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I finished my dress today and I just love it. The vast majority of things I try to make for myself look totally horrideous, which is why I hardly ever try to make anything for myself. But I love this (though I had to fuss with the pattern quite a bit). I used mostly cotton lawn, except for the bodice front/back which is regular quilting-cotton-weight. I apologize, but I don't really know what the fabrics are named or remember where I got them (but mostly all locally, and I have a decent size collection of Liberty Tana Lawn from local and various on-line sources). I just collect fabric whenever I see something I like, and am useless with the details. This dress is made mostly of rectangles or versions of rectangles. It's all very floaty and light, with lots of folds and drapes and gathers everywhere. Rather Vanessa Bell–ish, I thought.

The Sigur Ros show at Edgefield last night was exquisite. We have been big fans for many years but this was our first time seeing them live. Lovely, gentle, amazing people. The evening just couldn't have been more beautiful.

The garden is entering the late-summer phase. I think I'm supposed to be thinking about fall/winter planting. I replanted beets and kale already. Maybe I'll plant more beets where the potatoes were . . . ? Half of my butternut squash blossoms fell off, and a bunch of the leaves. A couple of the other little squashes just shrivelled up into little puckered things. Wah. :(

It's a quiet day here. Bright and breezy and we have no plans. Wonder of wonders. I shudder with pure delight.


the dress is SO beautiful! you inspire me often. off to hunt down folk dress patterns now...

have a lovely weekend. I love thinking and planning for Autumn too, the most beautiful time of year (in my opinion).

Such a pretty dress, and wonderful photos, as ever. Sigur Ros is going on my to-see list. Outdoor music is my favorite part of summer (aside from flowers. and my herb garden. and sandals.) Tonight we're off to Ravinia to see Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis and the News!

carol garrity says: August 10, 2012 at 12:51 PM

love the dress!!!! your blog is so pretty, love the garden, back yard pic's...

Carol in sunny Georgia!!!

Your dress is beautiful! Yummy looking croissant, coffee and a quiet day ahead...nice!

your dress seems really beautiful!!! Love the fabrics choice!!
xxx Alessandra

omg. if you ever wear that dress out of the say, to a party or a gathering of nice people -- what will everyone else wear???

Your dress is lovely. Can you elaborate on your issues with the pattern?

Gorgeous dress!

The colours co-ordinate beautifully on your heavily patterned dress.

I work at Charleston the former home of Vanessa Bell, and we do have equally exciting textiles in our collection. She favoured combining sparkling coloured Chintz for her curtains in the house.

Love your blog.

Jean x

This is GLORIOUS!!!!

Great job on your dress! Love the word horrideous, by the way. Ha. I seriously need to figure out your bracelet. Awesome!
Enjoy your planless weekend.

The bracelet is gorgeous. And all your photos are stunning as usual.
Happy weekend!!

dress and fabrics are lovely... Cake recipe please! Found the choc at my local natural food store.

Squash bugs. They are the debil.

LOVE that dress!

Can we please please see that dress ON? ;-) I know you are a little shy about posting photos of yourself here, but I suspect the hanger does not do it justice. We want to seeeee!

Wowzers! What a beautiful dress ♥ I think I would wear it everyday, never ever letting it see my closet.
It must be a pleasure to walk by your home on the sidewalk, see the sweet garden and marvel at it.

This dress is very you. I like the combination of fabrics, they play off each other in a good way. It looks comfortable as well as looking good.

that dress looks amazing. Free flowing with beautiful lines and colors.
Your blog is always a treat. Everythings is so precisely perfectly placed and inviting..not to mention so clean! How do you do it?

That is without a doubt the prettiest dress I've ever seen. I've been quilting for over 10 years and don't have the knack you do. May I copy you? Where did you get those prints???

Uh, I guess I should have read the post first before going crazy at the pictures. hey, I have a big collection of Liberty, too. But, my Liberty is mostly dreary. I need to get with the Paulson program!!!!

That dress is so pretty, I love it. I bet that fabric feels lovely and cool against the skin. I would love to make something with Liberty fabrics but it's expensive and I'm not a good seamstress, so I don;t want to waste such pretty cotton! x

The dress is gorgeous! I love the macrame as well :)

Your dress reminds me of something my mother made and wore in the 70's, and I think she fashioned it from bath towels! I remember laying in our sunken bathtub (it was the 70's after all) watching her get ready for a night out in front of the mirror with that dress/robe on. She had candles burning, a glass of wine at hand (Gallo Red Burgandy)and she was putting on mascara when her sleeve caught on fire (she was a little too close to the candle)! She jumped in the bathtub with me and we laughed and laughed and laughed. Great memory brought on by your dress. XoXo

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