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Blug. I got sick. Coughing, sneezing, headache, eyeball-ache. Been laying low. How Amelia has not gotten this when both Andy and I had it (one after the other) I know not. I've been washing my hands fifty times a day, but still. Poor dear! I think she thinks that coughing is just how people normally talk to each other, so she's imitating it. Typical conversation:

Me: "Hun [sneezing fit], can you bring me the [coughing, hacking coughing, disgusting sounds, throat            clearing, sneeze, sneeze, nose blowing] blanket?"

Amelia: "Goo goo, gah, fake cough, fake cough, goooooo [bright smile]."

Andy: "Sure [sneeze]."

Me: "Wonderful."

Dear lovies.

I seem to be rounding third on the sick. I feel a lot better today. I made the soup that my mom always used to make us when we were sick — the Lipton's chicken-noodle. Always makes you feel better. Maybe we'll make some real stuff this weekend? That sounds really good!

The construction has been delayed by a week [fake crying]. The doors and drawers were all scratched and dinged because they were wrapped for delivery before the paint was fully cured (note use of passive voice in attempt to not assign blame). But, agh. All had to be returned to paint shop for re-sanding/re-painting. We were only a half-day away from being completely finished when this was discovered, too [real crying]. Oh well. Better to do it right.

I'll be happy when it's finished so that I can put everything away. Right now boxes of things that belong in the guest room are still all over the house. We have bunny kit stuff coming in, as well. Naturally, then, I started a new quilt for Amelia!

I decided, with the books, to only read one at a time. First one, recommended by tons of you, Where'd You Go, Bernadette? It's absolutely exactly what I wanted. I'm flying through it! Thank you!


Oh no!! We somehow managed to escape it in our house.....fingers crossed so far. Feel better! i am sure her immune system is pretty good so hopefully she dosen't catch it. Yucky cold season this year.

Oh dear, feel better soon! We have all had the bug too, nasty stuff. Amelia has already changes so much--she is just a darling! So happy for you two:-)

Lucky girl! She has a strong little immune system :) Hope you and Andy get well soon. I really can't wait to see those shelves all complete, they look beautiful!

Oh no! Feel better soon! Looking forward to bunny kits!

oh I hope you do get well soon and that she doesn't come down with it.
Oh little giraffy, I still hold on to my sons. It is on display in our hallway 4 years later.
Take care and get a lot of rest, lol, if I had a nickel for every time I was told this as a new mama, ugh never did get the rest, I am still tryin'....4 years later ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon. Where'd You Go, Bernadette? was one of my favourite books of last year.

We've been passing around colds left & right around here. This season has been weird in the midwest. Seventy degrees one days, seven degrees the next.
I think I will be adding that book to my list. Excited to read something new, I've been picking books up and then sending them back to the library unfinished because I wasn't enjoying them.

I just love the fake cough.

I'm convinced that the ENTIRE WORLD is sick right now :( ~ feel better soon!!!!! That book looks delightful.

I think there's some kind of miracle where babies don't get sick, really, until they're exposed to a lot of other children and then they're sick all the time. My nephew catches all sorts of things and lucky auntie gets face sneezed and snot kisses but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Before he developed colds, though, he used to fake sneeze everytime one of us sneezed, which was often with the lack of humidity around here. It was so cute...

Oh dear. So sorry that you are both sick, but glad you're getting better and sweetie-pie Amelia did not catch it. But let me comment on the Lipton's Chicken Noodle soup (which i think is actually Knorr Lipton now) and I'm a fan too! I just loooove that soup. There is something so cozy about it. I sometimes add a carrot to the water when I'm waiting for it to boil, and occasionally throw in a diced up tomato and tell myself how healthy I have made it. Yum.

I am so glad little Ameila hasn't got it, but you know, it's good that she's around germs too (not that you feel that when up all night worrying when they have a bunged up nose! That is the worst thing). It helps build their immune system, and clearly, hers is working well. That said, even now I'd have my girl in a protective bubble to keep germs at bay if I could!

Feel better soon.

Amelia is too cute! Kisses on her chubby cheeks! Hope you will get better soon!X

C'est Sophie la girafe, je ne savais pas qu'on la trouvait aussi aux USA.

God bless you!
Baby + sick mom and dad = endurance test
But it looks like darling Amelia is going pretty easy on you. Just gazing at her photos has a healing affect.
Sorry about the construction setback. All will be on track soon, I hope.

so sorry you're sick! no fun at all, but those amelia faces - oh my! precious!

...feel more like yourself soon...Amelia is getting more blonde every post...sweet lovey. i remember one of my girls having a fake cough too. adorable... love from muskoka xoxo

I just said to my daughter this morning, Alicia from Posy gets Cozy must be sick because she hasn't posted in days. I'm glad that your lovely Amelia doesn't have it and hope she doesn't get it at all ; ).

Happy on our way to spring day, and I hope you get well soon.

feel better soon!! too much going on to keep you down too long!!!!

Sounds familiar- we had the flu in our house that sent my newborn to the ER. Thankfully he is ok and my 3 year didn't catch it. I just started reading the same book too! Anyway, in a new reader of your blog and truly enjoy it. Thanks!

Oh I'm sorry to hear you're so sick. I've been down with the flu since last Thursday and hubby has had it too. My grand baby in Portland has Sophie the giraffe too! It's her favorite toy. She's just about your little angels age-I was over there for her birth when you posted your good news!

I hope you're both on the mend very soon and your construction project is finished soon.

She is SO cute!

I hardly ever comment but I thought I would when you mentioned the Lipton chicken noodle soup. Years ago I read an article about the best things to eat when you have a cold or flu.

That soup was included in the list! For one thing, you can warm it up when you FEEL like death warmed over. But the high sodium level of the soup is actually good for you if you are feverish.

I have also found (if you have a Keurig) that the Green Mountain hot Apple Cider k-cups are a life saver, especially if I don't even feel well enough to put the tea kettle on...

OH NO! So sorry about the colds and the delay on the room! It will all end soon though, surely! (never had the Lipton chicken noodle soup~must try!)

Amelia looks so pretty in that deep red!!!!! I love that color on her, and that coral color!

I have had more fun going through the book lists. I have already ordered several from my library's interstate library loan system. Please let us know which ones are your favorites!

Get well soon. Nothing worse than feeling unwell when you have a baby to look after. I see Amelia has a Sophie La Giraffe - they are great, especially when they start teething.

Gillian x

Oh, the sickness. I think I've caught it twice now. Either that or never really got rid of it the first time.

I broke down and made a big ole pot of Chicken Noodle Soup the other day. It really hit the spot! Here's my recipe:

Amelia is getting so big. She'll soon be able to help you quilt!

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