Hearts and Flowers

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Isn't that just the sweetest little bunny print? I got it here.

Wishing you a most lovely and wonderful weekend, dear friends. I feel like I'm just now finally getting organized again. That feels good. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo :)

***The lasagna recipe is in the previous post ;)


That dresss with the red bow is adorable. Thanks for the Clover Meadow semi-pic. Will you be sharing the recipe for the lasagna? Happy V-Day, Paulsons.

I want to come and live at your house. ;)

She's so cute! I love reading your blog for baby updates. She makes me happy!

Amelia is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. All of your photos are gorgeous.

Oh, in that first red bow dress photo ... can't you see the 2- and 4- year old child she will grow up to be? And maybe even older. Oh how lovely ....

What a super cute valentine gal!
She is just adorable in that bow dress!
The shelves look so amazing and organized.
It must feel so good to have order again.
Take care

So, so many things to love about your post today!
And a recipe would be amazing!
Love you Clover!

That baby is DELICIOUS!!

I want to see all of Amelia's new bedroom! I'll bet it's beautiful!
Amelia is as precious as ever!

Beautiful photos and child Alicia and Andy! I particularly love the photo of Amelia in the hat w/ earflaps and the crochet afghan wrapped around her! Have a great weekend.

If I take a tiny nibble out of that scrumptious squashy will you be okay? She's completely edible!

love her so much....what a beautiful girl. xoxo love from muskoka...

Amelia tiny pursed lips remind me of raspberries! I love your glass cabinet showing off your gorgeous folded quilts... What a lovely way to display them!

Sophie xo

So much perfection!

I may be a 43 year old mother of three but do you have any interest in adopting moi? I love the way you dress your babe, I love the way you photograph your babe and I love the beautiful home you have created. Thank you for giving me (us) a peek into your fabulous, beautiful, full of love world.

Lovely photos! The red tulips are beautiful! I love the photo of Amelia all snuggled up sleeping in her sweet little bonnet!

I am delighted.
Amelia is a darling Valentine,
a heart inspiring cherub babe.
And everything else in this post
is making me feel a lovely, restful,
uplifting peace... one more happy
Thank you.

Oh so cute. And lovely. And the doll house on the shelf...I made one just like that over 20 some years ago from a kit before my daughter was born, little wooden hearts and all! I should take it out of storage and bring it back to life and hope a grandchild will enjoy it someday. <3

your girl is so cute!!!! (even Clover's muzzle is not bad!!!) ;oD
happy weekend, xxx Ale

beautiful baby Valentine! Please tell us where you find all these amazing, unbelievably gorgeous baby girl clothes!

I haven't visited in a while! Amelia is getting big! Oh, those sweet rosy, chubby cheeks! I want to kiss them! xoxo

Elle best belle comments in coeur:-)
This is an expression of ours that suits this post..your Amelia..to a t:-)
Love her:-)

Amelia is so beautiful! Loving that quilt, too. :)

*squeee* Such adorable, squishy-baby, kissable cuteness!!!!!!

oh my goodness that little red bow on that sweet little suit...what a muff. love the rabbit print. is anything better than bunnies in snow?

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