Summer Sweetness

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August has a glow. There was twilight birdsong all around us in the field. I cried in the sunset. My sister's visit has been wonderful. The world spins and spins. The flowers. The nights. The years.


These pictures were exactly what I needed right now. I love them, and I love the beautiful thoughts and reactions that they evoke in your readers and that they share them with comments here. Thank you Alicia and Alicia friends ;)

You are right, and it does me good to remember it. August does have a glow, and no matter how hot I am now, summer is comparatively short, and I am grateful for it. (love the Wm. Morris fabric)

What is that fabric??? It looks like a William Morris print. I LOVE it.

I love getting lost in your photos Alicia :) The last picture sums it all up I think!

Always beautiful, but these landscapes....unbelievable.

Breathe in. Breathe out. There is a rhythm to your photos in this post. So warm and inviting.
What is that delightful fabric that (I think) they dress is made from? It's gorgeous.

Your gorgeous berry/flower cakes are the stuff of daydreams. Even the sight off them is a central goodness in the world.

Wait - is that imperfect stitching on your quilt photo? Thank you for posting that! Really - you have no idea!

You always make the most delicious and eyecatching cakes. I want one exactly like one of those for my bday in Feb, I decided. Except I also love the mess my family actually does make me. Hmm. Maybe 3 days later for V day. ;)

Can you tell us where you got the bird print fabric, or the manufacturer. It's perfect. Thanks.

My youngest daughter picked our first batch of blackberries and threw in a few blueberries to make an amazing cobbler a few days ago. I am savoring August, too, Alicia: the hazy views of Mt Hood, feeling hot, crossing back and forth over the Columbia River, watching grasshoppers jumping in celebration at a friend's outdoor wedding, picking our first ripe tomatoes, getting some library books to read, crocheting, knitting, and checking your views of August, too.
Thanks for posting =)
Gracie xxx

Oh lucky - looks great. What is that last thing you've made - a boysenberry shortcake? hmmmm whatever it is it looks good and I need the recipe haha. I love how you decorate your cakes too.

Just got in from picking blackberries and after seeing your cake am going to hunt down a recipe for blackberry cake. Glad you are enjoying August!


Phenomenally sweet...

Your pictures are wonderful, I love them all, but if you only posted pictures of your adorable puppy I would still be excited to check your blog everyday!! She is so cute!! The little nose, the paws, those eyes!! So sweet!

One of the thing I miss most about Oregon is the golden liquidity of the light in the late afternoon. What an upsurge of longing it provokes.
The fabric on the (is it a dress?) is gorgeous...
The berries on the cake? Delightful!

*sigh* vicariously living through your beautiful photographs. sisters. i love both of mine. thank you for sharing.

Clover Meadow! :-}

As always - awesome photos! But that one with the gate. Love. Love. Seriously.

And p.s. um, potatoes from your own garden?! It was our first year, too and we just pulled them from the ground this weekend. I now totally understand the euphoria you expressed when you harvested. So cool. I think I want to grow potatoes and onions exclusively from now on. Well, today...because we still don't have a SINGLE red tomato.

What wonderful photos! It looks like you live in a lovely area! And how lucky for you that you got to visit with your sister! I am lucky to see mine once a year! :^(

I want to buy all of these photos. Except the ones of people I don't know. Because that's creepy.

I adore looking at the world through your lens! Thank you for sharing again and again.

That Liberty print is my FAVORITE! In that exact colorway. I'm in love with it.

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