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I feel like my Quill is never-ending. I truly wish I had kept track of how many hours I've spent working on this thing. The tally would be an impressive answer to the question that incredulous, goggle-eyed non-crafty people like to ask crafty people: "How long did it take you to do that?" With this one I'd say [incredulously, and with (bloodshot, half-crazed) goggle eyes] THREE THOUSAND HOURS. And then that'd be the end of that. And probably the end of the friendship, because clearly I don't have time to maintain friendships. Beause of the Quill. Agh.

We went to the sheep show (that's what we call it) over the weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend here. Crisp and clear and early autumn in all ways. I bought more yarn and felt more urgency than ever to finish Quill and start something else. I need to be smarter about how I'm picking my projects. I need to pick things that I can finish while I'm still happy with them. Not things that make me want to stuff them in bags and shove them toward the bottom of the closet when I'm 84% finished. I love the Quill but I cannot seem to memorize that lace edging. I have to stare at the chart the entire time I'm knitting. Not relaxing. Each little pointy thing is twelve rows (with only six rows to memorize, not counting the purl rows). Is that a lot? I'm gonna try again. It's getting colder now. I need this thing around my neck, not in my lap.


Gorgeous pics, as always! I have a stack of 84% finished things!

To your breed, your fleece, your stock be true!!

regarding Quill, I have read reviews about the time it takes to make this pattern. Sadly, after I purchased the pattern.

I'm not at all an expert knitter, but I chose a hat which was supposed to be easy. NOT.AT.ALL.EASY. I did it wrong, frogged it, and have started over. Except I am having a hard time getting past how much I hated knitting the last half of that thing, and though I keep telling myself, it was because I was doing it wrong, I think of the three thousand hours I didn't have time to do anything else and start to blanch... So I feel your pain on the quill.

Gorgeous photos - and oh my goodness; I have SO many unfinished things around the house! :-D

You always have the loveliest photos!! YES - cream of wheat reminds me of a crisp winter morning!! the sheep- neat - especailly the hippie sheep with the bangs in their eyes!! I wanted to put a bow in their hair/wool! and your catepiller that got crowned!! Funny!

I love the Quill. Why don't you write the 12 rows down? It will be easier to follow than staring at a chart. As least it would for me. Your photos are beautiful.

That knitted Quill is awesome - keep going it's going to be totally amazing when its finished. I'm now on my 3rd shawl cum scarf having been inspired by your frothy creation (and the pink one for your sister) earlier in the summer. They're so warm and I've been wearing mine today - it's freezing over here in the UK - seem to have skipped Autumn and gone straight into winter chill!

I love that Clover Meadow is watching over the sheepskin. You're doing a beautiful job on Quill. I bought one of Jared's patterns which was way beyond my knitting skills. Thanks for turning me on to Madelinetosh Merino - I am working on a very simple cowl pattern with it.

I often think there ought to be a pattern rating system of relaxatiousness of the knit. Some lacey bits are just so tricky to remember while others settle in to your mind with ease, bet you get this one just as you're finishing up.

Hang in there with the Quill! You will feel more accomplished than ever! Besides it looks GORGEOUS!Umm is that catepillar wearing an acorn hat...cute.

As always, I just drift into your photos and imagine myself leading a different life! I think unfinished projects are just a rite of passage for those other projects you do finish. But your Quill is going to be luscious when you do finish it!! Love the sheepies with the too long bangs, they do look a little like beatniks! I've been into crocheting edgings on cuptowels, table runners, anything that has a finished edge and just sits there looking at me too long!! I never learned to knit, maybe one day........

Time to get a nice relaxing 'granny ' stripe blanket on the go....although saying that, i was obviously so relaxed working on mine the other night i fell asleep!

I honestly read the entire post, and I agree about those kinds of projects that are so big-engrossing they threaten to wear you down into quitting. And I love the sheep show, and Clover's light tipped ears... but...
But what I cannot get out of my thoughts is...
Is that cream of wheat?
Okay, if it isn't, then I should be asking:
What is "bear mush," please?

this is my takeaway: IS THAT CREAM OF WHEAT?? b/c that looks DELICIOUS!!! and did you pour cream around it? Is that cinnamon? You gotta tell me how to replicate this please!

No. Way. I went to a sheep thing this weekend, too! A local woman raises Icelandic sheep, shears them, gets the wool cleaned, dyes it, cards it, spins it and then knits it.

I want to move in with her.

Well, apparently you haven't already established a Drawer of Shame.

Hi Alicia, we went to the Fiber Festival on Saturday.. which day did you go? I posted an inordinate amount of photos of it on my blog, I hope you have a chance to pop over and see them. I just got 1 basket and 1 skein of grey alpaca - to crochet a grey pumpkin of all things. We then went to the Swan Island Dahlia farm and got some neat shots of those amazing flowers. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Hah, awesome title - and I love the picture of the caterpillar with the acorn hat! Looks like a beret!

You always capture the beauty of life in your photos. Thanks for sharing!

Reminds me of a sweater I have that's 84% completed. Maybe even 94%. And there it sits. Persevere!

Your photos are lovely despite the frustration of unfinished knitting! Just think of how much you will appreciate it when you are finally done. It is very beautiful so far. xx

The juxtaposition of the picture of Clover staring at the skin rug right after the picture of the actual sheep is hilarious :)

Love the title and pictures of the sheep. Hope we get to see the yarn you bought. ;) Looks like you are almost done with Quill. The edging is beautiful. Yes, those edgings that you knit on take a looong time. I made a baby blanket that had a knitted edge all around; thought I would never finish it. The baby was 2+ years old when she finally got it! Just finished making the Marin scarf - it is fairly quick and love the edging. You may want to check it out. Just received the lovely ornament kits - can't wait to make them!!

My girls (puppies) would never let that fleece stay on the chair. They would bark it or me to death. I like the picture of Clover checking it out.

I know how you feel about The Quill.

I have a place for those projects that I have to put away for awhile until I forget our disagreements and am ready to look at them again. It's amazing how much better the second go around can flow. I call it The Punishment Pile.

I don't recommend relegating things to the punishment pile too often or it will punish you instead, punish you with GUILT. The project will undoubtedly behave when you decide it has been punished enough.

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