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Lots of cooking, lots of eating: Pumpkin pancakes, patitsio (we split it into two dishes and froze one), the apple pie (from the freezer, which I thawed for about 20 minutes and then baked as normal and it came out great), chicken with morels (for a Sunday night dinner-party; there wasn't any left to freeze), mashed potatoes from the potatoes from our garden, and roasted vegetables. Thank you so much for all of the freezer-food recommendations! I'm going to go through the list this week and make a few! I also made brownies yesterday. I'll show you those tomorrow.

The weather will be turning here in a few days. They say rain, rain, rain. We have half a cord of wood left from last year. It's stacked and ready to go. I'm going to try to knit exclusively from my stash for a while. The freezer is filling up. We have apples and carmel wraps. I say bring it on.

*Oh, and here is where I made the table runner, from a pattern by the Purl Bee :-)


May I ask where you were standing while you took the breakfast shot? Love it!!! I remember your morrell chicken recipe, sounds like a good one for this weekend :)

The tablerunner is FABULOUS!!!

What is on the knitting needles?

It all just looks so warm and cozy and snuggly and perfect!

Maybe you should do a whole post dedicated to a late-autumn check list :) and then dare it to come and see who wins (I bet it's you, but I may be biased).

speaking of freezer food, one of my faves is a polenta dish. it's a layered casserole: polenta on the bottom (i use tyler florence's recipe with italian seasoning added), caramelize onions, sauteed mushroom, spaghetti/marinara sauce, black olives and then topped with mozzarella. i make one large (8x13) and two small (9" rnd) casseroles and freeze the small ones. easy peasy toss in the oven til bubbly. yummmm.

Today was a crisp, sunny day finally after several days with too much cold rain. I´m so grateful! :-) Your food looks really good! :-)

Everything looks autumn delicious . . . warm and tasty looking too . . .

Makes me feel so cozy,
and super hungry!!
Pumpkin pancakes...
that goes to the top of the *must try this list!*
All of it... it all looks comforting and good.
I've made quiches, and froze some of them...
I par-bake the ones I'll freeze, and they heat up quite nicely.

Everything looks fallish..and sounds relish..it poured here a few minutes ago after 2 days of blissfully autumnal weather..
Perfect afternoon to stitch one of your ornaments:-)

Oops I meant delish...~

HURRAY FOR FALL FOOD! and boo on rain, I'm just north of you and it's a-comin for us too :(

Today's fall food at our house: snickerdoodles. I wanted to make an apple pie or brownies, but the child and husband demanded snickerdoodles, so I'm snickerdoodling....

I made that same table runner! Loved the pattern, and yours turned out great, too! That reminds me to get mine on the table. Just in time for the rain, and some fall cooking.

I bet your house smells wonderful. I am planning on making your sour cream apple pie some time soon. Thank you for the inspiration.

Lovely, per usual. You know what else works in the freezer? Homemade pizza. Make the whole thing up in the pan/cookie sheet, wrap tight, freeze, then thaw before baking. As easy as store frozen pizza but 20x better. We had one last night and everyone loved it.

cosy and gorgeous.

Thank you for posting the link for the table runner pattern. It is soo cute. I just love the Purl Bee!

And I think there was a Bears game somewhere in there too. Or maybe that's just the fall Sunday uniform for Andy. Da Bears!

Ohhh, I was hoping for a visit with your world today!! We had three nicely chilled days here and now it's getting back up into the 80's. I'm ready for the 60's and below again! Would even love some of your rain if you could send it Texas way! Your food looks absolutely scrumptious! Did you freeze your apple pie in your ceramic dish? It looks so good with just those few little crumbs left over! Love your photos as always. Enjoy snuggling with Clover (or Andy) when the rain hits! Blessings!!

I'm ready for winter to bring it on, too. I brought home more yarn from Ireland in June. Seriously. So much for my promise to myself about my own stash...

I was just thinking how I needed to make myself a nice autumn table-runner for next year I think I'll buy myself some nice fat quarters during the year so that I will have many different scraps to choose from. Yours is lovely--I remember when you made it and orignally posted it.

Ooh lovely, bring it on indeed!

It's the apple and caramel wraps that do it for me - I'm managing to restrain myself from a trip down to the bottom of the garden by torchlight to pick a bramley or two from our tree! I'll resist the temptation tonight - don't want to fall on my nose - but tomorrow - oh, tomorrow!

when i have a bad day, i love looking wat the wonderfu, homely and warm photos you put up. it makes me feel safe and happy! Thank you for sharing!


So much inspiration in this post - thank you! Would you mind sharing what your plate pattern is (in the breakfast shot). I'm on the lookout for a new set and those are lovely. Thanks!


let the hibernating begin...

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