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Lots of cooking, lots of eating: Pumpkin pancakes, patitsio (we split it into two dishes and froze one), the apple pie (from the freezer, which I thawed for about 20 minutes and then baked as normal and it came out great), chicken with morels (for a Sunday night dinner-party; there wasn't any left to freeze), mashed potatoes from the potatoes from our garden, and roasted vegetables. Thank you so much for all of the freezer-food recommendations! I'm going to go through the list this week and make a few! I also made brownies yesterday. I'll show you those tomorrow.

The weather will be turning here in a few days. They say rain, rain, rain. We have half a cord of wood left from last year. It's stacked and ready to go. I'm going to try to knit exclusively from my stash for a while. The freezer is filling up. We have apples and carmel wraps. I say bring it on.

*Oh, and here is where I made the table runner, from a pattern by the Purl Bee :-)


Sounds as though you had a wonderful weekend...I love seeing what you cook and create...hugs

I have to agree with all those who love the table runner - it's gorgeous!

I so want to come to your house and eat some of that yummy looking food. I'm ready for hibernation too.

You totaly read my mind about the pattern for the table runner, I think my table needs something as pretty as that on it.

I just adore that table runner. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Awesome pics as usual, so lovely and cosy :)

Oh, I'm just begging for rain! Maybe I should move to Portland? We haven't had rain since April!

It's interesting you should mention cords of wood. We have about a cord easily that my husband bucked up and chopped for us from a couple of trees that were felled last year. It is perfectly seasoned. He came done from the tub commenting tonight "its a good things its going to rain on Friday so we can have a fire". We don't feel comfortable burning because its so dry here. I love autumn food. Pumpkins, squash, root veggie bakes, all of it. Love the table runner, love your photos as always. Mmmmm, apple pie, fruit crisps. BBC Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey, knitting, tea, fires. Its all so good. Blessings

Your photos are gorgeous!!

Dear Alicia:
Can I come over your house for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Love Gail

Thanks for mentioning the design source of that lovely table runner. :) I love it!

Love to see what you've been cooking! We're eating Autumn here too!

I've just finished the winterwoods sampler, and LOVED doing it - my first - thank you. But your tutorial on framing it doesnt come up any more. Would you be able to re-link it?
Thanks so much.

Mmmmmmm - delish!

Yay fall! I must try the pumpkin pancakes! You asked for good freezer recipes a post or two back... I really love "The gourmet slow cooker" by Lynn Alley. Really delicious recipes and a lot freeze well. I made a bunch and froze them last fall. The beef bourguignon is the perfect freezer dish, but the Dublin Coddle is my favorite (but I don't freeze that dish because of the potatoes...).

I am going to try some pumpkin pancakes. Sounds delicious!

Jennifer in KS says: October 11, 2012 at 02:18 PM

mmmmmm! It all looks delicious. We just returned to the plains of KS after staying in your neck of the woods for a week. The weather was unbelievable - made for great wine tasting in the valley. And made for serious garden and produce envy from all of the fresh produce in the meals we enjoyed. Happy October to you. Now, send some of that rain towards us... :-)

How can it be that I've been around for almost four decades and this is the first I've heard of Patitsio? It looks like carb heaven! I am definitely making this.

Just beautiful! Your home is always so unbelievably cozy looking!

Colleen Stockman says: October 14, 2012 at 04:09 PM

Wish me luck I'm making your Chocolate Cake recipe with the cloud frosting for my Bunco group tomorrow night...it's my last night playing with a group of ladies I've played with for the last 32 years...I needed to impress them thus your lovely cake for dessert!

Those look incredibly delicious. As I live in Portland too, there is nothing as wonderful as a warm batch of brownies on a rainy afternoon. Definitely going to have to make some soon!

i love that table runner.


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