Magic Days

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The days are filled with so much now. They are both long and short and not like any others. Everything feels full and sweet. Amelia sleeps as I write. She is awake much more now, but at this moment: quiet, quiet. Outside the windows the season has definitely turned to fall. Our trees glow yellow and maroon and crimson red. Yesterday Andy spent the afternoon cleaning up the yard. The rains are starting today, and the sky has turned opal white. Frosted glass. The house is warm and dark. The fireplace is hard at work. The lamps are lit low, even at mid-day. From early morning until night, the bulbs glow like illuminated peaches. The baby's room is robin's egg blue with rosebud wallpaper, the slanted-ceilinged corners lit by tiny bulbs behind rose-pink shades. When I check in on her in her crib, it's like looking in on a pearl in her pearly shell.

We have the nicest, nicest family and friends I could ever hope for. People come throughout the day to catch a glimpse of my fair lady with her eyes open. They bring salads and casseroles and soups and enchiladas and emapanadas and apple cakes and gingerbread cakes and roasted chicken with potatoes. It's glorious. For lunch we quick-munch turkey sandwiches and chips; for dinner we are well taken care of by our industrious crew. I am so grateful for this kind of love.

Miss Clover Honeytoes Meadow Paulson has taken to big-sisterhood as if she were born to it. She seems to have been waiting for the chance to prove how good she can be at this. She's very, very quiet and gentle when she is anywhere near Amelia. It's kind of amazing how she just knows to be that way. I'm so proud of her. We are still quite cautious with her, and have given her plenty of space to get used to this new member of our pack (and, also, plenty of attention). But she knows what's up, I think. Clover is a gentle soul, and naturally cautious, and quietly protective. When we are in the living room and Amelia is in her cradle, Clover lies under it. I put her dog bed there after I saw her do it several times. Dog of love. Thank you to those of you asking about how she and the Bee are doing! I think the Bee is still, for the most part, completely oblivious. She comes and gets some food and some pats a few times a day, as she always has, and she's looked at the baby a few times, I think. But she's Bridget. And that's about what (and all) I expected from her!

Andy is over the moon. I'm floaty, and tired, and so happy, and wandering around in utter amazement. Still dazed. Frequently teary. So happy. Just can't believe it. I can't believe she's finally here. I really can't believe she's really here. Wow.


I knew Miss Clover would adapt well. She's a sweet pea and knows she has a new, precious pack member. Give her an extra ear scritch from all of us.

That picture of Andy should be framed for little Amelia so she sees the joy she brought her family. Oh. So precious.

And yay for friends that make sure you don't get scurvy! That is a good friend indeed.

Such joy! And such beauty! Thank you for sharing your DAUGHTER with us. I get gooey and teary every time I look at your blog, and I looked at your last entry several times just to get my fill of Amelia's face. I can't get over the feeling of being over-the-moon happy for you and Andy.

Your baby girl is beautiful!! What a photogenic little one...

My phone just rang - it was my mom. "Jos!" she says excitedly. "I forgot to tell you!" (We had just spoken an hour ago.) "Check Alicia's blog! She got a baby!" I hung up and turned on my computer. The first picture I see doesn't even look real. She looks like a doll. I am so happy for you and Andy. So precious. So special. So beautiful. I have tears of happiness in my eyes. You are a wonder. Congratulations.

Amelia is blessed to have you both as parents and you are blessed to have her. What a wonderful match made in heaven. May all your years be filled with the love and joy a child can give.

Amelia is exquisite. What a joy to see another post where she is the subject!

So happy to know how good you feel!!!
happy weekend,
xxxx Alessandra

By the way, smell her head for me. There is absolutely nothing that smells as wonderful as a baby's head.

I am so so so so so over the moon for you guys. Your story is proof that wonderful things will happen, you just have to have faith and always be be happy.

"The days are long, but the years go fast." I was told this by an older parent. Now mine are 6 and 3 1/2 and I wonder how that happened!

These days of yours gleam with the qualities of amber: golden, filled with fleeting moments in time, enduring. Thank you so much for sharing them.

These posts make me so happy... I'm a knitter too, and had seen all the cute little things you knitted and tucked away for her to wear someday. It warms my heart to think of her warm and cozy in all that knitted love!

Your blog has always been a delightful favourite for a long time and I look forward to reading updates (and attempting some of your embroidery!) My kids love your super hero cape so I have got that far...
My heart has been filled with such joy for you (and at times sadness when following yours and Andy's journey to parenthood). She is just beautful! Thank you for sharing! xo

I can remember those days too. I imagined for a brief moment in time my baby and I were the center of the universe, in our own world. I hope you can look back later and remember, the world was "out there" but it was all peace and beauty in your universe.

She is a gorgeous baby..that first photo drew me right in..into a dreamworld..where everything is overflowing with happiness..bliss ..gratitude.. awe..ahhh.That full full feeling:)
I miss those tiny little curled fingers around mine.
And so she is loved~

I am so, so, happy for your happiness.......and that baby, just beautiful!!!!!, and that Clover, just precious!!! Xox

Alicia, Andy and Amelia, I keep smiling and smiling for you. I'm so glad your friends and family are helping you to eat well during this intensely busy time and thanks for taking time to update us. Of course Clover is a great big sister, of course!

As I've read your posts and studied your photos these last few days my tears have been at the surface. My joy is so full for you two, make that three. Our dear now-grown daughter was adopted as a newborn. Your words and pictures bring back all the wonder and joy and the precious moments of quietly pondering how blessed we were. And still are! Amelia is a little sweetheart. I can't wait to see all the adventures she will have in the future.

Everyone has already made such beautiful comments, and I feel the same way. I'm so happy for you. Only a child can fill your soul so completely, like nothing else can. Much happiness to you all.

I am so happy for you, so happy little Amelia is finally here. That photo of your husband's smile above her head is just amazing! I believe it sums up all the happiness and warmth surrounding you guys.Congratulations and welcome to the world, Amelia!

It's all truly magical. Enjoy!

I am so loving these special updates! Love the photo of the big sister under the crib too. AND very relieved that you won't be getting scurvy any time soon. I can sleep at night now. 'Enjoy' doesn't even come close, does it?

Happy happy joy joy to you! Amelia is so precious! And Clover: such a sweetie pie!
I'm SO excited for you and Andy- congratulations!

Oh this is all SO GLORIOUS! Love the picture of your doggy under the baby. I very much hope you will share pix sometime of Miss Amelia's nursery! Oh my goodness, this has all inspired me to go write a week's worth of baby book posts....:)

oh wow! I haven't been here for only a week and big shock - you have a baby! she is so, so beautiful! I cried! I'm so happy for you - you have been on one tough journey but she is SO worth it! big, big smiles and hugs from the other side of the world. your joy is contagious! many, many congratulations.

Amelia, You are the luckiest child in the world! Alicia and Andy, I am just blown away by your daughter's beauty and soulful, wise eyes. There are just no words that adequately describe Amelia. Your photographs just ooze all the love that you have for each other. I love the pix of Clover at the cradle. My cranky ACD dog, Matilda, would protect my youngest grandson to the death. He is her puppy, no two ways about it! Lovely family, lovely friends, lovely life. God Bless You!

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