Summer Sweetness

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August has a glow. There was twilight birdsong all around us in the field. I cried in the sunset. My sister's visit has been wonderful. The world spins and spins. The flowers. The nights. The years.


I just love your dress!
That cake makes me want to lick the PC monitor!
It looks like you are enjoying your summer. Love the photos.

I'd love to have your weather. It's been in the 100s this week down here in Southern Oregon! Tomorrow we are going to take a break and head to Brookings and cool off at the shoreline.

special photo at the end. thanks for letting us in.

Are you using a book to make your bracelets? If you are would you consider sharing the title? I would love to learn how to make one.

Dear Alicia,

I would like to share a link with you and your readers... This is a local photographers photo that has gone viral...I think you and all would enjoy it...perhaps have already seen share so much and I hope this brings joy to you as you do to others.

Looks beautiful and relaxing. And blackberries too!

Any chance of a projected release date for the next kit? Not that I am obsessing or anything. :)

Oh Alicia!!! I have missed a whole bunch of really beautiful posts while I have been gone (I will have to play catch-up). SOOOO pretty! I am so happy your sister was able to share in all of these amazing views. Gorgeous, and so very inspiring to look at! I love that bird fabric, and the fence with the sunset glowing ever so softly. LOVE all of your photos! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Wednesday!!


Lovely. And I dream of a future home with deep window ledges like yours. :) xox♥

You know what? To me, your blog should be soundtracked by the music of Hem. Give it a listen; I think of your pictures when I listen to the music and I think of the music when I see your pictures. Beautiful!

What a cozy little life, Alicia!

such beautiful photos and stories! they are truely lovely

Barnicles xx

Ah,there will likely be many more Nomad dresses populating the world!

Such lovely pictures... can tell how much you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for sharing .
My all time favourite Liberty print, I have a piece waiting to cover a funny old chair in my bathroom and the print will inspire the whole colour scheme.


Alicia, I always love your photos, but your summer ones this year are truly spectacular. Much thanks.

Your photography is beyond gorgeous. I know you have a good camera but your art is in your selection and arrangement of subjects. Your pictures literally make my mouth water. Thank you so much for showing us how ordinary things really look.

Very calming...they pull me right in. Its almost like I can feel the coolness in an Oregon August. Back to knitting...

Peace be with you!


its so hot here today, so looking a your photos makes me feel good

It got cold over the weekend. It might have been only a single day, a morning really, but it reminded me that the time is passing and that the weeks are turning to fall. While I love all of the seasons, fall holds a special place. The start of school always made fall feel like the beginning of the new year.

Today was our 30th Wedding Anniversary! Yea for us! For a special treat for my man, I made your Hershey’s Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. It was a hit! Very, very good! This recipe is certainly a keeper. Thanks for all your inspiration! Your blog is always a bright spot when I read it. It motivates me be creative, which fulfills that part of me that makes me the real “ME”! Blessing to you Alicia!

Those shells. Nestled, like so many Matrushkas.

MAN, I love those. Such a sweet, small glimpse of lovely.

Thanks, Alicia.

And happy almost-fall to you.

I love the outdoor evening. The happy, restful look in all the eyes, and the glow of light is so perfect. It reminds me of a Dutch painting.

I adore the way you decorate your cakes. I was a youth group leader for a while and made cakes to celebrate every kid's birthday. So fun. There aren't enough reasons to make cakes anymore these days. I miss it.

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