven't had a chance to even scratch the surface of the iced tea recipes, partly because the weather has turned so cold again that it makes hot tea more appealing than cold. Not complaining, but . . . it's strange. I suppose it makes for good TV-watching weather, though, with the Olympics coming up. (Actually, there's nothing I like more than all of the programs leading up to the Olympics that explore different aspects of the host city [especially when it's London]. I love those!) The news of the world has been so sad lately (my heart goes out to Colorado this summer) I'm hoping that the Olympics can truly foster a spirit of brother- and sisterhood on an individual and international level.

My own little sister, Susie, comes to stay with us for a two-week visit a week from today. Andy has ordered the sour-cream-and-onion popcorn seasoning and I need to get stovetop espresso maker to cook up her quadruple-shot lattes. I can't wait. We're planning a movie marathon of our individual and family favorites. Obviously, Seems Like Old Times tops the list. Oh I adore that movie. Can't wait to see my sissy.


Your shawl is beautiful. I am glad that I finally have time to look in again!

I'm raising my hand for the fish sandwich recipe as well!!! Looks just scrumptilous! We are fans for the Cooks Illustrated Sole Meuniere recipe (which is so fast and delicious and just makes me want to run to the fish store right now...except it is closed...) Am super excited about the Olympics, in the way only a rather uncoordinated nerd can be ;) Planning for some opening ceremony festivities, which should be lots of fun. Am also curious about the sour cream and onion popcorn seasoning...we recently bought a sampler of D&J's bacon salt for popcorn. WE were all looking forward to it with great anticipation...sadly, it is nastiness in a sprinkle top jar :( Just don't do it...

You are the sweetest girl. Wish you were my neighbor. But I will settle for the happyness of your blog. Enjoy your sister's visit!

So. I really hope you don't have one of those little thingies which tells you when people come to your site and how long they stay. And if you do, well, I'm kind of embarrassed and I guess I owe you rent...

I'd like to climb in and live in your blog.


Goodness, I think that pattern might just be the one that gets me really giving a shot at crocheting. I've never really been able to get comfortable with it so I usually give up quickly, but between the one you made for Julie and the your own I might just have enough motivation to give it a better shot!

Alicia B says: July 24, 2012 at 05:38 PM

At the middle of a long and rough week it's so wonderful to come home and lose myself for a minute in your lovely life. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself...the photos made my day.

Thank you for your blog! You seem to love so many of the things that I do.
I am at a very busy place in my life with not much time for crafting, cooking and baking. Your posts are like a little vacation in this other wise hectic spell.

Beautiful shawl! next knitting project? Your photos are beautiful and inspiring. I've been following your blog for a few years now, and this is my first comment. I'm thinking it's about time I said "hello" and let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It's pure delight!

Alicia, you are lovely.

Yes you are.

Your cabbage is so perfect.

I gave lots of mine away, and ate lots of them too. I looove cabbage. I made cabbage rolls for the first time and they were so yuuuuummmm.

Thank you for your pretty pictures, terrific words and for being here in blogland almost every day. A fave visit of mine indeed!

Love, Vanessa

The shawl is so lovely--hope that I can learn to knit this year! I'm working on crochet for now! It doesn't come easily to me!

Interesting that you have had so little summer--here in central Arkansas we had almost no winter. Didn't even light the fireplace, and that is unusual. Some years we have ice storms!

I'm just checking in and wanted to say "thanks". Your blog is such a wonderful thing and I am SO glad to have found you. I come back again and again even though I don't leave many comments. I am currently working on the little sampler with the rabbit from your "Embroidery Companion" book. It took me awhile to get going on such a small scale, but now that I've got the hang of it I'm super happy with the project.

Wrennette says: July 24, 2012 at 08:35 PM

I'm ready to send in my DEPOSIT for the POSY WEEKEND WORKWEEK (giggle)..I would love to learn to knit from you...and learn to embroider as 'consistently' as you do. I have both of your books and I have the heart of an embroiderer..(sounds odd)..but as good as I am with my hands I am not consistent enuf. with my stitches. My Mom says to me that I need to practice, practice, practice. I think she is absolutely right on. I am working on a couple of quilts right now but when our winter hits that is my goal..practice, practice., etc. Now, I'll say to you like I always did to my dear Mom..."Don't say NO right away...give it some consideration..ruminate..think outside the box..picture all of our little faces and our little fingers crossed! lol..rofl...please tell me you're laughing. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY, your little Sissy's time with you and Andy. I just had my sweet 87yo Aunt for two weeks visiting her 89yo Sissy..Mommie..and let me share with could turn your clock ahead. They savored every moment they had..patted each other, kissed each other, giggled and laughed out loud, shared new stories I hadn't heard was a true love gift from the Lord. We'll all miss you being away from us..but ENJOY dear Alicia and Andy.

Do you think you can maybe open a B&B/knitting school/camp?
Love everything you post. How do you do that?
Have fun with your sister:)

The shawls are absolutely exquisite...I WANT one!!!! Happy Summer days to you.

My first comment so here goes,Gosh yet another stunning alpine frost shawl, will be making one myself very soon following your amendments, Hope yoy enjoy the Olympics, will be watching myself from my parents in Ireland after leaving england with the kids today for the holidays.
Just love your food photos
clare x

on the subject of the Olympics here in London- we've been enjoying a brilliant comedy show about the organiser's:

it's got Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey)and is very, very well observed and British! Hope you like it!

Alicia, I know I've been offline for a while but I'm still here. If you need help with the shop I'm a web designer and will be glad to help you out in exchange for all the joy you provide with your blog. Drop me an email, perhaps I can help?


I just love pictures of knitted pieces being blocked. Your alpine frost shawls are lovely! I may consider making one after seeing yours. Your posts are always wonderful but especially beautiful lately with all of the outdoor pictures. Thank you so much Alicia - I look forward to checking your blog every day.

I can't wait to see the ornament kits! Your blog makes me so happy. :)

love, love, love the shawl!!!!!!!!!1

Beautiful everything, as usual Alicia. Just checked in and heard about Violet. I'm so sorry. I'm sure she's somewhere peaceful, chilling with sweet Audrey girl right now. Thinking of you guys lots and sending healing, calm thoughts your way. Take care of yourself.

I've tried so hard to grow a cabbage, and I'm a dismal failure! I think I love the white shawl even more than the alpenglow one. I'm going to go hide away and work on my pathetic knitting, and go pick green beans. It's just not the same...

That sandwich is inspiring!

Oh, that lacy shawl is amaaaazing. I hope you and Andy are happy and doing well this summer! I think about you a lot, here in Minnesota.

Seems Like Old Times is a great movie - (and a blast from the past!) Foul Play is another favorite - you should add it to your list! :)

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