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A storm is moving in! I'm excited, even though it will only rain here. No snow. It's been a very mild winter, without even that much rain. I'm so jealous of the snow everyone has had these past few weeks out east and in the Midwest. At least it's really blustery here, and rain is streaking the windows, and my baby girl is sleeping peacefully after a long morning of rolling over! She learned how to do this yesterday. It's just so incredible to be able to watch these things. It was so beautiful and cool. She was so pleased and proud. I got a little choked up. She is a genius!!! ;)

I'm determined to grow houseplants. These are the easy-to-grow types, I hope. I PRAY. I can't tell you how many times I have redone this window. Everything I try to grow here eventually croaks. Any advice is very appreciated! I figured these succulenty ones would be good for someone like me. But I don't even know how often to water them? (Window faces west.)

***Her dress. Her sweater. Her book. Her quilt. The log cabin quilt. And her hat was from this Etsy shop. :) I'm meaning to write a post about Amelia's clothes. I'll do that sometime.


Adoring all the updates about "Baby Girl". Enjoy!

Alicia, where are Amelia's high waisted baby pants from? If you say you made them I will collapse in despair.

Not that often (on the watering). The soil should feel a little crumbly and dry between waterings.

May I just say that I've been reading for years (and commenting never) and I'm so loving all of these wonderful, baby and happiness filled posts? Lovely to see and I'm so happy for you and Andy.

Your girl IS a genius!

Let the succulents' dirt dry out completely in between waterings--bone dry. The pot should feel light. Then soak 'em.

i just came in from shoveling three driveways. don't be envious! succulents don't require much water. philodendrons are really hardy. a fern hanging in the bathroom will be happy. if any of those jade tree pieces fall off, just put them back on top of the soil. they will root themselves. they all look lovely. congratulations on the rolling over. perhaps miss clover taught her?? soon we'll be seeing photos where she is sitting up.

In my experience, you *don't* water succulents very often. OK, here's advice from a website (thanks Google):

"The jade plant and other succulents should not be watered as often as most other houseplants. When watering succulents, continue to apply water until water begins to flow out the drainage holes in the bottom of the container. Discard the excess water. After watering, the potting mix should be allowed to dry out completely before the succulents are watered again. Succulents should be watered more frequently in spring and summer than in fall and winter. " Iowa State University, yard & garden FAQs

...and, i forgot. if you want the avocado to branch, you'll need to snip it.

If you have a window with decent light, you can try out orchids! I've had tremendous success with mine, and I usually kill EVERYTHING. I have three in my kitchen window and a couple of them have re-bloomed 3 times. One has been blooming for 6 months! And when not in bloom, they make for lovely greenery. I only water every 10 days or so, they don't like too much water. When I water, I let a gentle tap run into the pot for about 5 minutes. I don't fertilize, but prolly should.

Susie Sears Taylor says: February 22, 2013 at 02:16 PM

As a plant murderer just let me give you one word of advice re: house plants...FAUX....is the way to go.


If your window does not get direct sunlight you need to grow low light plants like philodendron, Chinese Evergreen, diffenbachia, or snake plant. Your Jade plant and other succulents require medium to bright light. Think of them as desert or plants that can survive in a drought, which is why they have fat leaves that hold moisture.

Alicia, I work with special needs children, they often can't roll over by themselves, so it is a beautiful thing to see when a beautiful baby does this on her own. Enjoy.

I'm loving the storm in PDX too. Upstairs, with a cup of tea, actually pounding out some work. Took a quick break to look at some blogs.

Can you share the source for the baby's first book?

Your plants look beautiful at the moment! Little African violets are nice if you have lower light. And maybe a fern or two. Or a parlour palm. I live near Bath (SW England), and there is a spectacular bar there in an old Georgian building with parlour palms all around in fairly low light, and they look stunning. Too big for windowsills though, they're more a corner of the room plant. Hope you enjoy snuggling up with that beautiful little girl while the rain goes over.

I second Debbie's comment. Living in Seattle, I've had great success with Umbrella Plant, Orchids, Boston ferns, Spider Plants, and Pothos. Be careful not to overwater your jades and aloe, and they might actually do well (especially if that window gets a fair amount of light). You might also consider moving them to a southern facing window if they start to wain at all. Good luck!

I'll sent you some rootings of my Smilax vine...funny, I just posted about it a few days ago. You cannot kill it...trust me, I've tried! LOL! It went through the ice storm of 2009 when I didn't have heat for 8 days and we both lived to tell about it! I think I have your address from when I ordered something. It won't die in transit...trust me! It must be prehistoric or something.
I cannot believe how Amelia is growing so fast. I just was looking on Ravelry and there she was just awhile ago and I was shocked by how she's changed. She's so precious and those little rosy cheeks. Did you make all those sweaters and dresses for her? They are beautiful...do you have to hand wash them all? Of course, she's not really going to get them dirty is she? LOL! Although, "spitup" was always a problem with my kids and nothing stains worse than formula!
Your dog has found a reason for living since Amelia's come along....guard dog extraordinaire! She never leaves her side. She'll have her work cut out for her when Amelia starts walking! LOL! I had a collie when my oldest son was little and she was great because she would always "herd" him away from the street if he started going in that direction.
I love storms too...kind ones where no one gets hurt but where it makes it cozy inside. Have a great weekend!

So sweet to see her growing into some of the stuff you've made for her over the years of waiting!

Is there any chance it is too cold by your window? It looks kind of chilly to me. Just a thought.

After a long hiatus of busy-ness and minimal catching up with blogs I love to read, I came back here - to this space of the interwebs that I've always found to be so heartwarming and homelike. To see pictures of such a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, after having sobbed my eyes out when you were so let down before, brings tears again to my eyes - this time of joy. A very belated Congratulations!!

Hey, I spy the book you made from my pattern! I was dreaming of the day when your little would look at/play with it! :-)

I was going to say the same about the plants as others above. I agree with them. :) I love that rug in your pictures. It's exactly what I would like to have when we eventually have some carpet removed and wood-laminate floors laid in parts of our house.

le piante devi tenerle alla luce ma non diretta del sole e bagnarle poco quasi a dimenticarle
anche qui in Italia c'è stata neve e le previsioni dicono che non è finita
baci alla piccola ma già grande Amelia
io ho avuto la terza bimba a 43 anni e sono molto felice di avere un'altra bimba piccola che gira per la casa
si chiama Alice
saluti Paola

Ha! When I saw your pictures, I immediately wanted to comment to ask what your secret to succulent growing was. I am obsessed with them, but I'm finding them quite easy to kill. I've found they need water more than it seems like they would, but also that it's easy to overwater, which will kill them before you even know they're dead. Some need more sun, some less. I'd err on the side of under watering, because they seem to tolerate that better. And like others have said, wait until they're totally dry, and then soak them until water runs out of the drainage hole. That's also how I decide when to water---I push up through the bottom, and if the whole dirt/plant mass moves, it's time to water. Good luck!

P.s. cute beeby!

Of course you have a pretty hair brush :) Lovely pictures. Any success I have had with plants is just luck.

Less is more when watering succulents. I tend to water my cacti and jade once a month in the fall and winter (I choose a day I'll remember, like, water on the 1st of the month only, or, water on the day I pay my mortgage, etc), and maybe twice a month in the spring and summer, but only if the soil feels completely dry.

Gosh I just love your photographs, Alicia...and the knitted clothing pretties for Amelia...just beautiful! Perfect for this lovely child...and rolling over now! A momentous occasion! Climate change has arrived for all of us...we had some days recently in the mid-60's! Not near enough rain...I had to water my newly planted fruit trees. It is a joy to land on your blog...I'm hooked!

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