Cold. Snap!

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Cold! I like it! It feels like winter! There was black bean soup, lasagnas, hot tea and cinnamon rolls, Andy-made risotto, and cupcakes. There was a crackling fire in the fireplace most days, and glowing sunsets, and scarves and gloves, and I took one of my favorite pictures ever of Mt. Hood from the side of Mt. Tabor late Friday afternoon. Our amazing baby girl is three months old. She is such an incredible joy. Her personality is coming through more every day. She is very laid back (almost never cries), very cuddly, "talking" up a storm, smiling all the time, trying to figure out how to laugh (it comes out like a fake cough — so adorable), chewing on her hand, making us laugh with her funny faces and noises throughout the day, still sleeping throughout the night. Oh, girl. I love you so.

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies. I have been sewing bunnies and bunny dresses and bunny boots. I have been tweaking my bunny pattern — changing things by millimeters, trying to get the bunny I want (you'd be surprised at how much very small changes in the pattern entirely change the personality of the bunny). I'm about to start Bunners #4 and I think I've almost got her to my liking. I have been having lots of conversations with Andy and Greta about making bunny kits (and a pattern). To that end, I've been sourcing materials and planning assembly and wondering how much time it will take us to wind a thousand tiny skeins of sport-weight wool yarn for bunny capelets. I've decided that the bunnies should be wearing Liberty peasant dresses. Obviously bunnies would wear Liberty peasant dresses! That only makes sense. More on the bunnies later. Slightly obsessed with the bunnies.

Tomorrow the construction starts on the upstairs cabinets. That will be loud and messy for a week. I'm excited about it but I can't wait until it's finished. I have looked at about five hundred rolls of vintage wallpaper (here and here and here) trying to pick out wallpaper for one wall of the bedroom. I like about a hundred of them. How do you choose, seriously. I don't know. They're quite amazing.

I saw Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend and I LOVED it so much. New favorite movie.


Bunners in Liberty with wool caplets ... oh my. Please do create a pattern to share with us.
Amelia gets more beautiful by the moment. Anything that you put her in, I want to sew! I purchased a pattern for a lovely little dress and linen pinafore - it screams her name and I'm going to share it with you.
I am happy that the quilt arrived and that you were pleased.

Your bunnies are multiplying like . . . well, like rabbits! :)

I LOVE them. They are the cutest, best-dressed little bunnies I've ever seen and I can't wait to snatch up that kit when you're done. Sadly, I do not possess your skill so I know my bunnies will not resemble yours much . . . but it's worth a try!

Amelia's pink cheeks make me long to hold a baby and that black bean soup makes me hungry.

Jenny in Missoula

OH MY GOODNESS - I missed the bunny boots on the first pass - now I am desperately in need of the pattern!

Bunnies for Easter? I have a slight obsessed with your bunnies too! The are gorgeous just like your little girl. Can't wait for a pattern.

Bunny kits sound amazing! Count me in. As much as I love the coldness of winter days I am ready for the newest of spring.
Can't wait to see what wallpaper you pick and that cabinets!

I love the bunnies!! Maybe one day you can design a boy bunny counterpart for those of us with sweet little boys!

bunnies, bunnies.....we want bunnies...! hope to see a pattern soon!!!!

my little grand daughters would love them :)

have a wonderful day!!


Oh I'm so excited about having one of these adorable bunnies as my own. I spent this past weekend pouring through your beautiful blog. You provide such joy and inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

Sara Frankenfeld says: January 14, 2013 at 09:43 AM

Amelia is beautiful. Three months is such a wonderful age. I absolutely LOVE the bunnies and I would love it if you made a kit and/or a pattern. My children would both adore one and I know I would have so much fun making them! The boots are just the absolute cutest.

Laura Armstrong says: January 14, 2013 at 09:44 AM


I love all the pictures...Amelia is by far the cutest baby...full of personality that shines through at such a young age. I am on a new kick; I want to make baby clothes to sell up here in the CA Foothills. Are you able to give any info on some patterns you have used in the past. I see the French dress (white with red belt and black tights) and other patterns you can share.

Cold here too...I LOVE it!!!

Even just through your photos, we see Amelia changing, awaking in to her personality. It's exciting, isn't it?
You set an amazing table, girl!

Love the bunnies! Can't wait for the pattern.

I'm making your birthday cake (from last year) for my birthday at the end of the week! So excited about it!

I'm so excited about the bunnies! They are precious. Liberty print is perfect.

Of course only the best dressed bunnies wear Liberty.

Bunny kit please! They are lovely.

Stefani Farris says: January 14, 2013 at 09:58 AM

Three months is DELIGHTFUL! Another kind of awakening for the ever-awakening child. Enjoy!

Wonderful photos.. each and every one.. as always. I was just trying to figure out how old Amelia is getting to be.. so thanks for telling us. I was wondering when you get to start feeding her fun homemade baby food. I remember using this neat little grinder for my 3 little ones. It's snowing out here in the gorge.. are you getting some? I put some neat photos up of the frosty trees in the gorge on my last post. I tried to get a good photo of the Tundra swans at Rooster Rock in the pond there. My camera just didn't quite do the trick, but it was fun anyway. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I love LOVE the bunnies and I really love all of the clothes you dress your little one in :-)

Precious bunnies! I just finished making the tea pot ornament and began the bluebird. I'd better get moving to begin a bunny later.

Oh, ALICIA. Those Bunny Boots. I just about died.

oh my, miss amelia's getting cuter by the minute! am i crazy to think that she looks a bit like andy, even though i know that's not possible? would love to see a picture of the two of their faces smooshed together in daddy-daughter happiness. there aren't enough pictures of your beautiful face either, alicia...

the bunners are adorable! those ears will get loved on and i foresee them being amelia's main means by which to carry them. the capelet is the piece de resistance!

I'm waiting for the bunny kit.
hum de hum de hum tap tap tap....

oh my goodness I hope you do make these kits!!
These are sooo cute!
I would love to have a great little project while I mend from my surgery coming up.
That food list is making my mouth water, I am on mostly liquids :( so enjoy all that for me, and the cold weather!
Sounds oh so awesome.

More bunnies, please? Put me first on the list for one of these adorable critters! I find that size to be so pleasing~fun to make, fast and easy to take along on adventures. Happy bunnies, baby and baking~love to hear how my favorite town is getting along~Mt Hood pulls me so hard to it's loveliness~thank you for the photos.

I live in Beaverton now, but until last June we lived in Lansdowne, PA. Last spring I walked out our backdoor to walk the kids over to the library and found our road was lined with trailers. There was one trailer with a crowd around it and I asked what was going on. They said it was Bradley Cooper's trailer. I had no idea who Bradley Cooper was so I kept walking. But our main street (a lovely little main street with a historic theater and coffee shop and such) was totally blocked off. I finally got around the hooplah and to the library, but on the way back asked a policeman what was going on. Apparently Bradley Cooper was filming a scene outside our old theatre for Silver Linings Playbook, and the movie people snazzied up the marquis for it. So I can't wait to see it and see if our theater is in it!

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