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Hello! How are you? We are sleeeeeeepy puppies around here. I can't seem to get up and do anything productive thank goodness. I am having a wonderful day.

One of my dreams came true on Sunday night when the boys played "Tales of Coming News" at Edgefield. I apologize to anyone standing near me because I sang every word as loud as I could (we were standing right next to the speakers). The show was just awesome. It was our fourth year and fifth time seeing the Avett Brothers. The Crystal Ballroom show a couple of years ago (or maybe it was last summer?) was so great, but I have to agree with the people on the fanboards that Sunday night's setlist at Edgefield was epic. I can't say enough about how much I (we) love this band. In thinking about it, this song is probably more of a fans' song than a song that will make you fall in love with the band if you've never heard of them before. (They're repertoire is enormous, so you will find something.) But if you click on the video (and thank you again for sending it to me, Kari, and thank you marysstikal for posting it originally), be warned there's a guy in crowd who in the first few seconds of the video drops the f-bomb about five times in a row at the top of his lungs when he hears the opening notes he is so excited. I completely understand this.


All of those fabrics were from JoAnn's! All on sale, too! Two more new dresses for me. I am desperate for some fall clothes. I almost never buy clothes for myself but lately I want to. I've got new tights but now I need some clothes to go with them.

I love this book. A girl can dream.

I was thinking about fall colors. Stereotypical fall colors — that is, crispy golds and jewel-like reds and shocking oranges — are not really the fall colors I see out my windows. Here, our fall colors are dusky plums and russet reds and heathery grays and blue-ish greens. Not quite as brown and muted as winter's sunless, mossy, piney, muddy colors. But still somewhat dimmer, duller than classic, sassy red, or crackling-bright orange, or blazing yellow. Sunset-lit and smudged. We have these smoky-coated plums on the table. I picked some up off the street the other day while we were out walking in the neighborhood; a tree had dropped an entire branch in the road and there were piles of them all over the place, yellowy-blue, not quite ripe. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. I put as many as I could fit into my coffee cup to take home. We have a plum tree (two actually) but the plums are nothing like these. (I wish they were like these.) I will take a macro picture of them so we can see them better.

I think I like fall. I think it's the shortest, and, in its own way, the most precious season in the Northwest. I hear a lot of people say that about summertime here, that it's the shortest and most precious season. But for me, the season I yearn for and try to hold on to is definitely fall. (Once the rains start, that's winter.) Andy is a summertime person. He really tries to stretch it out as long as possible. We have brilliant conversations about September:

Me: "That [whatever it is we happen to be talking about] will be in the fall, in September."
Him: "That's not fall, that's still summer."
Me: "September is fall."
Him: "No, it's summer."
Me: "No, it's fall."
Him: "No, it's summer."
Me: "No, it's fall."
Him: "No, it's summer."

I really can't tell you how many times we have had this conversation. We must like it.

He has a point. September sometimes feels as hot as July here. I sit in the hot wind and the fried up grass, holding my tights and my clogs, and hope the temperature will drop like a stone.


i am always drawn to your photographs...depictions of a charmed life.
fall is the best season.

I just had that exact same conversation with my husband!

We saw the Avett Brothers Saturday night at the Edgefield - really, the very best way to enjoy a summer night!

Love the fabrics and can't wait to see the end results.

Such dreamy photos. I'm intrigued by the book. Have you read The Palace of the Snow Queen: Winter Travels in Lapland, by Barbara Sjoholm? I am currently enjoying that. Reading it makes you want to dive under a quilt, but at the same time you appreciate her journeys.
Please post the macro of the plums! I love it when they are frosty-dusky-looking.

Oh September to me is fall...
I remember the crisp mornings in the midwest of standing at the bus stop under the trees with my little red riding hood jacket. Doing fall things in school with leaves and sticks, then returning home in the autumn sun to play outside under the trees in Mr. Nicolus's yard with the persimmon trees and making pretend pies on rocks. Oh fall will always be September to me.

I tend to think of Sept 15th - October 15th here as its own season. The best season EVER!

your photos and words inspire me so much, please don't ever stop : )

September... the torturous month, for those of us wishing it were fall! By all means, let's prepare for cooler weather, new colors, tights, and clogs!

Cutest photos of Clover ever! So adorable, we have a baby Cojack -Corgi/Jack Russell who I hope will someday be placid enough to sit still for photos like this. Have been a silent reader of your blog for almost a year now but I just had to comment re: the summer debate, you should be grateful for every last bit of warmth and sunshine you get :D In Northern Ireland this year we have had consistent torrential rain and dull, cloudy, grey days our highest temperature was about
20C, once. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a freak heatwave in September.

We're moving overseas, and I thought I'd never say it, but I'm glad we will be here for one more season...since it's fall! :) Love your blog as always, gentle and inspiring. I always want to thank you :)

love seeing more peeks into your little house...and the finland book i must try to all things scandinavian, don't-chya-know. dropping in always makes my day happier : ) love the autumn 'discussion'.

Once school goes back its always fall. Whenever that is, where ever that is.

Ha. "September is fall." I always thought that way (being from the Midwest) but then I lived in Northern CA for 12 years and, after the first 5-6 years of saying, "What the heck is going on? It's September. Isn't this fall?!" Every. Single. September... it finally sunk in and I had to agree with Andy: September is summer.

So now that we've moved back to MI, I saw the leaves starting to change the other day and I said, "What the heck is going on?!" My husband said, "It's almost September..." Right. Fall again. Cause we're in a place now where that is true.

So I guess it all depends on where you are. And sometimes, maybe where your heart is from. :)

As always, thank you for sharing, Alicia. Love your photos and your words.

Your September is fall vs summer arguements is so funny! I feel the same way - to me Fall = Sept. Oct. Nov.
No matter that I live in California and it's still near 100 degrees in September.

You found all of those fabrics at Joann's? Girl, you have got the touch. I rarely find that many fabrics I like all at Joann's. Seriously.

And down here in Florida, September is most definitely still summer. Boo.

you are correct....that's all there is to it. fall begins september 1...i said so and now you said so, therefore it must be true. i wait 9 months for it to get here...every single year. fall is the best season...the decision is made. ah.

It must be the perfect season for both of you..a little bit of cool and a little bit of warmth...or maybe it suits nobody..hehe!

I lived in Finland for a year in the 90s as an exchange student. NORTHERN Finland. It was... an experience. But the summer cottages, and hunting cottages, and roasting sausages over an open fire in the snow, and lake-jumping after a wood-fired sauna, and the quiet trees and endless forests... yes, beautiful.

I agree with Andy. When I lived and taught in Oregon I always thought the school year should change so summer break was July, August, and September. June is barely summer, but September, warm and sun!

September IS SUMMER, please oh please just let it be ...summer just barely started here in the Pacific Northwest and I am not done camping and swimming and doing all the best that summer has to often...fall can wait, it does indeed gets its rightful turn, just not yet.

Nancy Wirz says: August 29, 2012 at 04:50 PM

Oh the fabrics! Oh the plums! I have the same kind but they are not ripe yet. They are my favorite fruit.1 Oh the book. Love the cover home. Oh the doggie, Clover is my favorite.

must share a dress I sewed for my daughter using the fourth fabric from the left in your fabric photo. I love that fabric so much-bought just a bit on the scrap shelf at JoAnn. I need to go back and see if they have anymore! Here's the dress:
Would love to see the Avett Brothers someday. so glad you had a great time!

I concur...September is definitely the start of Fall. No matter what the temperatures say!

When I die I want to come back reincarnated as something in your beautiful home.
I don't care what I am - a pet, a plant, a pot...anything. Anything to sit in your lovely house.
ps - I am an Aussie and down here the 1st of September is always known as the first day of Spring. That is the rule of our land....even though todays temp on my hill is 4.

Autumn is my absolute most favorite time of year. I look forward to it starting in early August. Unfortunately the weather here in the Bay Area is so strange so while my niece & nephew in Ohio are going back to school in fall clothes, I'm sitting with the fan going full blast. It'll be hot until mid-October, which makes me so, so, so sad.

Love your word pictures about fall. I like summer and the dry weather, but fall is my favorite. As soon as September hits, all the fall decorations come out -- inside and outside! One year I had a lot of pink flowers outside still when I was putting up russet and yellow decorations, so off went their heads -- things have to coordinate, right! Your house always looks so sparkly clean -- does it always look like that or do you just take pictures after you get done cleaning everything?? Anyway, it makes me take another look at my house and want to clean, clean, clean! Thanks for always having peaceful pictures and gentle words.

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