Little Leaves and Petals

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Mimi (that's what we call her at home) is five months old. Five big, beautiful, blessed, extraordinary, wonderful months. Oh how I love this girl, her smiles and her moods, her dimples and chubby hands and chunky thighs, her open-mouthed kisses and her hands on my face, trying to get my nose into her mouth. Her voice and her calls. Her sighs and little snores and her loud hollers and her chuckles when something's funny. Her floppy hair and her big, deep eyes and her big, warm cheeks. Her breath on my chest, her hand flung out, her hand tangled in my hair. I love her wonder, and her pleasure, and her heavy head on my chest as we sit in the window seat and find the sky. Always the sky. Dearest, dearest, dearest, dearest girl. My dream of dreams.

Six-to-twelve-month clothes! We need 'em. I bought a bunch of sewing patterns, both new and vintage, over the weekend. Very excited. The vintage patterns from the '70s make me crazy nostalgic. In looking through them on Etsy and eBay I see so many things that my mother made for me. I bought some of them to make for Amelia someday. Vintage patterns generally don't have several sizes included; they have one size. Maybe when she's six I'll make her the prairie maxi-dress and bonnet in pink calico, just like mine.

There are a lot of really nice designers making very pretty patterns out there right now! This weekend I got patterns from Oliver + S, Sis Boom, Sew Sweet, Lily Bird Studio, and Brownie Goose. And there are a ton more designers on Etsy. It's really fun just looking through everything that's out there. Who else should I check out?

*I made her blouse out of Liberty "Boxford" Tana Lawn and this pattern from Citronille, and her hat is here :)


That picture with the wind blowing through you open windows .... it's so beautiful!

Can't wait to see Amelia's new clothes. She is one lucky little lady.

Where did you guys go for your walk? I am always looking for good walking trails :)

Alicia, you have a tendency to put me on sensory overload! Those cherry blossoms (?) are magnificent! I'd have my windows open too, but it's pretty cold in Chicago today. Every child should be so fortunate as to have parents like you and Andy!

Vintage baby clothes patterns are my weakness. I started collecting them years ago, and now that is almost all I make for my girl! She has already had several prairie maxi dresses and bonnets in calico. They look adorable on toddlers playing outside! Look for a (vintage!) Simplicity 7275. Super simple maxi prairie dress with bonnet. (Think Holly Hobby style...) That was my favorite pattern when she was about 12 to 18 months. Also makes an adorable nightgown.

I'm so envious of your open windows! I also have to admit to being envious of your lovely girl's cuddly soft cottony wardrobe, and her cozy blankets--she always looks just perfectly contented and snug. Mmmm. I'd like my mama to dress me in duds like that, too, and I'm 44! :)

Pssst - which baby carrier is that? I've got a little one maybe a month older than yours, and he's definitely outgrown the wrap and mei tai I have for him!

Made-by-Rae's Geranium Dress is gorgeous and the pattern is pretty versatile!

I made a pair of overalls for my niece from this pattern: I really like how they turned out, but I'm not sure if they go down as little as Amelia is now (I made the 12 months size).

All of this makes me very happy. Thank you.

LindaSonia says: March 19, 2013 at 09:44 AM

Hi there - that pasta looks yummy... can you share the recipe??

your photos are always so fresh and clear and have such vitality. I know they've always been like that, but even more so now. And I think I know why, when a baby comes along, you just look at things differently. Colours are brighter, air is fresher, the world is a nicer place. That's my theory anyway :O)

Mimi - absolutely love that.

Oh dear, how the time flies. My mother is not one to throw things away, she has been sewing things for her grandkids from patterns she bought for us.

Alicia, your post just made my day. Looking at your beautiful pictures of spring makes my heart ache. I'm in upstate NY and we have snow today. Much like a winter wonderland. Sweet, sweet Amelia! The photos you post of her always make me smile. So happy for you and Andy.

I am so not an authority but have you tried You can find some cute patterns there sometimes if you hunt around...

I want to walk in the woods with you and Mimi!:)))

p.s. have you seen all of the Liberty stuff at J.Crew these days? it makes me think of you...x

Our eldest daughter's name is Mylène..she is Mimi too sometimes:) even now at almost 38!
Miss Amelia looks so cute in that soft little hat..
Spring has sprung where you are..We are in the midst of a no school snowstorm~Looking forward to breezes and open windows!
I made little maxi dresses..pinafores..etc too:) Loved it..
C'est la vie!Love the moss ♥~

Mimi is such a sweet name for an even sweeter little girl. Have you ever heard of the children's book, "Mimi, The Merry-Go-Round Cat"? It was a favorite when I was a wee one in the 1960s. :)

I'm not a mom, far from it, but this made me cry. You both are so blessed to have each other. I'm so pleased for you.

She is absolutely adorable! I love her chubbiness! Always makes me smile! And I'm kind of jealous {okay, really jealous} of those blooms and the open windows. We're still hunkered down under ice and snow here in the Northeast.

Lovely pics as always - and the sky is magnificent in the first pic! :-)

Linda in Waterloo says: March 19, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Five Months??!! Really? Wow - I feel like we just met her!
Upright already - Clover is wise to be catching some snoozies, she's going to need it! So much fun ahead...

Okay, lots of wonderful things, of course, but that pasta/meat sauce is making my stomach growl... Recipe, please?

Mimi is a sweet name for a sweet girl. Mimi is my childhood name too. Have fun making clothes! I loved making corduroy pants and little knit sweaters for my little boys, who are no longer so little. Can you share the hat source? I want to knit some caps for some wee peeps.

It is snowing in Kansas today but the daffodils are coming up in my garden. xoxo

I'm jealous of your spring! It snowed here just yesterday. Sigh. Mimi is an adorable nickname! And thank so much for the pattern shops. I am not a seamstress, but my mom is. I'm thinking I can get Granna to make up some clothes for my girl;)

I can't wait to see Amelia's new clothes. I'm sure they will be beautiful and she will look like a perfectly old-fashioned baby in them. I think she has an old-fashioned look naturally, like a vintage Ivory Soap advertisement.

oh. Your joys are our joys. A complete family at last. Bless you four always. Never has a babe been so loved as this.

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