Settling Days

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Oh, really nice days. I still don't feel like we've quite settled in — still a lot of visits and a lot of activity at the house — but I think we're getting there. The days do go quickly, as everyone says. She is an incredibly happy, laid back, comfortable, and most placid baby. I'm constantly amazed at how at home she seems in the world. I think she's going to be one of those people. I've never really felt that way myself, so I recognize it when I see it: She lounges and cuddles and kicks and flails and stretches and sighs and, always, settles. Her tiny fingers grip my fingers. She relaxes into your arms so completely, big belly breathing, all heavy and sweet. She looks at me now with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. In the mornings, we sit on the chaise-lounge and she stares at the big windows, up toward the trees. In the tops of the trees I see (I don't know what she sees) birds coming and going against the autumn-frosted sky. She lies on my legs and looks around at stuff and makes little noises, awake but calm. I really didn't know babies could be calm like that at this age. She seems so peaceful. And it gives me a great sense of peace, myself. My darling, darling girl. I am learning and changing every day. She is just beginning to smile a little bit. Every time she does it my heart soars across the universe. Whoosh.


Sweet, sweeter, sweetest!

You deserve all of the peace, contentment, and love that sweet Amelia gives you. She is adorable in the rosebud gown.

I check in on you all every morning and my heart lifts when you give us an update! Little Amelia may be one of those 'ancients' that comes along - so glad that yours is an understanding and open heart - that you recognise this gift! Peaceful baby - peaceful family.
Gift almost complete!
best wishes,

thank you for sharing your days! Sweet, sweet, blessed days!!!! May God continue to watch over your beautiful family.

I have loved your blog for years and am so happy that you have been blessed with this beautiful little girl. She looks so peaceful in all your pictures, just like she knows she belongs. Beautiful.

I love these posts! They are so warm and nice, and it's so lovely of you to share your precious moments with us. It's incredible to think that Amelia is a month old already! Such a beautiful little baby.

Oh Alicia

Just adorable, she is changing so much already, can't believe she is a month old already. Thank You for sharing with all of us, loving such a wonderful family.

oh my goodness, I am so late to the party, because I only check in here every few months when I need a serious dose of pretty in my life...

and anyway,

She is so beautiful.
I love her little downy hair. All of my babies and even grandbabies have been born bald, lol. I'm partial to baby hair.

She is so beautiful! Thank you for lifting our days with your gentle posts and exquisite pictures. No wonder your daughter is happy and peaceful! She landed in your lovely nest & heart.

I think you should get her a little flannel shirt. I bet she would look really cute in a plaid flannel shirt.

Preciousness at its best

A Thanksgiving indeed.

Marvelous how all the things you patiently made for your child fit Miss Amelia to a T.

Bless you both. Lovely writing.

Yes! I vote for the plaid flannel as well. Wondering what her ethnicity is. She is so beautiful and interesting looking. I love the updates and seeing how she is growing. Love to see a picture of your family all together...even the puppy!

She's happy because she's meant to be with you, what a wonderful start in life. And those gorgeous cheeks, she was lovely anyway but is turning into a bit of a stunner x

How I love these love letters to Amelia!

So happy for you. She sounds like a beautiful addition to your family and the world. :-)

Troy Louise says: November 16, 2012 at 11:15 AM

I can hardly read your beautiful baby posts without tearing up. It's so wonderful to hear such happiness. Babies know when they are loved & I'm sure that brings her peacefulness. And, who wouldn't smile when they are dressed with such lovingly made goodies! XOX

One spoilt little girl your family is truely blessed.

I love the sentiment of recognizing people who are at home on earth. Who have sense of calm and settled. I also lack this mellowness (smile) so I appreciate it and gravitate towards people who are this way, too. I am thrilled for you to have this precious, lovely in your life to be calm lens to the world.

Also, I can't be the only person who thinks this, but she looks so much like Andy to me!! Having four adopted kids and two bio kids, it's funny to me the ways they all resemble us and each other, just from years of being family.

I love hearing your mothering heart Alicia. It's so beautiful!

Your beautiful little girl is unfolding like a flower. Enjoy!

oh girl.
you finally made me cry. this happens once every 20 years.

I see those little grins peaking through in the pictures. Bright eyed and curious such a lovely thing.

She knows she has arrived where she is meant to be in a home filled with love and happiness. Where she has been so wanted for so long.

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