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I slowed to a wander on Sunday. It felt good to be so lazy and slow. The weather has been gorgeous. Bright and dry and just generally so pleasant. Our yard has been suffering the drought. It's been months since it's rained, I think. I was watering a bit through the summer and then I got busy and stopped. Andy spent the day moving the hose around from place to place. He did an imitation of a hydrangea before and after watering that was spot on — I wish I had a video. "Before" was this sad, parched, drooping, reaching thing; "after" he was bouncing in place and looked like he was on his way to a birthday party. :-) Pretty cute. I think the yard is a bit happier now, but honestly, I'd be relieved to stop worrying about it. A good rainy day would be most welcome, but all week we're supposed to be mid- to upper-eighties, and clear as a bell.

Before the slow, we packed and shipped orders, cleaned the fridge, got some groceries, did some laundry, watched television. Every night lately we've been falling asleep before 10 p.m. I made the blueberry cake again with marionberries, and a version of this pasta for dinner, but with sage instead of rosemary. I need to get it together, and get back into my cooking routine. I feel like this happens every year at this time! I need to sit down with my cookbooks and get inspired to cook for fall. Maybe actually plan [shivers involuntarily]. I suck at that. I don't mind the cooking; it's the thinking of what to cook every day that hinders. "What should we eat?" "I don't know. What do you want?" "I don't care. What do you want?" "I don't know. Pizza?" And pizza, because unless I'm actually looking at a cookbook or a recipie or a restaurant menu it's the only food I can seem to remember. I have the palate of an eighth-grade boy now. Hrrmmmm.

Making a new little preppy-hippie quilt. It's very yang. Thinking about maybe putting together a little quilt kit this winter. I think that would be really fun.

Puppers worries so when her Andy is down in the front yard without her. . . . What if he should fall down? Or need help with the sprinkler? Or someone should walk by? Or someone and A DOG should walk by? "Could you open this thing please?"

Last year (or maybe the year before?) the dahlias were $2.50/bu. Inflation. Still, a bargain.


Yes!!! Please put a quilt kit together!! I love your sense of style...

Over Labor day we were in Chicago for a reunion. As I drove down 1st Ave from Midway, past the Brookfield Zoo and up though River Forest I was thinking of you growing up there and lazy summers days in a quieter time. Thanks for these photos showing us you still have that gift of appreciating all the little moments of our lives.

Oh, Alicia....
I'm such a lurker. I hardly ever comment.
But---I just wanted to say-
Thanks for this. For sharing your life like this.
I appreciate it so much.
I always leave your blog feeling so calm and happy and inspired and, honestly---like taking a nap might be the best thing I could do today.
Thanks for giving us all some odd emotional permission to just RELAX.
You make it look so hip and fun and un-guiltified.
I just LOVE coming here.
I seriously look forward to it.
When you don't post for a few days and I click over here, I get all pouty and,
"Where's my Alicia and Andy? What's up? I sure hope they're all right and happy and doing something ridiculously slacky/over acheiving/in their peaceful sort of way today."
And scritch that Puppers for me. Just between the ears, in the way she would like best.

hah! very funny re "what's for dinner?" conversation. my husband and i try to beat each other asking that question. as to yet another quilt, i feel as though i should say "like, oh wow" because i was a hippie in chicago in the 60's. my granddog has two gold spots above his eyes which move independently and are so expressive. he gets worried just as miss clover does. aren't they the cutest...?

Just move to Corbett already!! You know you want to...and we'd all be glad to have you as part of the community. I drive past the flower stand everyday and think it's quite lovely.

as uusual, I love reading your posts and I really enjoy your pics!!!
xx Alessandra

Sign me up for the quilt kit. :) (And the pasta. And blueberry cake.) :) Oh, and I'm looking forward to my kit-- got the shipping notice. Thank you!

I think that's honestly my favorite Alicia quilt to date, and that is saying a lot! Gorgeous fabrics!! Makes me want to break out the sewing machine and spend money I don't have at Cool Cottons :)

I love your photos ! They're so beautiful ! And your dog is really cute !

Would so love a quilt kit. I'm hoping to get some of your photographs to hang in our kitchen for our anniversary. I hinted a lot about it.

Wow, strange weather if Portland is experiencing a drought! We're about to have a deluge here on Long Island. Blech! My backyard where the dogs run will be a giant mudpuddle. Bur we need the rain, too. Just not 4" at once!

Check out It's a Ugandan mission and their shop sells gorgeous colorful handmade paperbead necklaces and braceets. Personally, I think thye should mae garlands,too.

Love your screen door. I've been looking for a wooden one that I like for ages - would you mind sharing your source? Thanks!

What great compositions all of your photos have! I MUST make that pasta dish, it looks so delish. Just found your blog, Hi! I'll be visiting frequently.

Nancy Confer says: September 18, 2012 at 08:25 AM

What's for dinner? Well, for one thing if "Alicia" has a recipe on her blog - I can never wait to try it. Of course they don't all turn out as good looking as your dishes, but some have become recipes we pull out throughout the seasons. We would not have a Thanksgiving meal without the Ulitmate sourcream apple pie. Oh, just thought of your mom's beef stroganoff, hmmm, sounds good for tonights dinner. Thanks Alicia.

Kathy, FRANCE says: September 18, 2012 at 10:43 AM

I LIVE with an eighth grade boy - I think? he's 14 - not sure about the grade system in the US!and we're having guess what this evening - Pizza!! choose your own toppings!! lol!!
Don't forget 'Ina' Alicia, I made her chicken stew with the sweet potato scone topping on your recommendation last autumn and it was wonderful - bet you don't think when you're the other side of the world that a little lady in France is making dinner on your say so!! thanks for that!!
Clover makes me smile looking out of the window - our boxer dog (YODA - guess who named him? 8th grader it was) would sit and look out of the front window all day until my son comes home from school if I'd let him! he just hasn't got the hang of the 7 weeks summer break and then it's school again thing at all - he has this permanently puzzled look until he returns each day - bless!!

Love the idea of a quilt kit. I keep saving cast off button down shirts in hopes of someday making a quilt ala Kaffe Fassett from shirting. I have yet to make any quilts...
As to meal planning I print a blank calendar each month and then I pencil in meals as I think of them. (I do a week at most at a time.) I keep the old ones and hope that as the year swings around I can use the previous for ideas. I also have a piece of scratch paper on the fridge to note meals that sound good (but might not fit the current weeks activities).

Mary Ann in Vermont says: September 18, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Oh yes, a very huge please, for the quilt kit. I will sign up right now, if you'd like!
May you very please share where you bought that great enamel pan in which you baked your blueberry cake? I have been looking for one for so long now!

Love everything so so much and I mean everything!

I just adore your blog!! And your dog!! I'm a quilter from Sydney, Australia....your photos are amazing....Oregon seems like a world away from here. We are eagerly waiting for some warmer weather down here! I also love to cook but always wish someone would just tell me what to make! Thanks heaps for your all your posts...its a pleasure to view every time! :)

Such beautiful pictures. I miss Oregon summers. I think the long, wet rainy season really makes those summers pop as happy, bright and clear.

Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos. They're always inspiring. I should start pinning some...


What's wrong with slowing down occassionally??? :) And I, too, have that issue with meals. I love to cook but I absolutely DESPISE the deciding. Once in awhile I actually get a whole week's menu out which is nice but I just can't keep it up. :( hm

As I read your contribution for today and I laughed about your comments regarding the garden, drought, watering, sunshine, and, tired of fussing about the garden. I think my friend that this is what makes us enjoy 'all' of the seasons. This winter you looked forward to a garden and had great fun planning it..and then had great fun creating it...and then reaping your first harvests....skip to late summer and early fall...and you are in the position you are now....looking forward to what gives pleasure NEXT. As you tire of the lack of sunshine this winter you and Andy will probably remember the garden with 'great joy' and wonder what changes you might make this next season.
Bottom line: You are very normal. If I might share: I am already thinking of Pots Of Soups, Stews, Chili, etc. Your wonderful breads are such a lovely accompaniment...whatever is fresh is usually how I make decisions.....and, of course, how I feel. ha
I am very much looking forward to my order...I am not going to wait a single minute...It will take me all of this time to get my ornaments made for my Christmas Tree.
Thankyou so much for sharing your 'gifts' with all of us.

I love, love, LOVE your quilts! You have an amazing eye for color and design, never seen anything like it before. A quilt kit would be fab!

Hi Alicia,
I have happened upon a great website for quick weeknight recipes. It is the Everyday She has great little videos, you can even get one sent to your inbox everyday. My favorite is the Spicy Turkey Thighs. They are just fabulous and taste like a little slice of Thanksgiving. Here's a link:

oh i lol'd at your puppy's expression, and then lol'd again when you said how she worries. yes indeedy that is a worried puppers expression! sooo adorable. open the door open the door! LOL

I love Clover Meadow's Ears. . . . that's all I've gotta say. . . :)

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