Ah, remodeling.

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Oh, it's loud. And messy. It will be worth it, I know. But right now the house is a total mess. Because everything that was in the guest room is now in the other rooms. And the other rooms were full (at least, they were as full as I like them to be). Now they're fuller. One more week and it will be done. It's looking good. I know we'll be happy. But I won't deny that I will be THRILLED when it's finished, in part just because it's finished!

I baked muffins and then froze a bunch of them for my breakfasts. It's amazing that the thawed muffins taste pretty much every bit as good as they did the first day. These are blueberry streusel muffins. They are delicious. Yum. Saved me this week, seriously. They and my little milk frother thing, for tea lattes. I've been quite happily fed.

So many bunnerses! I love them. Possibly more than anything I've ever made. Yes, we will be doing kits! Almost everything is ordered and on its way. I'm hoping the kits will be finished a couple of weeks before Easter, but Easter falls on March 31 this year. That's early. So I can't promise, but we'll definitely try. The bunners above is not wearing Liberty, but the kits will have Liberty. We're thinking you'll have ten different dress fabrics to choose from! Because I couldn't possibly have picked just one. You know how bunnerses multiply. (And yes, there will be yarn included for the capelet, and the felt and pattern for boots, etc.) I'll keep you posted, and thank you so much for your enthusiasm! That made me very, very happy. Thank you.

I love all my little girls, furry and non-furry, so.


I'm smiling because I'm picturing Amelia's face each time the saws turn on. That wide-eyed face they make when they get startled. I'm betting that's happening a lot.

Amelia and bunnies,cutest little sweethearts ever!! Yes for Bunny kits can't wait,have a new grandson...will figure out a 'boy' outfit for his...but this bunny is going to be perfect!!Enjoy your blog so much!!

Your little sweet dollie girl, bunnies, and that beautiful doggie of yours can't get much better....oh, and the cozy fire and daddy playing to his darling daughter.....happy days to you all! So happy for your sweet little family!


Oh! Look at her sitting up (even if propped up)! :) So dear! What happy, happy days for you guys, Alicia. Your own blessings bless us all. ♥♥

I love Ameluas hair! Reminds me of a baby bird. Andy playing the ukulele - there are no words. Thank you for kits-to-come! Oh Marjorie, you've started a movement.

Oh dear, I meant Amelia. New nickname?

Way to go on the high-up baby pants. Almost as cute as the dog/baby serenade...

Oh look at Miss Smile-in' A sitting up! Love the ukulele jam session pic too. Good luck with enduring the week! Love the buns' too!

A smile just for us!
Well, I know it was for her dear Mama, but still...LOVE!
I am so excited about the deep window seat between bookcases.
Reminds me so much of this fav picture:

Amelia is quite possibly the cutiest baby ever born! I love her hair!

I'm lovin the hair on your little one. Looking forward to the bunny kits.

Hi There, I finally figured out who Amelia looks like....she's been looking so familiar to me and I couldn't place it. She looks like the babies in the Eloise Wilkin books. And we all know those are the prettiest baby illustrations ever. So HAPPY to see that smile of hers.

ah, baby smiles. the sweetest in the world.

Amelia's hair reminds me so much of my little girl when she was the same age. I loved it. Still do.

good luck with the remodelling. the hardest part is now, but the best is yet to come!

those bunnies are damn cute, almost as cute as amelia! the little shoes kill me! so glad you're doing a kit!

ha! i just finished making banana streusel muffins for after-school treats for my kiddoes, as well as pizza crusts for tonight's dinner. we must be on the same wavelength! and i'm thinking easter, too - some bunny "peeps" soaps came in the mail today for easter baskets (see etsy - very cute!). and remodelling - yes, that too - there's a dishwasher in my LIVING ROOM right now. i must be having an alicia day, except that i don't have one of those beautiful babies smiling at me. well, i actually have two, but they are six and nine! :)

I don't have kids, my nieces and nephews are grown, but I am helpless in the face of your bunnies. I will be getting a kit, I love your kits with a passion. Tell me it's not wrong for an almost 40 year old woman without children to want to make bunnies? Here is one argument in favor, our house is called Bunny Acres, we always have a resident or two and have been known to feed them. So there, that's my excuse. I can't wait!!!!!

You could make bunny kits for Orthodox Easter...probably won't get you a lot of sales if you market it that way, but it's not until May 5th this year! As far apart from Western Easter as they ever get. Ah, well, at least the few of us that celebrate late will have extra time to make bunnies for baskets :)

Give the crew some of those muffins and the remodel will go even better!

Guitar (mandolin?) playing for baby!!! xxoooxoxoxoxooooxoxox!!!!

Photo #5 = pictorial definition of the word "chortle," whether or not sounds were actually present.

I'm so excited for the bunny! I want ten for my babe just like it! When I was a child I was gifted a handmade bunny every year for Easter by my Gramma. They unfortunately were not in a water safe box in the garage and were ruined a long while back. I'm hoping to begin the bunny collection for my baby girl and maybe this could be her first!

Um, that photo of Miss Amelia looking up at her daddy, and the puppers guarding them both? Priceless.

Alicia, your blog was so lovely before Amelia arrived, but now it is lovely beyond words. I hardly ever post a comment, but I never miss any of your posts. Thank you for the bit of joy your blog brings to my days.

Oh how I love the photo of Andy playing the ukulele for her! And her hair...it kills me! You can never post too many baby pictures, you know. Just in case you were wondering. ;)

Muffin pucks work even better than freezing. You fill muffin liners with the batter and freeze them. Then take them out of the pan and put them back in the freezer to keep indefinitely. When you want to bake one or two, just bake them normally and you will have one fresh muffin.
By the way, Amelia is just too lovely for words.

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