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Such a nice birthday! The weather was absolutely balmy. We went for a long walk around the neighborhood. I tried to make a cake just like this one, but I used  Cloudburst Frosting instead of the two frostings she recommended, and I think hers was much prettier! It tasted great, though. Andy made dinner for me. My mom and sister came for the morning. I got lots of lovely messages and cards and presents (though I can't imagine any better present than Amelia). Thank you for all of your kind wishes!!! It was a wonderful day.

I'm very tired! We had some construction here last week and through most of the weekend. All of the carpet came out of the stairwell and the upstairs landing and the guest room (which will be Amelia's room when she moves out of her nursery). Under the carpet was beautiful hardwood flooring that had been covered for many years. The contractor (Jozo of Euro Masonry) installed all of this gorgeous wainscoting through the stairwell, as well as trim around the stairs. It was a lot of work but he did an amazing job. I love it so much. Everything still needs to be painted (this white that you see is just the primer), and the stair risers need primer and paint. But it feels like this is how the stairwell was truly meant to be, and that feels really good. I love doing good things for this old house. Construction starts next week on the wall of built-ins and the window seat for Amelia's room. I'm really excited about it. I'll take more photos of the hallway once it's painted properly. The light in the house is incredibly dark — the skies are dark, the clouds are dark, the days feel quite dim from morning until night. I have so many little lamps and electric candles on throughout the day, from early morning until we go up at night. Ah, winter.

*Her bonnet is Little Heaume on Ravelry. I need to make an entry for that — sorry! Here is my link!


Amelia is such a cherub and you capture her beautifully with your photos. I love this winter light here in our neck of the woods. Happiest of Birthdays!

Happy Birthday! It sounds like a lovely one! I was laughing with a friend today about the fact that we all were saying how balmy it was yesterday. It makes me laugh that 40 something can be balmy! Time to go on a tropical vacation for me!

i cant work out which looks more delicious, the baby or the cake! happy birthday dear x

Susie Sears Taylor says: January 08, 2013 at 05:00 PM

Happy Birthday! The sweet cap looks great on Amelia. It is wonderful to find good floors under carpet. It makes you think, "what were they thinking?" when they covered this?

Oh my. That baby in that bonnet. I am going. to. die.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday although it looks and sounds like you did! Miss A. looks so sweet in the last photo, what a perfect little face! Love her outfit.

happy, happy birthday, alicia!

Happy birthday! I, too, have to write something about your baby.....she is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! (And the colors on your photos...I look at your posts when I want to see something lovely.)

Looks like you had a wonderful day! With Amelia, her cherubic smile and a thoughtful husband, how could you miss? May you have many, many more happy years! Love your little family and your descriptions of your home and life. I am enjoying the grandchildren more and more! I secretly count Amelia as one of them! Blest be the family, Clover and kitters, too!!

Oh, mommy, that is one beautiful baby! In the first pic she seems to say, " Really? Another photo shoot?" We just love her !

It's beautiful…everything.

Happy Birthday, dear Alicia.

How can one wee babe get more and more beautiful?

Particularly love the photos in an earlier post of her wild and crazy hair.

Happy birthday and wishes for a most wonderful year ahead.

Happy birthday Alicia! , your baby is so sweet...love the bonnet! I might have to make that cake...my birthday month too! No wonder I love posie! I really loved all your photos today and can hardly wait to see your remodeling.

Oh those cheeks! You must just kiss them all day. She's beautiful. Happy, happy birthday!

Love the sweetness of a baby totally and completely relaxed in sleep. Looks like you got the gift you've been dreaming about with Amelia. Blessings to you and yours!

Kathy, FRANCE says: January 08, 2013 at 05:32 PM

Happy Birthday Alicia!! same as the Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge lol!!
Loving the blue frosting - how retro and different!! looks delish too!!
Amelia does make me smile - that look on the first two photo's - it's what the French would call "sage" it kinda means wise - a midwife here is called a 'Sage Femme' (going back to the old 'wise woman' lol). She's just adorable - I'm still just so happy for you two - you so deserved her - it's like your reward for being 'good people' - it somehow makes you feel there is some justice in the world - my good wishes to you three!!

Happy birthday! Edible metallic glitter shapes? I will be googling that... And that baby...precious. I tend to feel so hectic sometimes with my own three girls (5, 4, and 20 mo.) that my word for this year is "enjoy"--largely due to your pictures since I can so feel that you are enjoying your state of life so much right now. Just lovely, Alicia.

Happy birthday! I'm so glad you were born, the world is a better place because of you.

Anne Marie says: January 08, 2013 at 05:35 PM

Happy Birthday Alicia. How do you ever get anything done with those precious baby cheeks, eyes, etc. tempting you all day long? I'd be smothering her with kisses all the time!

Oh, you DID make that one from Pinterest I liked so much! I'm so glad you had a happy birthday! Best one yet? A looks so much more alert these days from your pics. Such a sweet age. They stay put where you leave them but you can talk with them and they are gathering SO much information! Happy happy birthday, Alicia!

Happiest of birthdays, Alicia.
Here's to a year full of discovery,
wonder, and sweetness.

Happy birthday :) She is a sweet giftie for sure!!! My goodness, it's overwhelming to think of. I have a feeling she never cries!! Always content it seems! I can't wait to hear the things she has to say once she gets a chance :)

bonne anniversaire!! a very merry birthday to you. the cake looks scrumptious. amelia is beautiful with those dark blue eyes. (ahem, same colour as my older son's.) i live vicariously through your renos. growing up in chicago, we had oak floors, which we disliked. we wanted wall-to-wall carpeting. funny how we want what we used to have. this will be a wonderous year for you and your family.

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!


I have never commented on your blog before but I am sure that your third picture is one of the most beautiful baby pictures I have ever seen (and I have 3 grown children whose pictures are not near as nice.)I come to your blog not only because I love your house (which I do) but because the photography is wonderful! Your new daughter is just lovely, but your photos of her are lovely too.

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